Monday, 1 June 2009

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our beloved useless Second Home Economics Secretary, Fat Lodger Jacqui is being sued by Michael Savage.

The only down side is she'll probably not have to pay her own legal costs.

The Penguin


CryBaby said...

I'm gonna drop Savage an email and wish him every success and tell him we are rooting for him.

Anonymous said...

The winnings (assuming there are any) should come straight from Jackboot's own funds. Not ours.

Dick the Prick said...

CryBaby - could you chuck his e-mail address down if you find it - that's an excellent idea.

Anonymous said...

He doesn't use email

D P Dance said...

Her Britannic Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for the Home Department, Rt Hon and all, has been rather overshadowed of late in expenses exposees. She has been rather reticent, having little to say about the Ghurka U turn, and nothing to add to the great Leader's witterings about Parliamentary reform.

Her modest arrangements for accommodation in a besit in her sister's mid terrace house in a less than fashionable South London suburb have paled into insignificance compared to the moated, mock tudor beamed, wisteria clad cottages and duck houses of her betters. Having little front garden, she was no doubt reluctant to put in a claim for a man to re-arrange the bins, and, as far as I am aware, watched her television in the knocked through loung/kitchen/breakfast room/diner with her sister's family, travelling back to her family at the week end. No £8,000B&O plasma TV for her.

Why therefore is this man pillorying this poor woman, she has sought the approval of the fees office, has abided by the rules, and even if she has not, will pay it all back at £10 a month. AFAIAA, she has not even charged us for filling in her SAR.

Her husband is the object of mirth and merriment throughout the land, when not writing letters on his new lap top, provided by us, to the local papers saying how hot she is, he watches soft core movies on Virgin at our expense.

Enough I say! She has suffered too much already.

CryBaby said...

I just found this

and this;

CryBaby said...

Hey Dick, I can't access your blog so I left it here for you.

Dick the Prick said...

CryBaby - yup, sorry about that - killed it after about a day but some blogs require this blue name thingy so just kept it. Cheers for the addresses.

JD said...

Quite a good web-site, Savage's. I hope he takes her to the cleaners, at her expense this time. JD.

Ampers said...

Two things I feel I can state with authority.

They will pick a politicised new labour judge.

And she will not pay any fines etc out of her own pocket.

Politics. Poly=many, tics = blood sucking parasites.

What could be more apt than that!


Ampers said...

Bearing in mind that any emails might be publicised, I was fairly neutral and wrote the following message a few minutes ago.

Dear Mr Savage,

It has come to my notice that you are taking our British Home Secretary to court.

Do not even contemplating visiting the UK if you lose the case! You will not be wanted here.

It will certainly be different if you win. However there is little chance of that if the case is heard in the UK as a Judge will be appointed who has already been politicised. And you should definitely object if the judge has the surname of Blair and is a woman.

I don't agree with your views, Sir, but my relatives fought and died for your right to voice them.

Good luck.

Andrew Taylor


subrosa said...

Oh Ampers, you'll be in the Telegraph with that email you know :)

Maturecheese said...

I take it these comments are censored by you as mine failed to be put up either yesterday or the day before. So if an opinion is not to your liking it gets dropped? esp if the Unmentionable party is mentioned.

Old Holborn said...

We never censor comments here, proving that BNP supporters really are knuckle dragging amoeboids.

Try doing it RIGHT, fucktard

Fausty said...

I was looking forward to your blogging about citizens' arrests, OH!

Savage is seeking donations to help him fight his case.

hermit said...

Hi D P Dance
Yes I too feel sorry for them at times. But their remedy is simple - resign. No, they would rather stick it out for that extra half million they will pick up. Think about it: Would you walk round for a year with a neon sign mounted above your head saying: I am a twat, if I offered you half a million quid? Jaqui obviously would. It's just another job.

AnonyBNP said...

"Old Holborn said...

We never censor comments here, proving that BNP supporters really are knuckle dragging amoeboids."

How dare you.... how *very* dare you, OH !!!

Ouch, my knuckles are giving me some 'gip' today.... ;-)

Mr said...

@fausty - yes, so was I...

How did it go this morning OH?

The Beast said...

That bitch should be made to give every man in the country a soapy tit wank to make ammends.
The dog wouldnt get me hard but I would enjoy the whore trying before slapping her.
Total scum bag that she is
"Bitch, get yer bra on ,boil me an egg ,make some toast and tea then youre nicked"

Anonymous said...

Couldn't happen to a more deserving piece of scum!

caesars wife said...

as a mere rock thrower from the sidlines , i feel incensed that my bacillus is being described as impotent , iam however blowing on the embers , and it seems having to donate a testicle.

any room for a two trick pony ??

adam boulton interview was revealing i thought .

Old Bag said...

ampers: excellent letter...fair and to the point..i especially liked the last sentance. indeed, all those who bravly gave up their lives for our freedoms would be turning in they're graves if they could see the state of the UK under nulabores jackboot.

and im always ammused by that picture of you think shes gesturing the size of her wanker hubbies' wang? or the size of the last kebab she ate? CUNT.

Clunking Fist said...

"Coming to the UK is a privilege that we refuse to extend to those who abuse our standards and values to undermine our way of life."

Oh the irony.

Borderpoint said...

Does anyone happen to know whether a member of an organization can be sued PERSONALLY for something they say or do during work time. I don't see why the public should have to pay for a public servant's stupidity or incompetence.

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