Thursday, 11 June 2009

Greg Pope MP quits

"In March 2006, Mr Pope claimed £1,590 for a shopping spree in John Lewis which included a flat screen TV, linen, crockery and other household goods.

And in September 2006, the MP claimed £560 for two paintings.

He claimed £22,211 for his London second home between 2007-08, according to the national newspaper."

So long, cunt


Harri said...

And make sure the door does hit your arse on the way out!

Fucking hard.

Shibby said...

Good riddance

Paul said...

Hm. MP for Hyndburn. Accrington is veiled Muslim city.

Warsteiner said...

Read this and have a fucking laugh

"Mr Pope revealed he would not be contesting his seat due to changes in his family circumstances and a wish to try something new."

What a feeble excuse - ok I'm a thief is more like it.

Anonymous said...

Harriet Harmon is the BNP's best asset inside the Labour party. This
was suggested the day after a million stood behind the BNP last

"If an individual challenges and they maintain a practice not
employing any visible minority people, there is no doubt that like any
employer who has such practices, they can be sued," said employment
barrister and chair of the Society of Black Lawyers, Peter Herbert.

Oh the brainless irony in the last paragraph

O/T I know, but I saw the above on another forum and I think it deserves wider circulation.

Anonymous said...

Dirty Labour cunt.

His son looks like a mong, must get seven shades kicked out of him at school.

>"wish to try something new."
Worthless parasite studied politics. I hope he does the right thing - if you get my drift.

lablici said...

"[...] the fund is there to help you pay for [...]"

"Fund". There's inventive, bach.

My wife is a beard said...

Someone needs to rescue the poor lad from the Labour cult. Look at his poor little face and that outfit, destined for a grey future in some public sector non job.

North Northwester said...

My God, I went to college with him!

I must be getting old if my contemporaries are running from the Labour Party to spend more time with their former personal assistants' families. And he was one of the good ones back in the day. Never threw anything edged or corrosive at me during the CND debates. I suppose the party machine just eats your soul away...

At least I haven't lost MY porn star good looks and lingerie catalogue figure.

Poor little lad though, I'm sure he's a fine young chap in reality, but in that photo...

Can't you just imagine him standing up in a garden in the countryside somewhere: surrounded by beer-drinking adults, and singing his little heart out...

Harri said...

I really shouldn't... but fuck it anyway.

The BNP leader Nick Griffin was not too happy after getting pelted with eggs yesterday... he has made an official complaint about the total lack of respect,' he said the inconsiderate bastards could have had the common decency to seperate the whites first?

Anonymous said...

These Socialist bastards who are so keen on equality for us plebs always seem to have a taste for living high on the hog don't they?

NuLabour mantra 'Some are more equal'.

VotR said...

If Labour wants to save itself from the BNP, Harm Man Harperson should be sacked and never allowed office again.

Her positive discrimination paved the way to the BNP's success with her equalities babble against whites, white males in particular. Every action creates an opposite and equal reaction... In her head she is a champion of blacks, asians, women, Somalians but forgets her own skin colour and the other half of the human race. If she wants to be non-white, she should fuck off to Somalia or Iran, see how women are treated there, and not come back.

The general election will be a nuke on Labour if she isn't booted out soon.

Mitch said...

jeez that kid ugly! and them ears.

Gordon Braun said...

The poor kid looks like he's dressed for the indoctrination camp of the "Labour Jugend".

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