Friday, 12 June 2009



Shibby said...

Home schooling is under threat - three guesses as to why that is.

Moreover, that video is fucking brilliant. So fucking funny.

Guthrum said...


Newgates Knocker said...

Totally brilliant. almost vomited back my sandwich when Edd balls came on the screen!

Home schooling is under threat because they want your children to be indoctrinated to the party line
My 15 year old daughter enlightened the class on the darker side of Islam during religious studies
The teacher could not get off the the topics of forced child marriage and genital mutilation fast enough once the other girls in the class started asking if it was true.

We are now probably on a "list" somewhere for causing trouble.

We are going down fighting!!

black hole sunset said...

Absolutely fucking brilliant!!!

Mongs, spaccers and flids - class.

jpe bloggs said...

Mate, this deserves far more exposure, bloody brilliant.

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