Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Flash Smoking Event

I like this idea.

At 5.45 pm tomorrow, under the clock at Charing Cross Station, just spark up a fag and then go quietly on your way.

What are they going do? Arrest us all?

Lots of details HERE


Man in the Street said...
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Man in the Street said...

Sorry o/t - ID cards scrapped for nationals!


One down many more to go.

paul said...

"What are they going do? Arrest us all?"


G.O.T. said...

Great idea!
I'll be on to my friends and family, in the district, to head on down there.

Anonymous said...

If they do arrest all of you, it will be a victory for you - and a loss for them and for their smoke ban.

That is what smokers need to wake up and realize - and soon, today, not tomorrow, before it is too late.

I hope people show up in mass and carry it out.

Custard said...

I'd love to join in, but I'm in Porridge-Wog land.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Same as custard. I'm a porridge wog.

BNP guido refugee said...

I'm a non-smoker, but if I was down in London tomorrow I would start smoking just as a protest.

I fucking hate the way smokers are treated in this country.

Good luck with the protest.

Anonymous said...

Good one! I make it a point of principle to light up inside Heathrow airport whenever I am there.
Arrivals to GB are not welcomed but told not to smoke first, which riles me no end.

Only got asked not to smoke once there by some airport girly, who was shocked into turning a blind eye by my turse reply.

Smokers should ignore dicktats and use common sense in the locations they light up. Don't be scared, be rebellious. Compulsive smokers must be imprinted with the impression that asking you not to smoke is more of a health risk than the smoke.

Dirty Minded Bastard said...

As long as the fag ain't Mandelbum!

Dick Puddlecote said...

@Paul 16:37: You're in the wrong place, I think you were looking for righteouscuntsrus.com.

As for being arrested. Smoking ordnances are not enforceable by the police. To be fined, a council EHO has to be called and you have to give your details (which you are not obliged to do).

It took over 10 months for a pub-owner from Blackpool to be taken to court.

Time for at least a pack of ten.

Anonymous said...

Can't make the protest (I'm a non-smoker anyway but I'd have a puff just to show solidarity against laws that are unfair IMHO) but wish you all good luck. Update tomorrow?

My aim is to harrass & stress officialdom in all it's many guises. Question the bastards at every turn. Demand accountability.

banned said...

As Dick 22:08 points out the Police are not interested in the smoking ban unless invited to back up some not proper coppers because you have threatened them.
Provided you have no ID guerrilla smoking tactics would be largly risk free.
My local council employs precisely 1 Smoking Cessation Officer which is presumably why many pubs get away with almost entirely enclosed smoking 'sheds' and even the large Government Dept. building up the road has a smoking shelter with a roof and 4 X 3/4 length plastic sides.

paul said...

Actually no, I clicked on puddlecotesblogisshite.com and got redirected here by mistake.

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