Wednesday, 10 June 2009

The Fingermen

Taken from Prats in Power

A group of Scotland Yard officers were suspended after "serious allegations" about their behavior during the arrests of five suspects last year, police said Tuesday.

London's police force did not go into detail, but Sky News television, the Daily Mail and The Times of London newspapers reported that six officers were accused of "waterboarding" drug suspects.

The papers gave varying accounts of the exact technique used by police, with the Times saying that officers poured water on a cloth and placed it over a suspect's face to simulate the experience of drowning. The Daily Mail said police officers repeatedly dunked the suspects' heads in buckets of water. The reason for the discrepancy was not immediately clear.


I don't suppose it comes as any surprise, but that doesn't reduce any anger I feel from hearing this news.

Note the word "suspects": this could quite easily happen to you.

The waterboarding claims will fuel the debate about police conduct that has raged in the wake of hundreds of public complaints of brutality at the G20 protests.

3rd World here we are.


The Penguin said...

Ah, but look on the bright side, "Sir" Ian Bliar has been almost whitewashed. Just need to adjust the shade.

The Penguin

gordon the abominator said...

Mandy, you told me it would be ok because the Americans do it. Will I have to apologise again ? Is my job safe still ? Please don't go away like all the others.

ranter said...

There is no evidence whatsoever that you or any other normal person would be treated as it is alleged these 'suspects' were.

Reports so far are screamingly hysterical and conjure up images of ghastly ragheads being waterboarded by nasty yankee torturers.

How any of these alleged things could have occurred in todays police (AND in Enfield) where almost everywhere in a police station (public areas and custody suites) is filmed and access to solicitors, translators, social workers and doctors is immediate IS BEYOND ME.

I should think that some frustration at dealing with immigrant scum criminals (who laugh at the UK criminal justice system and cost us taxpayers a fortune every day of the week) day after day finally took its toll and it will transpire that something occured BUT NOT water boarding or hanging the fuckpigs up by manacles or pulling their fingernails out BUT probably something like they were pushed a bit harshly into a cell. Still nothing like whipping up hysteria is there?

There are several hundred hard core criminal scum out there in London alone who soak up taxpayers money on a daily basis while trafficking people and drugs and engaging in territorial drug wars and edging our murder rate up and up (not that I care as long as they shoot each other) who really should be rounded up, shot and buried in a mass grave in Albania but before that I'd like to get all medieval on their collective asses with a blowtorch and a pair of pliers - NOW THAT IS TORTURE!

Don't waste any tears and get a fucking grip. I'm with you 98% of the time but sometimes you lose the plot for the sake of a good headline.

There are a lot of Old Bill out there really trying to do their job, unfortunately they are led by a bunch of over qualified social scientists more interested in setting up Black and Transgender groups and marching in uniform at every Gay Pride march there is. These are the people who have made the British Police service the shambles it is today.

I hope I'm proved right - but you never know these days.

WV = mentle

Man in the Street said...

Great, the banks have failed, Westminster has failed and the Police have failed. What's left to fail?

Cunts one and all.

Anonymous said...

Know where you're coming from ranter, however, could Ian Tomlinson's family ever have imagined the scenario that actually happened? And that was in full public view, in daylight, in front of hundreds of witnesses.

Plod, unfortunately, has lost the respect of the ordinary man & woman in the street through becoming form filling mindless NuLabour robots, obsessed with PC-ness, the 'Yuman Rites' of the criminal class & a little mindless bullying when they think they can get away with it. My next door neighbour, who has learning difficulties, was on the wrong end of that recently & they were just complete shits. And extremely unhappy when I challenged them.

The Penguin said...

I blame re-runs of The Sweeney.

The Penguin

Anonymous said...

There's also a national plod force who are unanswerable to the IPCC, Home Office or anyone else. If (God forbid) you ever find yourselves in the clutches of MoDPlod then you're well and truly fcuked.

My psychiatrist told MoDPlod that they couldn't interview me, that I'd have a breakdown if they did.

They went ahead and did so anyway and - quelle surprise - I had a breakdown.

I'm trying very, very hard now to work out how best to deal with the question of how to complain about them; as I say, IPCC can't touch them, the only government department that can control them (the MoD) are *also* the government department that are responsible for their funding.

Conflict of interest? Surely not.

M de Plouquenet said...

Ranter in a minute but first what does one have to do to prove it is not a de facto police state? Plod had up for torture. Shrug of shoulders. Ranter cctv shite. Access to a phone, solicitor or medic (who will be a pal of the Custody Sgt) is at the sole discretion of plod. Did cctv save Alders life?

Anonymous said...

"3rd World here we are."
Compared to where I live in a so called developing country Thailand the UK is, hospitals treatment first class and every possibiity of actually coming out better then you went in. Spotlessly clean no waiting lists although you have to pay. We go shopping and know the car will still be there when we get back and not vandalised. The education system is to me terrifying after what I saw last time I was back in the UK where going to school is optional after reaching the age of 12 and if they do go to school in high fashion clothes rather than uniform with a fag hanging out of their mouth. My sister in law lives in Shanghai where I believe there are more graduate engineers than in the USA plenty of graduates in the UK for meeja studies wow! Kids here do as they are told as they are brought up from day 1 to have respect, the police here have plenty of powers and they lock kids up here what a good idea.In the UK at big police stations in the UK they have, wait for it a fucking "human rights officer" perhaps it might be a good idea to have one for the victim? By the way have the compensation lawyers heard about this, should help pay for the kids education out of the legal aid money?

Anonymous said...

Frankly I don't give a shit about what the police do to foreign drug dealing murdering scum. come to think about it, I'm not overly concerned with the rights, of British drug dealing murdering scum,either.

Wanker Alert said...

Urban11 - how very trite.

You could be next you tosser.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

I'm not spamming, honest, but I did the following on my place a few weeks ago,

VotR said...

The Stasi are here. A police state ruling by fear has been in preperation for some time now, ever since the Terrorism Act 2000.
Waterboarding, DJ's and their children arrested for a jar on the shelf... And primary schools used as brainwashing centres to create agents to spy on everyone they meet. The surveillance state.

East Germany would be proud.

Shibby said...

Thanks Old Holborn!

Shibby said...

Oh and VotR, you are absolutely right. This century so far has really seen advances in the British Police State.

I can smell shit on the wind. It's getting closer.

Hairy Arsed Bloke said...

They were thinking, "What would Gene Hunt do?"

Maturecheese said...

For Christs sake, some of the scum on the streets these days deserve even more than waterboarding. Back about twenty five years ago when the police actually policed, beatings in the cells and stitching up happened a lot but happened in the main to those that bloody well deserved it. OH, you are becoming a wishy washy liberal, do you want proper old fashioned policing or do you want modern useless PC policing? What should be concerning you more is the politicisation of the police.

Shibby said...

Maturecheese, when you've been tortured or beaten as a wrongly suspected citizen come back and say that again.

The police ought to be perfectly capable of policing without resorting to needless brutality.

And to be against torture is not just a wishy washy liberal thing. It is a human rights thing.

I believe that everyone deserves their human rights, controversial as that may be.

The acts committed by the police we rely on to show responsibility are nothing but a crime against humanity.

VotR said...

I never wish I'm right, Shibby. It's shocking what's happened. Will be as shocking in time to come, no doubt.

Fucking police.

And now it's time for that idiot Brown's question time again.. Lord knows how he made it through last week. Well, Lord Mandy.

Curly said...

I just thought they were expanding their range of services.

Maturecheese said...

Once again I shall try to educate you. Its not the police giving some scumbag(and notice in this new enlightened age of lefty liberalism there are a lot more of them roaming the streets) a good kicking that you should fear, its the politicisation of the police that you should really fear.
There are some absolutely evil bastards that are literally getting away with murder on our streets and I have no problem with them being 'tortured' to reveal the information needed to nail them.

Believe it or not the police used to be able to use their digression and new who the bad guys were and acted accordingly. When you softy's and dare I say immigrants, finally get your way, there will be no law and order left.

Maturecheese said...

Oh and Shibby , im not likely to be beaten and tortured as a wrongly suspected citizen as I would not fit the profile. In other words I fucking belong here and am unlikely to commit the type of crime that could warrant said torture.

Shibby said...

Thanks for the education, Maturecheese.

You really enlightened me.

I hope I can continue to tread your path of wisdom

the sod said...

They probably needed a good wash before being taken to the cells.Soap and water would be against their human rights.

Maturecheese said...

Shibby LOL

Ranter excellent post I hadn't read all of the other posts earlier as I had the impression that they all agreed with OH

Anonymous said...

The reason why the accounts differ so much ? Ah - because neither are true. Ha Ha.

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