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The English Democrats Guest Spot

I'm voting English Democrat because I am English. and I am thoroughly pissed off by the way my country gets treated by the "UK". I'm not a member of the party and these are not necessarily the views of the party - just how I see it, as a free born Englishman.

Devolution & democracy. The Scots have their own parliament, the Welsh and Northern Irish their own assemblies - working in the interests of their own people. Fine and dandy. I have no problem with that. But what about England?

We get the "UK" government that seems to work in everyone's interest apart from the English. English taxes get syphoned off left, right and centre - in aid, to the EU (how much of that £40 million a day is squeezed out of England? FFS). And although the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish always argue the toss my gut feeling is it gets spread about the "UK" as well.About 90% of law passed in Westminster concerns devolved issues. That means that the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish equivalents are handled in their respective government by their own representatives. English law is handled by the UK parliament which is made up of English MPs plus Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish MPs. English MPs cant touch devolved law in our neighbours countries but they can fuck about with England's law. Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish MPs can't actually influence devolved law in their own constituencies! All they can do is fuck about with England. And they do.

Most insulting of all as far as I'm concerned is that they don't even have the decency to call England - England. They call it the "regions". The one eyed snot gobbler calls it "our country" or "the country" - he just can't bring himself to say "England" for fear that the natives will finally wake up to the fact that he represents a Scottish constituency and consequently - what the fuck is he doing to my country; England?

Worth a watch


By now nearly everyone has heard of the Barnett Formula but for donkeys years it was one of Westminster's best kept secrets - and that's the way they wanted it and that's the way many of them want it now.

These are the latest figures for funding per person across the UK

Northern Ireland £9,577

Scotland £9,032

Wales £8,493

England £7,426

Bottom of the pile. England. Fourth class subjects in our own country.

Look beyond the numbers. This affects every part of life. Health, Transport, Education, it affects every government area. Just take health. Take prescriptions £7.20 a pop in England, £4 a script in Scotland and gratis in Wales. The Scots have better access to life saving drugs for certain cancers etc. If you get old and infirm in England you have to sell your house to pay for care - not so in Scotland.

All because of the Barnett Formula. Only the English Democrats will do anything about it.

The English regions

Now the counter argument is that those Barnett figures are not fair and that the "English regions" all get funded differently. The UK is "nations and regions" to our imperious overlords. The nations are Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland - the regions are the country formerly know as England.Well I don't remember ever voting to have my country balkanised. In fact the only time there was ever any kind of vote on the English regions was a "regional" referendum on an assembly for the bogus "North East region" the idea was rejected soundly by the people of Northumberland, Durham and Yorkshire. Doesn't matter - the "English regions" are a done deal to the British government and the EU. As usual the English people don't fucking matter.

So I say those Barnett figures stand. England is one nation and should be recognised as such. Only the English Democrats will do anything about it.Immigration

Last week Frank Field; a personal hero of mine winkled out a statistic from government about Immigration into the UK. When you think about it I'm sure it's something you all know.This is from the Times story - note it was published under the Scotland section.

Between 1991 and the 2007 a net 2.14million migrants came to England. But in Scotland for the same period net foreign migration was a paltry 105,000.In effect, the statistics mean that England absorbed 20 times more international migrants than Scotland even though the population is only 10 times larger. England also took 11 times more migrants than Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland combined, even though its population is only 5 times larger than these three parts of the UK put together.

It wasn't reported on the BBC at all, and it doesn't include the number of illegals which is anyone's guess.

None of these people coming into England are told to be English - they are told to be British. No wonder then that cetain groups have such problems integrating into the country.

There are 340,000 Scots living in London alone! No doubt all proud Brits! Is there much anti Scot feeling in England? No. Is there anti English feeling in Scotland and Wales? You betcha! This Britishness crap only works one way. The English have to forget they are English and every other johny come lately can be whoever he or she wants to be.

They talk about British tolerance. That's English tolerance. If you come to live in England and as far as I'm concerned we're fucking full. Be English. All the other stuffThese are the main issues as I see them. But there are a legion of niggley insults meted out to the English on a daily basis.

We can't fly our flag without being branded racist or it being considered a health and safety threat and taken down by lefty councils. English produced food is marked with the Union flag - Scottish produced food is marked with the Saltire - go and fucking check next time you're in the supermaket. Why? Research suggests that the main reasons are that some people might be offended by the Cross of St George and that the Scots and Welsh wouldn't buy if it was marked with the CoSG.My view; if you find the Cross of St George offensive - don't live in the country who's national symbol it is!

There have been dubious tinkerings with the continental shelf act - not in England's favour. Monmouthshire changed hands between England and Wales without a vote being cast. The Scots are moving in on Berwick on Tweed. And the people don't seem to mind because of the fucking Barnett Formula and all the benefits that the Scots get.

The BBC seems to have forgotten what white English people look like.. We're only good to pay their rotten license fee. Go and look at, and for a quick example of their priorities. Trivial maybe but it all adds up. I urge you to start thinking about England and you will soon begin to see what I mean.

Don't worry, nearly finished

We're told endlessly that we're stronger together and the Union must be protected. Well the UK is stronger together and apart it doesn't exist. But England. England doesn't exist with the Union together. We have no voice, no recognition, no representation - nothing. England is stronger apart. Fundamentally I believe that English taxes should be spent in England. I believe that English law is the only law we need. Ultimately I think the only way we will ever get back to that stage is to set a course to English independence. Establishing an English parliament is a stepping stone to that. The English Democrats are the only party who stand for an English parliament.

Only one party will do anything for the people of England. All we have to do is remember that we are English.WTPS. Forgot about the EU. Fuck the EU. Trade yes federal union - no fucking chance.


hawkeye thenoo said...

racist crap. you should have thought about it first before you went off and colonised large parts of the world.

The Penguin said...

Hawkeye, shut your silly trap - no one around today can be held responsible for what happened hundreds of years ago.

The Penguin

Nearly Headless Nick said...

Excellent stuff and 100% right.
I don't care if the English are loved, as long as they are respected.
@Hawkeye :- England civilised large parts of the world: who were it's mercenary soldiers - yes the Scots!

CryBaby said...

good post. Some things i honestly didn't realise until i read it.

Barnsley Bill said...

Brilliant, the most cogent and sensible description of the suppression of England I have seen anywhere.

hawkeye thenoo said...

Why get angry at the results of your own actions? There are more serious problems than Scots or Welsh but we dare not speak the name of this fifth column...

Every government whether peopled by Scots or Anglo Saxons (German immigrants I'm told) has sold us all down the river on immigration and has foisted the fantasy of multiculturalism on us good people. I actually agree with most of this post but you've picked the wrong (easy) target.

Wyrdtimes said...

Thanks OH.

Sorry it's so rough folks, I was burning the midnight oil on this and I confess I'd had a few!

Terrible formatting and the spelling is shite but you get where I'm coming from.

Fail to see how it's racist though unless it's racist to mention white English people... which I suppose it is to some.

I should have also mentioned the English defence jobs that are being transported from Plymouth and Portsmouth up to Faslane in Scotland.

And I should have written something about the obvious erosion of our English liberties. Freedoms our ancestors fought, killed and died for.

Anyway I urge you to vote Eng Dems not because they are perfect, not because they have a cat in hell's chance but because with enough votes we will force the British establishment to sit up and notice that the English are sick of being treated like shit in their our country.

subrosa said...

I'm delighted someone actually admits to calling themselves English and not British. I've never called myself British but always Scots.

Don't forget when you're pumping out these figures per head that it was Scottish oil which rebuilt London, built the M25 and the channel tunnel.

I've often wondered what would have happened if oil had been found in English waters. Scotland would have been dumped years ago I suspect.

Goodnight Vienna said...

Well said Wyrdtimes - I've been thinking about all this since you commented on my blog the other day.

Tomfiglio said...

Hawkeye etc.
Why is it that the Scots always talk about the Empire and colonising as if it were just an English affair? Surely the reason behind the Union was the Scots' abortive attempt to set up a colony in Panama? The Scots invested more money per head in the colonies than the English, and there was no shortage of Scottish chancers and freebooters looking to make money out of the Empire. Many Scots may find it convenient to forget all this, and would rather create a self-image of a "Celtic" (whatever that basis in DNA evidence) population downtrodden by Anglo Saxon overlords - but don't expect to anyone else to be taken in.

Roger Thornhill said...

"Only the English Democrats will do anything about it."

Wrong. The LPUK for one will be attending to the Barnett formula and abolishing the EU-funded Regional set up.

Immigration: Er, maybe migrants want to live in England vs Scotland or NI? I is a nice place, mostly...Your stuff is dog-whistle.

An English Parliament is only one way forward and as it appears to create more politicians and a new layer in England, I am againt it.

Better that MAs and MSPs were scrapped and the MPs of Wales and Scotland travel to their assemblies once a month to discuss local issues while the English MPs remain in Westminster. Don't even THINK about suggesting some new building!

dickiebo said...

Nice to read the truth. Well done!

Wyrdtimes said...

Roger do you think the Scots and Welsh will let anyone take away their governments now? Dream on.

What are the LPUK going to do for England?

I personally am for English independence - not an easy road especially as we are probably bankrupt due to years of mismanagement but when we bottom out we can start rebuilding.

I just looked up dog-whistle politics and I have to tell you I didn't have time to write in code - this was banged in with no pissing about. That's tight deadlines for you. It's as straightforward as it can be.

As for an English parliament it would instantly make the current government 90% redundant - look there to save money. The useless fekkers in power now are the ones who should be punished not the English who are being punished every day through lack of recognition and representation.

Better still independence a small peaceful nation with a small government.

K. McEgan said...

Define English. There are only a few vanilla flavour parties here, how I envy you that choice. As to "there are 400,000 Scots here blah de blah" I heard the same shit about Slovaks in Prague, Macedonians in Slovenia & Castillanos in Euskera.

Wyrdtimes said...

As far as I'm concerned the English are the people who live in England and who are entitled to be here.

And the British establishments anti English policies effect every single one of them - including those English of Scots ancestry.

BTW I didn't make that stat up - these guys did:

Balding Nobhead Party said...

I want to see full independence for Wales. Right now over 50% of employment here is public sector, subsidised i presume by the English since there simply can't be enough taxes raised here alone to fund this monster. I'm sick as fuck of hearing the Welsh justifying this situation with "but there's no industry ere see, so its got to be like that innit". This mentality has to end. We need to be cut adrift and forced to grow the fuck up because this infanalising dependence on pretend and in my opinion massivly destrucive 'jobs' has turned us into a nation of chocolate teapots.

You are incorrect about anti-Englishness here though OH. Ever since I moved here as a child I have loudly proclaimed my Englishness and annoyingly no-one seems to care. The thin-skinned pseudo-middleclasses who move here do not fare so well, but then where in the world do the thin skinned ever prosper?

subrosa said...

Wyrdtimes, scotcare figures only apply to Scots who live in London. I'm quite sure there are plenty more in England or does your Englishness not stretch outside the London boundaries?

Wyrdtimes said...

lol I don't live in London and visit rarely.

Like I said "There are 340,000 Scots living in London alone!"

I was replying to McEgan's "As to "there are 400,000 Scots here blah de blah" "

Thinking about it a bit more - I would argue that the only Scots in London are the Scottish MPs and tourists. Most of the others have decided to be English even if it's only for a few years. The English of Scots ancestry...

Tell you what really annoys me it's the likes of Alistair Campbell not just because he's a nasty piece of labour shite. But because despite being born in England and having lived in England all his life and despite having his nest thoroughly feathered by the English he still regards himself as Scottish first.

And would deny the English any recognition or rights.

Why won't he just fuck off and live in Scotland like a decent proud Scotsman?

Or face up to the reality that he is in fact English!

kincher said...

Roger Thornhill said "Better that MAs and MSPs were scrapped and the MPs of Wales and Scotland travel to their assemblies once a month to discuss local issues while the English MPs remain in Westminster. Don't even THINK about suggesting some new building!"

It's a good idea. Replicate the Strasbourg shuffle the EU do every whenever. The duplication might be unpalatable though. Could do it the other way - have Scots Welsh and N. Irish MPs stay in their national Parliaments for 3 weeks a month and travel to Westminster for the fourth (with Westminster being an English Parliament for 3 weeks a month). If powers were better and equally devolved the Union Parliament ought to require much less work.

The current set up simply isn't fair - to my mind less to do with nationality a more to do with recognising borders. Regardless of nationality, MPs in English constituencies cannot influence Scottish, Welsh and N. Irish constituencies on particular matters so why is it acceptable the other way around?

Anonymous said...

The British Union is only as strong as the sum of its parts, that Labour despise Britain is not in question that is why they not only encouraged and set-up the devolved assemblies and also pushed the nonsense of English Regions a la Prescott, but they also know that all these arguments are superflous when they know and are part of the Soviet EU plan of ridding the world of our European nations to be replaced by economic units (nationalities will be replaced by consumers), THAT is the ultimate goal of the Soviet EU.
This in part is why they, all the Establishment parties and Common Purpose use all the means at their disposal to destroy, disparage and close ranks agains any and all nationalists.

paul said...

speaking of "full"

The Penguin said...

Duty done. Was quite pleased to find a local English Democats candidate, and for Europe went Jury Team.

The Penguin

Anonymous said...

Prick. We need less government,not more. Isn't your top boy a marxist?

Maria said...

What an amusing clap-trapper is hawkeye thenoo! The English - German immigrants? The Scots, Irish immigrants. England colonised the world? Scotland was dispproportionately involved in the British Empire - and had already bankrupted itself over a failed colonial experiment before the 1707 Act of Union.

As for subrosa... Scotland has benefitted tremendously from the Union, and some of the North Sea oil and gas IS in English waters! Recent figures reported in The Guardian show that if ALL North Sea oil and gas revenues (including England's share) were given to Scotland, the country STILL wouldn't break even!

The Continental Shelf Act needs examining, too...

Good point made by Tomfiglio about the Celtic myth - so many Scots fancy themselves as pure and direct descendents of an ancient WHITE tribe. It rumbles in Wales and Cornwall too. Now, WHO are the racists?

Mr Rob said...

Alternatively you could have a peek at the EDP section of the British Democracy Forum of better still the Boatang and Demetriou blog to see what a bunch of nutters the actual candidates are.

All the good points in the world cannot justify electing an utter fruitloop and giving him/her and few hundred grand of taxpayers' money - maybe a good cause, but a crap party.

Take a look - I didn't even know they existed till last week, and look how much I like them now!

wonkotsane said...

There's a big problem with the EDP: my Dad's brother.

Actually, two big problems: they've merged with a BNP splinter group that makes the BNP look moderate.

subrosa said...

Wyrdtimes, I see your point. I have a child who was born in England of Scots parents purely because I wasn't able to get back to Scotland I must add :)

He's Scottish through and through although he lived in England for the first 8 years of his life. Mind you, like me, he likes England and the English.

I'm all for the English being independent. For years I've wondered why they don't make the effort or is it a case of heads in the sand?

Anonymous said...

@ Wonkotsane

I`m assuming you are referring to the English Democrats and the England First Party ( an extreme and racist party)both agreeing to not stand against each other as a way of reducing support for the BNP. They have made pacts with other small parties as well, but I will agree with you that this one was a big mistake. Having said that, it`s hardly a merger is it?

aljahom said...

Until the EDP rid themselves of Steve Uncles and his associated BNP-reject cunts, they aren't even worth looking at.



Anonymous said...

@ Mr Rob

The English Democrats need to attract better quality candidates and officers, no doubt, but they are still a small party. I would like to see more people like Christine Constable being interviewed here on this video by Iain Dale and Yasmin Alibhai-Brown:

But their policies and the fact that they are an explicitly non-racist party will attract new members. The problem they identify is mass immigration and multiculturalism, not the colour of someones skin.

Anonymous said...

There is no connection between the English Democrats and the England First Party/"BNP reject cunts" apart from a stupid idea to not stand against each other as a way of damaging the BNP. If I`m wrong about that, maybe you can fill me in about it, Aljahom?

Anonymous said...

hawkeye thenoo said...
racist crap. you should have thought about it first before you went off and colonised large parts of the world.

Who went off and colonised the world? Me? Oh I get it. I am to blame for colonising "large parts of the world", even though I wasn't alive at the time? Hmmm? That seems illogical to me. It is like stating that all of the modern day Turks are to blame for the demise of Asia Minor. Are you going to tell them?
Can you tell me how I was supposed to have "thought about it first" when I wasn't even born?

"Don't forget when you're pumping out
these figures per head that it was Scottish oil which rebuilt London, built the M25 and the channel tunnel."

"Scottish oil"? Really? What about the Orcadian's (Orkneys) oil? What about the Shetlander's oil?
Oh, and you forgot about the maritime border between England and scotland being more of the oil was in scotch waters!

Actually, I think you'll find that a lot of London was built way before the oil was discovered. Like about 1,000 years before.

Oh, and scottish oil built the entire M25 channel tunnel to huh? Not that it can honestly be labelled scottish oil at all of course, but why let the truth get in the way huh?

"I've often wondered what would have happened if oil had been found in English waters. Scotland would have been dumped years ago I suspect."

"I suspect"? So what you're stating isn't factual then? Oh, I see.

wonkotsane said...

England First candidate standing as English Democrats candidates ...

Anonymous said...

@ wonkotsane

I have been looking at this and I have only seen one ex-England First Party candidate standing as an English Democrats Party candidate. He seems to have been withdrawn, although he is still involved in the party.

I put this down to a pressing need for more candidates and activists and as I`ve said before, I think it is a mistake. But it doesn`t constitute the ED`s as some kind of racist party like the BNP.

wonkotsane said...

The Chair of England First stood for EDP I believe.

Good job on the first impressions from the EDP mayor of Doncaster - his first promise is to cut gay pride funding with a quote about promoting English culture.

Quite agree with his sentiments but as first impressions go, that's a suicidal one.

Anonymous said...

I`m not sure that you are right about the chair of the England First Party standing for ED`s (I think their Chair is Mark Cotterill). I think you mean their councillor (not candidate as I said above), Cllr. Michael Johnson who left them to join the ED`s.

"but as first impressions go, that's a suicidal one." - Yes, most people would agree with this but it is not the most important thing to put emphasis on. But to answer the broader point there is some naivety and stupidity in how the ED`s go about things. There are also a few very poor party officers in the ED`s. Maybe you could consider joining the ED`s and becoming involved at a senior level yourself? Judging by your blog, you seem more than capable enough for it.

Ducky said...

"There is no connection between the English Democrats and the England First Party"

Yes there is. They have an alliance in the North West of England and have done for many years.

Members of the England First Party have even written articles for the English Democrats website.

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