Thursday, 4 June 2009

Did you vote?

Then you will have seen the Poll Clerk write down the number of the ballot paper next to your name.

They know what you voted.


I was once employed in the early '80's in a closed shop run by the TGWU. Ballot papers were issued every year. With your name on them. Woe betide you if you voted for the wrong candidate.


deeznuts said...

when i voted, you were supposed to show the back of the ballot slip to the officer before you put it in the box so he could record the number......i put mine straigh in the box, they didnt like that !!! lol

Ted Bundy said...

This I actually find very worrying the idea of a British election being a secret ballot is clearly a sham. If they wanted to find out who you voted for they very easily could. Will the Government be having a sly look to see how many Civil Servants or Police Officers voted for the BNP? Who knows but I bet they’re very tempted given this Governments obsession with surveillance.

Anonymous said...

So what? At least I bothered.

initi said...

We have secret ballots not anonymous ones. Secret in that there is no one to influence your choice *when you make it*.

The only means to have an anonymous ballot would be to do as the Iraqis did - mark the voter in some way.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Anonymong, it's cunts like you with a 'so what' attitude that has contributed to the fucked up police state we now live in. Now fuck off you bell end.

Alan Wallace Jury Team said...


Was it today?

Ted Bundy said...

Collect up all the BNP ballot papers, note the electoral roll numbers then quietly take revenge on all those evil voters. Failed promotions, refusal of children to enter their preferred schools, car accidents and mysterious deaths. BNP sorted NuLabour in power for ever. Wonderful and long live socialism.

Phil McVile said...

I voted about an hour ago. Only for the EU Elestions here but the ballot box was absolutely stuffed full. I voted about the same time last General Election and the box was nowhere near so full. Don't know if it's a general rule but there must have been a high turnout here (unless some crooked cunt has been on the fiddle which wouldn't surprise me).

Anonymous said...

I am concerned that No ID is needed to check you are who you say you are.

I could have voted several times just selecting the names of people who i know do not vote.

I could have voted as OH!

and what's with the pencil?

Anonymous said...

The pencil is so that if you vote for the 'wrong' Party, the helpful vote counter can correct it for you - only joking - I hope!
Yes, special paper, number noted - I noticed that - has it always been like that or is this just a ZaNuLab addition to keep us in check? Anyway, I voted BNP so fuck them if they don't like it.

William Cobbett said...

Christ - you got to vote in the TGWU?

Paul said...

In Ulster you have to have to take ID to vote.

Alan Wallace Jury Team said...

In Ulster they used to have a saying,

Vote Early - Vote Often

Anonymous said...

For most ordinary people I can understand this being a worry.

But I can honestly tell you that, having made some dreadful mistakes in my youth and having done time for those mistakes - I expect I am on every list of 'subversives' that the State maintains.

And yet in a weird way, I can understand that - I *am* a subversive, in the sense that I *do* want to dismantle the power structures that the Righteous have put in place to protect their multi-cultural 'utopian' dream.

Anyway, fuck 'em. I voted BNP. And I suspect that they knew that already.

Anonymous said...

Well i just voted.... seems like bugger all people voted here.. You'd think people would want to stick the boot in

Anonymous said...



Flint chickens out

Anonymous said...

Yeah what the fuck was that about?! I thought my vote was supposed to be secret?? Anyone know why?

Daniel1979 said...

We also had some old lady with a blank blue rosette stood outside asking for peoples numbers as they were going in. She seemed quite put out when people told her to fuck off.

Anonymous said...

There is some evidence of a MASSIVE BNP breakthrough, mainly based on checked (not officially counted) postal votes and Labour party activist feedback.

The Labour party died today.

Anonymous said...

Complete with rosette and badge for my party, voted in an empty school (apart from the Officers eating their fish & chips - not joking, this is Cornwall!)Was told that I had to remove my rosette & badge before I could vote!WTF?
BTW - they did say they were surprised at the amount of voters - who don't normally vote - have shown and voted

Constantly Furious said...

I think you flatter yourselves if you think that as soon as you left the Little Ditherington Village Hall, a government official appeared, broke open the ballot box, tipped the slips on the floor, unfolded them one by one and eventually murmured "Hmmm .. a UKIP voter", before making an entry on a small handheld computer then stepping back into a black helicopter and vanishing into the gathering dusk.

Or maybe they did..

Jackanory team burns all it's money said...

Alan Wallace Jury Team said...

Was it today?

04 June 2009 21:23

Don't worry, no one in your `party` will be going anywhere.

You will be lucky to get 100 votes outside of close family and even then I wouldn't count on it.

Glad to see `someone` burnt their money on your worthless party.

Dick Puddlecote said...

This has been a bugbear of mine for years. Yes, it has always been like this. Even my Mum, who is not politically inclined at all, rails about it. The potential is there to root out those who vote 'wrongly'.

There really is no possible explanation as to why the marking of ballots should be a good idea in a 'democracy'.

Additionally, the roll-checking outside is merely for party activists to be able to get out their vote. It encourages junk-door-knocking and really shouldn't happen.

If you want to vote, fine. If you haven't, it should be no fucking business of the parties to knock and your door and encourage/bully you to do so.

So speaks my Libertarian self.

Anonymous said...

Paul Clark MP has turned off comment moderation on this thread if anyone wants to pay a visit;

Constantly Furious said...

Just went to Paul Clark's blog. Pretty fucking tragic if you can't even get trolls on an unmoderated blog.

Come on, cheer him up!sol

frosty said...

Yes voted today, it cant be right in a so called democracy that you can tell who someone voted for.
Just watching Question Time what a load of bollocks,where do they get the multicultural audience from Rentacunt? What the fuck does some stupid cow off GMTV know about politics,shes stated that behind the scenes the Gorgon is a very funny man,well im sorry you stupid slut i aint fucking laughing!

K. McEgan said...

Love the Albanian poster. Is it Gheg or Tosk dialect? One can't tell by reading alone of course. Look if you English chaps get your act together I'll jolly well come out of exile & kill a few plod for you. Tally Ho!

Old Holborn said...

I will vote again when my vote is counted but not logged.

Until then, I will remain invisible but seriously vocal.

646 of them. 60,000,000 of us.

How very dare they, the arrogant cunts. 92,500 of us for every one of them.


Anonymous said...

Paul Clark MP has turned off comment moderation on this thread if anyone wants to pay a visit;

Come on people. Teach the roughing bastard the meaning of the word respect

VotR said...

Why the fuck aren't the votes being counted until tomorrow apart from 4 councils?

I smell a Labour shitty, smeary plot to rig the fucking vote.

Why aren't they counting overnight like in times past. This is very, very fucked up beyond all recognition. A last ditch effort by Gordon Sinking Rat Shit Ship Brown to stay afloat. I reckon.

Labour, when it isn't at war with itself, it's at war with the voters. For F'k sake!

Anonymous said...

No ID - what about people who routinely cover their faces, what's to stop them voting hundreds of times each?

The system is bent.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I noticed the clerk writing a number down when the other one gave me the ballot slip. It nearly caused me to change my vote, but then I thought "ahh fuck the one eyed cunt" and kept it at UKIP. Also, the clerk was very insistent on having the paper folded in a certain way before it went in the box, with a serial number facing outwards. Not happy.

WV: pricke. You couldn't make it up.

Anonymous said...

Reports are for a high turnout with the Labour vote dead in the water!

Most interesting given the expenses fiasco, could it be that the BNP and UKIP are gonna clean house?

Anonymous said...

voted earlier today, and exactly the same thing happened as at the last euro election - both ballot papers (council and euro) were placed in the SAME (plastic zipped) box. The counts are days apart which means the boxes will have to be opened and sorted before the euro count. The implications are obvious.

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

At the last GE, a friend of mine who has been on benefits for years (and her husband) got a visit from their local labour party, to ask if they had voted and if not, would they like a lift to the polling station?

They were knocking on everyone's door in the council block they live in, so they were obviously a really nice party and out to help people like her.


caesars wife said...

Interesting observation OH , is this the same list that went missing at Glenrotheys ??

wouldnt surprise me if they can get to mine the data for more proganda , but they can get lost , there is point at which open rebellion becomes the only option , bit late for the stasi to start appologising after all they done for total control of our lives .

by 4pm on friday we should she how our first battle in the bid for freedom has gone.

just hope labour are utterly finished , new predictions of 3 million unemployed by christmas , ecnomic forcasts on borrowing all ready look low .

would you trust liam bryne to give gordon a triple A , credit rating ?? best not mention centralised education supplies purchases !!

check out comments on pollys article , shes dying with them

Ted Bundy said...

All you people out there who voted BNP or UKIP you just went to the back of the NHS waiting list and were removed from your GP's surgery list. Also your children just failed their upcoming GCSE exams and owing to an administrative error covering the last few years you owe the Inland Revenue £15,000. Also your Local Authority will no longer empty your dustbin and your Internet Service Provider has reported you to the Police for persistently downloading Child Pornography. If you don’t want any of this to occur then you best vote Labour.

Fucking Delicious!

communist death camps said...

"If you don’t want any of this to occur then you best vote Labour.
Fucking Delicious!"

You forgot the last bit of the sentence - You best vote Labour out of office, still nice to see a Labour supporter welcoming intimidation in elections, Magabwe would be proud.

No wonder you are Labour scum.

P.S. you party is about to implode and lost forever.

Martin said...

I spoiled the ballot.

Let them come and get me.

Anonymous said...

Ah the naivity of so many clearly young first timer voters here. You don't seriously believe our government is competent enough to know how you voted do you?

I expect they are interested in those who vote for fringe extremists, and perhaps in specific individuals, but the fact that Sinn Fein gets elected in Northern Ireland, or the BNP in Oldham shows that by and large the ballot is free and fair.

Its the disappearing registers in a seat like Glenrothes that is the rodent smell. It would be a simple matter for a party which was robbed of a victory to sample some of those scored out names on the register to discover how many of those who voted were dead or out of the country at the time. You wouldn't need to know how they voted, just whether they voted to have suspiscions raised about the result.

WV: mingl as in ming? a bad smell?

Chris said...

The lack of anonymity is nothing new - I'm 38 and can clearly remember a teacher explaining it in class 25 years back - about how they can match the ballot paper to the voter.

I think I can also remember Mr Gregory saying that the ballot papers are kept for 100 years.

Anonymous said...

who gives a shit. I could,nt care less who knows who I voted for.

Anonymous said...

The poster is in Estonian.

Henry Crun said...

VotR, the votes are counted by council employees and scrutinised by party volunteers. Whilst most volunteers would be happy to stop up until the votes are counted, the Labour supporting council employees aren't. So they get a day out of the office on a Friday to count votes. This is usual for council elections.

Still, saves having to pay the bastards overtime.

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