Friday, 5 June 2009

Deserves A Wide Audience - Cassette Boy Screws Jonah


The Penguin


Custard said...


Anonymous said...

Total wanker! They should have put him down at birth - in fact there's quite a few people who believe he was culled then & this is merely his zombie form. It would explain the vast amount of makeup he uses & his robotic behaviour.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

They should have kept the afterbirth, and binned Gordon.

hangemall said...

O/T, looking at your latest tweet you should be off the wagon now, OH. Were you posting from Saudi Arabia?

Old Holborn said...

Nope. Infected wisdom tooth. A week long course of metronidazole (the same drug they give alcoholics to stop them drinking).

I intend to drink myself to a near death experience on Saturday night.

Newgates Knocker said...

Have fun OH. I intend to do the same. Some one else is going to be responsible for the kids for a change!!

mouth said...

o/t again but has anyone seen the opening line of Toynbee's latest article here:

Is she fucking stupid?

The beast of Clerkenwell said...

As a former member of a popular beat combo surely you should choke in your own vomit?
I would miss you but it wouldnt be a bad way to go.
"He had one number one hit in the 80's before developing a drink problem and learning to speak German.He will no longer be sadly pissed"
I can see it in Saturdays Telegraph.
Sounds like a cure for foot fungus

Ruth said...

There's still talk of THAT email circulating - it'd far too kind & humane. This is the email that should be sent:

Dear Gordon,

We have supported you as our unelected PM for two years now. During this time you have made a complete dog's dinner of it. Sadily you are just not up to the job. According to opinion polls you are the most unpopular British PM of all time. You have completely ruined the British economy, firstly by selling off all our gold at a bargain basement price, secondly by borrowing, borrowing & more borrowing during the good years instead of saving for a rainy day, by not regulating the financial services properly & by not letting your appointed Ministers get on with their jobs without constantly micro managing over their shoulder. Now that the rainy day is here, you've mortgaged our childrens' & our childrens' childrens' futures to bail out greedy & incompetent bankers while hardworking British families are losing their jobs, their houses & their families. 'No more repossessions' has a fine ring to it but the banks & building societies are just ignoring you & throwing families onto the street. Thanks to you and your cronies (let's not forget McBride & Smeargate), Labour's standing at the polls has never been lower & today we are likely to get completely swamped in both the Local & EU Elections. A lot of that is due to the expenses scandals & we have to admit almost all our MPs have been caught out there. However, you have also been complicit in this - how about claiming expenses for your flat when you also had a Grace & Favour residence in Downing Street?

For the good of the country, for the good of the Party you must stand down immediately. If you refuse to go quietly, we will get the Opposition to call for a vote of No Confidence & we will vote with the Opposition. It's your choice Gordon, but either way you are going. You have until 12 noon to consider your actions. After that the No Confidence vote will be requested.

Your Backbenchers

Anonymous said...

Had an apieocectomy (spelling) done a few days ago, thats where they get to the root directly through the gum!! Not pleasant. If you drink with that penicilin youll feel nauseous and just throw up OH.

hangemall said...

Hoon has resigned. Reportrd on BBC and Sky .

caesars wife said...

yes I think I shall be having some fine ale , cant seem to get amphers of vino these days .

hats off all round to thoses who have worked for this , ime almost at tears

hangemall said...

Peter Davies, English Democrats, has been elected mayor of Doncaster. I wonder what Mr Clarkson thinks of that.

VotR said...

Hoon has gone. Not so much a local election, but critical mass!

Parliament of Pigfuckers said...

Pollytwaddle was on TV on wednesday night being interviewed by one of the Snow clan - bitch was wearing black like the rest of the BBC cunts. Hilariously the cameraman panned back at one point to reveal that the unspeakable harridan was standing on a box to make herself look taller!

Laugh...I nearly shat

black hole sunset said...

What a fucking ghastly human-alien hybrid that cunt is.

Roll on Miliband, the clueless bogbrush-haired little troll, or maybe Purnel, another brainless skidmark of no account.

Either way, some dreary dogma encrusted pillock without a single competent deduction to their name.

NewLabour, the worst of the worst.

"... cameraman panned back at one point to reveal that the unspeakable harridan was standing on a box to make herself look taller!"


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