Sunday, 21 June 2009

The Cross of St George Is Advertising

I am a member of a voluntary group that aims to improve our Town Square, you know flowers,planters,street entertainment- all the stuff that Councils get paid to do but don't.

We want to put up a flag pole by November 11th for the British Legion to use. Net result requests for Elf & Safety surveys, ground surveys,annual maintenance agreements, structural engineers certificates on an annual basis.

Despite doing all of this 'we' will not be allowed to fly anything other that the Union Flag, because any other flag. the Cross of St George,the Town Coat of Arms, the town flags of our twin towns, the Wessex Flag are all deemed 'advertising'. So we have to apply for planning permission to fly 'advertising' in our own town !

Does this apply to the Dragon and Saltire in Wales and Scotland ? I bet not- only in true blue Tory controlled English Shires.

Cameron does not want an English Parliament, Cameron does not want Devolution to the Shires, Cameron is an old fashioned High Tory Authoritarian whose personal destiny is to 'Leader of Great Britain'


subrosa said...

Here in Scotland there are rules from Westminster that the Union Jack has to be flown in certain places. Since we've had the SNp government these ideas have been largely ignored thankfully.

Why shouldn't we all fly our national flags - personally I think it's against my human rights.

Spartan said...

Above Hull Citys Guildhall flew the skull and crossbones courtesy of a couple of pranksters ... yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum!

Barnsley Bill said...

Just put the flag up. Then photograph the fuckers who come to take it down and post them here. We will all post the pics throughout the interweb. It is time to start publishing photos of these pricks.

Old Holborn said...

I agree

Put the flag up and let's see what they think they can do about it. Call the local press and get them to send a photographer when you do it.

They work FOR US. Remind them.

Guthrum said...

They work FOR US. Remind them.

Media campaign in process supported by local old soldiers of the British Legion, and local Press.

VotR said...

If the EU presidency is ever established by the completed ratification of the Lisbon Treaty, the job of PM will be seen as second place compared to the gravy trough that the EU top job will provide.

The EU is pure corruption, nice in theory, rotten in practice and the UK should leave to avoid such a fate.

Then DC's ambitions to be UK leader won't seem so petty and trivialised.

Of course, Mandy has other plans, especially for the Irish. Wanker. End of.

Fly your flag in defiance. It's a small bit of integrity that we have left, don't let them take that away too.

Plato said...

Put your flag up and see what they actually do.

I can't believe that it's illegal to fly the Jolly Roger on land FFS.

Daniel1979 said...

I bet there would be no opposition from the council to the EU ring of stars.

Luckily in my village we have at different times of the year the Union Flag, St George and the flags of Ireland & Northern Oreland for St Patrick Day. It is my understanding that this is all done, paid for and co-ordinated by my parish council. (and not a single EU Star in sight, ever)

Anonymous said...

Well at least that should stop them flying the EU crown-of-thorns then.

Next time you see it, complain and ask for copies of their Planning Permission, etc.

Though iirc they actually changed the law specifically to allow that symbol of our subjugation to be displayed WITHOUT planning permission.

Kind of shows you their priorities doesn't it?

Chalcedon said...

How can the flag of England be deemed advertising? Fly it anyway and to hell with these wretched officials. I would have their heads on spikes.

Man in the Street said...

We're legislated to buggery. Enough. Fly the flag Guthrum and be damned.

Excellent point from others above re. calling the local press, taking loads of pics and distributing widely.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Cameron thinks he owns the Tory party. Its upto people to put him and boy George right.

Punish HMG's Opposition said...

Anon 12:50 - Call me Dave thinks the electorate owes him the election whenever it is called.

I really hope the Cons are punished by smaller parties and independents for the useless opposition they are providing. No passion or guts. Establishment bastards like the rest of them.

Come on UKIP / BNP / others.

Jess The Dog said...

I think it's a glitch in the planning legislation rather than a conspiracy. It needs fixing, and the national flags of England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and the Ulster flag should all be exempted. Same for EU flag and military ensigns and colours. Cameron should pledge to do this, it's a no-brainer.

Roue le Jour said...

"your woman at your side... children playing at your feet... and overhead, fluttering in the breeze... the flag of the Federation." The Search for Spock.

Newdawn said...

I regularly fly the flag at the top of a 12 storey tower block in full view of the Kremlin

fructo said...


The Town and Country Planning Act already excludes a number of flags.

Anonymous said...

Some good advice in this thread, do it anyway. Middle of the night if need be. Buy a hundred of the fuckers and keep replacing it everytime the jobsworth bastards have taken it down.

delcatto said...

Better still, ask banksy to spray paint it somewhere and declare it as 'art'. The liberal establishment will get their collective knickers in a twist over this Yoof street art.

banned said...

A local row of 20 pleasant independent shops fly the Cross Of St. George throughout the year except at Christmas when the sconces are used for Christmas trees.
Likewise the Church Of England fly the flag from their temples with impunity.

Fly the flag and dare them to do anything about it.

Adrian P said...

It's called Psychological Repression, they dob't want you to be British, they want you to be European.

A Warning From History


Barnsley Bill said...

Actually they want you to be anything but English. You clowns have still not realised that the second world war never ended. The English are hated by everyone. The hobbit like clowns in the west, the morlocks in the north. The French hate us because we keep saving their butts and the Germans because we beat them. Until you take control of your parliament again you will just be subjugated serfs. As soon as the tories win Scotland will vote for full independance from England followed by the welsh. Then you will have enough votes in what remains to wrest control from the cunts in Europe and be independant.

Anonymous said...

Shame them. Raise the English flag, and then invite the press. Get the names and email addresses of those in the council who oppose it. Then post them on here. It will run from there - Twitter, facebook, mailboxes, etc. They'll be inundated with furious mailers. These racists are disgusting and need taking sorting out now.
Our grandparents weren't afraid to fight the Nazis. We shame their memories by obeying these control freaks in our own land. No more of it.

IanC said...

I believe legally you are entitled to fly the flag of England as flying a national flag is not 'advertising. so whoever 'deems' that it is may well be in the wrong. You need planning permission if it is fixed to a building rather than on a pole.

Anonymous said...

They are lying. You are legally entitled to fly the English flag.

It's not classified as advertising under the Town & Country Planning Act and can be flown anywhere, any time without planning permission as long as it's on a vertical or horizontal flag pole and there is only one of them

Stephen Gash said...

The assertion that the Cross of St George is advertising is completely false.

Providing the flag is not defaced in any way, such as having 'England' stupidly written across it, it is a national flag under the law and may be flown without planning permission at any time of the year.

Guidelines say that the Union Flag should be flown from national public buildings, but that does not include local government buildings, for example.

Whoever has erroneously said that the Cross of St George is 'advertising; needs to be reminded that it was flown over 10 Downing St, and you can bet your arse the occupants never applied for planning permission.

Fly it and be sued, you will win and those prosecuting will have to pay costs.

The caviat was that the flagpole had to be virtical, but there was some discussion about that being changed.

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