Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Correspondence With The Equalities & Human Rights Commission

Seeing Eye To Eye With Jonah?

I have just sent this e-mail.

John Wadham


Group Legal Director

Equality and Human Rights Commission

Dear Mr Wadham,

Your letter of 22nd June to the BNP raises interesting issues.

May I ask whether you will also be writing in similar terms to the National Black Police Association and to other organisations where it might appear from the name that discrimination against white people or people of a particular belief or faith may occur?

Yours sincerely,

I'll let you know what comes back.

The Penguin


Ray Nerslane said...

You should know by now that in the minds of the Righteous only white people are capable of discrimination.

Black people and other ethnic minorities are totally incapable of discrimination; they can only be discriminated against.

Any suggestion to the contrary will be regarded as frivolous and subversive.

Your letter will be ignored.

Gordon said...

I'm sure that to work for an MP or party in most of the job ads it says you have to be broadly in agreement with their policies (only in more technical language). I want to know how many socialists are employed by the conservatives for example. Employment discrimination is accepted for every other party, Harman has just got her knickers in a twist again

Catosays said...

Interesting that John Wadham used to be the Director of Liberty.

Obviously 'liberty' doesn't apply to the BNP.

In 2003 he was made deputy director of the new Independent Police Complaints Commission, leading the criticism of the Metropolitan Police over the death of Jean Charles de Menezes.

Nothing like being one of the Righteous is there?

jaydeeaitch said...

Not sure if I can take this seriously. I mean, he's not going to reply to a Penguin is he, even an erudite, upstanding pillar of the community such as yourself.

And if the letter is in your REAL name, you've outed yourself.

Good luck though.

Anonymous said...

It’s argued that the Black Police Association does allow white people to join, so isn’t a racially exclusive body (how many actual white people are members one wonders?)

However, this doesn’t distract from the fact that the organisation exists solely to further the interests of Black police officers. A similar White Police Association, even if it allowed Black and Asian member to join, would simply not be tolerated as we all know.

And it’s precisely this “It’s racist when you do, but not when we do it” attitude that’s the problem.

Ethnic minorities and their leftist champions seem to what equality when it suits them, special privileges and exemptions when it doesn’t.

You either have equality for all or you don't. It's that simple.

Foos yer doos said...

I heard this very point being put to (presumably but I can't remember if it was him, was a lawyer acting for Equalities Commission anyway) this guy on Radio Scotland last night.

He said that as institutions such as you mentioned, and he used the Sikh's Policemans Association in his example, are not seeking political office nor are they seeking to run people's lives as the BNP would be if they were elected to control of a council then in his opinion it was a different situation.

He did go on to say that ultimately it would be up to the courts to decide whether or not an organisation trying to get political power was different to one that existed solely for helping it's members.

In a similarly mad case in Scotland a couple of years ago the Catholic Church adoption service was forced to treat applications by living together gay couples on an equal footing as married couples or be forced to stop offering their services.

Britain really has gone mad.

Anonymous said...

I have yet to encounter a more dead eyed joyless fucker than Mr Wadham.

Useful idiot on a government paycheck.

Faux Cu said...

jaydeeaitch said...

I think you should re-read the article.

or, stop watching daytime TV with a bottle of Chardonnay

The Penguin said...

JDH, of course I sent the fucking e-mail in my own real name from my own real e-mail address which, oddly enough, is not

If anyone really really wanted to know who I was they could probably find out.

Unlike Night Jack, though, they couldn't close me down.

The Penguin

VotR said...

We're all racists. Black guys running off with Indian girls invokes the most wrath from her honourable family, enough to kill.

Harriet Harman hates males, especially white males, despite her caucasian roots. Which makes her sexist and not just racist. Even when its against her own ethnicity, which shows just how solid the Labour mentality is these days, if they ever did have a sturdy foundation to their thinking.

Still, no one's perfect.

torsp said...

Foos yer doos said... "In a similarly mad case in Scotland a couple of years ago the Catholic Church adoption service was forced to treat applications by living together gay couples on an equal footing as married couples or be forced to stop offering their services."

IIRC the Church was accepting taxpayer money and performing an adoption services for councils. In that instance the options were; Do as the Government instructed or give up the income and work.

It illustrates just how in hock to the Government an institution becomes if it accepts taxpayer money.

Anonymous said...

Good one Penguin. It will be met with the biggest lump of codswallop known to man or ignored completely. But do please let us know which.

Anonymous said...

This threat to the BNP begs the question that is being asked in the letter. Surely they realised that it would?

Anonymous said...

The Equality and Human Rights Commission will use the argument as mentioned above that a party is different from an association, and must represent the whole community.

Utter bullshit of course, for the Equality and Human Rights Commission wouldn’t bat an eyelid if a Black and Asian Party or an Islamic Party were to form in the UK. In fact they would probably welcome it.

Organisations like the Equality and Human Rights Commission make up the rules and break the rules as they go along, just so long as it serves their agenda.

Cold Tuesday Evenings said...

Cold Tuesday Evenings awaits the reply with great interest!

Anonymous said...

Last time I looked, the National Black Police Association and its constituent BPAs in individual police forces allowed whites to join but only as associate members.

Associate members are not allowed to vote or to stand for election as officers of their BPA.

Now remind me of the place that used to bar people from voting or sitting in parliament if their skin was the wrong colour. South Africa I believe.

In addition Trevor Phillips, head of the Equalities and Human Rights Commission used to be head of the Commission for Racial Equality.

At that time, Trevor sat on the board of an employment agency that enforced a strict 'blacks only' recruitment policy. They rejected all applications from whites. Trev's business was breaking the very laws that Trev was supposed to be enforcing.

I can't help thinking that Trevor and his staff in the EHRC are playing right into the BNPs hands and setting themselves up for a massive own goal in time for the general election.

Perhaps the BNP aren't as incompetent as I thought they were.

Joe Public said...

You could even ask the E&HRC if they've fulfilled their employment quota of BNP members.

If they haven't they ain't really 'equal' are they.

jaydeeaitch said...

Mr Penguin: I did say good luck and I agree with you, so no need for the f*cking, not that I care.

Faux Cu: don't understand your comment sir, I hate chardonnay, although from your profile, you probably love it.

Faux Cu said...


Don't drink and admit to watching afternoon TV, over the shoulder.

Have you worked out why you were Tangoed yet?

BNP guido refugee said...

The situation I'm looking forward to......

when a black man becomes a BNP member....and then applys for a job as a teacher.

Martha said...

anonymous 19:48

Actually there is already an Islamic Party, and from their website it seems their main remit is to convince the west that as an ideology and way of life Islam is superior to the failed ideologies of capitalism and communism

jaydeeaitch said...

Faux Cu

lol, but ever heard of Sky +

The Penguin said...

Oi, JDH, did I ever say I was a Penguin with equi-fucking-librium?

No, I'm cross, fucking cross, really really cross, at what these cunts and jobsworths are doing to the country I was born in.

Sadly, I don't have access to the weaponry I'd like.

The Penguin

Nearly Headless Nick said...

He'll ignore you!

Faux Cu said...


Not from here

jaydeeaitch said...

Nearly Headless Nick

I'm on his side ffs.

Penny, give your flippers a rest and listen. The first part of my first post was tongue in cheek, the second part was genuine concern. I'm happy they won't close you down, you know I follow your own blog 'cos you've responded to me there in the past.

I'm angry too, i'm just not as good as putting it forward as you, so please keep the ranting for those who deserve it.

With kind regards


jaydeeaitch said...

Faux Cu

I wrote "heard of it" not do you have access to it.

I have it and can record any program on the sky network for later viewing.

In fact any two programs, Sky + has two tuners.

In my case four programs, I have Sky + in two rooms.

No regards to you.

Oh: and Faux Cu.

jaydeeaitch said...

please use punctuation if you are able. it helps communication.

My comments stand, though.

Anonymous said...

There was a chap named Defender who cropped up here a couple of weeks ago claiming he stood for the BNP in a local election and was half black Jamaican.
Expect many attempts to ban the BNP/lock up its leaders,as they are the only true significant opposition to the liblabcon party.
If the libertarians get a million votes in a national election,expect the same treatment.
Most BNP members I have met have no objections to blacks joining,although I expect there may be many members who object, I just havn't met them yet.

bofl said...

like it or not lefty twats,nearly everyone is racist!

the pakistanis hate the indians- the tutsies hate the hutus,the nigerians hate the biafrans(remember that)?

the jews hate the goes on all over the world,but according to the socialist turds in the uk it is only the white Englishman who is racist! it is also our fault for having an Empire! yet strangely none of us were alive then!

oddly the spanish are not pilloried,or the portuguese,the french,the germans,the belgians(millions killed by Leopold 2) or the italians......yes-it is only us white English who are the nasty fuckers.....

i didnt send any slaves from west africa ( although arabs and other tribes rounded them up) yet here in the uk where we give money out to poor people all over the globe the white English are the devils.....

it is bollocks!

it is time that the people who are already here are looked after....

try going to the u.s or thailand and claiming benefits!!!!

a plague on all the shirtlifting snivelling shitbags we have in these jobs..all on fancy salaries and perks.......and guess who pays for them?

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Off Topic - but just for you OH. All about Pikeys:

banned said...

How white do you have to be to join the BNP or work for them, 100%, 50%, 10% ?
Likewise how black do you have to be to join the Black Police Officers Association ?
The Nazis had some ideas on deciding ones level of Jewishness or Aryaness and look where that got them.

caesars wife said...

In one sense you might half expect to find some group trying to legislate against a choice or in this case a vote . We have got rather used to it since 1997.

However what is interesting is if these group intends to bring charges against the voter , surely QED must be that they voted in a racist manner and must be sent to nearest padded cell facility to be re progammed with Andrew marr repeats or Peter Hains golden speeches.

I look forward to this , the charge of "voting in a manner deemed unsuitable and offensive to scoialist thinking". The BNP did not put the Xs in the boxes , the voters did , so they have to prosecute the voters .

labour create the BNP success with unbridled immigration polices that people resent and reject and then send in the litgators rather than admit so many people think it is wrong what labour have done.

labours lies and vanity have cost this country dear , it is rather late for them to assume we should believe they will put things right nor to empower the lawyers as new branch of Pravda thought crime division .

As far as i can tell Nick Griffin has said he will dispense his duties in the office he has been legally elected to hold , in five years time if the voters are unhappy they can elect someone else . His party is legal (although disliked by some but so is labour) , bit late to be boo hooing that its the wrong sort of democracy .

Ive just read the BNP have a reverend standing in the Norwich North bye election , and if the people vote for him , on his campaign what should it have to do with the legislature trying to corrupt freedom to vote , or a party adressing peoples concerns over immigration .

New improved Vaz removing the freedom out of elections , special low intellectual wash setting making your thoughts as clean as labour !!

defender said...

Some of you know about my "ethnic" mix, just to be clear here is another member who has worked her guts out for the BNP. Do we make a song and dance of it, no we dont.
Hopefully the rightous will make a point of bringing this to court where we can give them a lesson they will not forget and clear this apartide shit once and for all.

Anonymous said...

The BNP lawyers should be able to have this kicked into the long grass. I presume the constitution of any political party permits membership to people who share their broad political views. So if a member of an ethnic minority wished to join the BNP they would have to broadly agree with that organisations views.

I have heard of Jamaicans and Jews who are BNP supporters. Good luck to them.

I cannot see this as anything other than a cheap stunt by trendy lefties who have not thought through the consequences of their actions.

I do not agree with the BNP, but they have a right to be heard. Equally Arthur Scargill has that right, and if someone wants to carve out a separate republic in Bradford they should win a majority and declare UDI. All views are entitled to be heard. Even unacceptable ones.

Public money however, should not be squandered on this case.

Anonymous said...

I cannot see this as anything other than a cheap stunt by trendy lefties who have not thought through the consequences of their actions.

That sums it up in a nutshell. Well said. That is why this country is currently in the shite. It is run by trendy lefties with a 2.2 degree.

T England said...

I'm a white middle aged hetrosexial male, can I form a minority group :o)

Chalcedon said...

the Black Police association is open to white members. Not so sure about the Sikh Police association however.

Anonymous said...

I like my letter better ....

Dear Mr. Wadham:

With regard to the ‘letter before claim’ to the BNP currently exhibited on the EHRC website, might I enquire whether the costs of any potential litigation that might now arise fully considered before launching on this course of action?

As as a concerned taxpayer, I question the wisdom of initiating litigation at this point in time since the BNP continues to claim exemption under Section 26 of the Race Relations Act 1976. It would seem axiomatic that it will contest any action that the EHRC might bring, even up to the highest (ie European) level. The net outcome of that process can only result in a propaganda coup for the BNP and and a financial good hiding for the taxpayer.
The 1976 Act will be superseded in toto by the new Equality Bill currently in committee stage in the Commons, a bill which is expressly designed to close the ‘Section 26 loophole’ cf Clause 96 and Schedule 16 (1). Once the Equality Act is enacted, probably in early 2010, the BNP will have no recourse but to comply with its provisions.

Why, then, has the EHRC opted to embark on a potentially lengthy and costly litigation when the legislation which is supposedly being breached is currently being 're-engineered' and the exemption claimed by the BNP will be completely removed within a few short months.

Yours sincerely

Ken CleanAirSystem

Anonymous said...

The reason the race gestapo are spending millions on the court case against the bnp is simple . In the run up to the election they[bnp] are not allowed to recruit members, nor have they been since after the huge publicity and demand for membership the witch trial they received at the hands of the anti- bbc. In effect they are preventing them from fighting the election. It is , whether you agree with them or not, deeply undemocratic.The bnp represents to the establishment the only real threat to the status quo and as a result they will do anything in their power to destroy them so the postdemcratic age can continue unchallenged.

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