Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Chief Constable humbled.

Who blinked first?

The answer is that Chief Constable Colin Port did.

It is one thing grandstanding to the tabloid readers and assorted bigots, quite another to face up to the wrath of three High Court judges.

Hours before Colin Port was due to appear before the Lord Justice Stanley Burnton, Justice Wilkie and Justice Calvert Smith - a trio to strike fear into the stoutest heart, without contemplating the fate accorded to even junior police officers in Her Majesty's finest squalid shower block, Colin Port arranged to have the bulk of the computer material that he had loudly declared the British public would support him in not returning, delivered to its rightful owner, Jim Bates.

Round one to Jim Bates.

Despite returning the material, Colin Port did not escape 'scot free', because he was not awarded his costs on the basis of his behaviour since the original order was made. This behaviour included comments made to the tabloid press which implied that Mr Bates had the 'child abuse' images in his possession out of an implied personal interest rather than in his professional capacity. Their Lordships criticised Port for these comments:

"all of which were directed to bring Bates into disrepute as a result of suggestions that there was salacious material which he had on computers otherwise than for purely professional purposes".

Lord Justice Stanley Burnton said Mr Bates had held all the material "in a professional capacity".

Round Two to Jim Bates.

He added: "The conduct of the chief constable since the order was made has been of concern to us".

Round Three to the General Public - no one is above the law.

I suspect Jim Bates will be consulting Carter-Ruck very shortly!

More on Colin Port HERE, and HERE, and HERE.


Old Holborn said...

Got a link to what the hell you are talking about?

Anna Raccoon said...

Loads of 'em kiddo!

You don't read the right places.....

I assumed you'd have been following the decline and fall of Mr Port.

JD said...

Off topic I know, but topical

Anonymous browsing.


Man in the Street said...

You are slacking OH.

Anonymous said...

O.H, check out the said person he has some dubious business connections with his wife?.

Mitch said...

Another snout pulled squealing and whimpering from our wallets the thief kitty usher, feel free to congratulate her

OT I know but hey!!

Gigits said...

"OH: Got a link to what the hell you are talking about?"

Well, that made me titter anyway!

pholo said...

Anon 21:21,

Oh Yes.

Avon and Somerset Police are part of an IT project between them, IBM, Somerset County Council and Taunton Deane Borough Council and Colin Port's wife Susan Barnes was brought in as a consultant.

caesars wife said...

phew that was close i thought someone was on about , some bust up in somerset libdems and deliberate smear campign to deselect councillor who complained

Anonymous said...

He'll probably manage to get Plod i.e. with taxpayers' money - to foot the bill. Surely he can't be expected to pay the bill just because it's been caused by his unlawful behaviour? ;)

You or I, in the same position, would now probably be staying in a small single room, courtesy of HMP.

Shibby said...

MP expences now officially released!

jailhouselawyer said...

I went further and said that Port should resign or be sacked.

I suspect that his legal costs will be met by that private company ACPO...

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