Friday, 5 June 2009


Brown has just made Mandelson his deputy.

Interesting times. Old Holborn is almost ready to take to the streets. Our forefathers had to face bullets and gas to protect them and theirs. It would appear I will have to do the same to protect mine.

I will be no slave to a homosexual, Jewish, Russian loving, bauble worshipping, power hungry venomous cock sucking snake.


Custard said...

Ebola infects the wrong people.

Harri said...

Keep your freinds close and your enemies even closer.

ArtCo said...

Peter Hain

I thought the rehabilitation of offenders act meant your crime would be expunged after 5 years not 10 fucking minutes.... the dirty thieving lying hypocritical scum bastards.

ArtCo UK

Tyburn Jig said...

Lord Turdburgler of Cesspool is probably the most odious cunt in this government.

Anonymous said...

Not Mandy's No 1 fan eh, OH

jaydeeaitch said...

errr, no one's in check. Is this surreal or has my mind been blown by what happened this afternoon when I was out.

Your move OH.

K. McEgan said...

Is your objection that he is evil? Or that he is Jewish/Gay/Urbane? If it is the former count me in for your uprising & Im in.

Harri said...

Mc Mental seems to be working on the theory " Once you stop laughing at yourself, all is lost"

Anonymous said...

Hang on. He can't be prime minister after an election can he? So even if he bumps of the gorgon, he's only got a year before he is required to call an election then he will have to ceede downing street to whoever is leader (assuming he rigs the election). Won't he?

Just to note here, I like gays. They have excellent dress sense, help me choose my clothes, are great fun to get pissed with, dance very well, and are usually very nice people. Just so you know, that if Lord Homopoole of Boys stays on as PM past next June, when I put a bullet through the back of his head, its got nothing to do with his sexuality.

Warsteiner said...

WTF has happened today? I cannot believe I actally read the words "Glenys Kinnock" Am I having an "Ashes to Ashes" moment? Who ever voted for that Morlock?

As for that sausage jockey Mandelson, who the hell does he think he is ? we are being run by a bunch of unelected weirdos

Fuck this I'm off out to get pissed.

Goodnight Vienna said...

I've lost count of the number of times you've taken to the streets already OH - it's going to take more than twelve people in a mask.

It's going to take all of us to send a message and voting won't do it (witness the press conference this afternoon).

VotR said...

One step closer to having Mandy as a PM.

The Master Plan. What the fuck is going on?

When a growing number of ministers resign.. when your party is completely melted down to slag in local elections.. when a party MP resigns to force a by-election.. when backbenchers and others circulate a conspirational email letter telling you to fuck off or be fucked and your worst enemy is your only ally.. don't you think you might be in a little trouble and should think of taking some time off.. like for the rest of your life, Herr Brown?

Anonymous said...

Today would have been a great day for another "downfall" video.

JPT said...

Re our forefathers: the Nazis or Mandleson....mmmm????

The Economic Voice said...

Actually Gentle folk sit back for a moment and think about Mandelson......he really is a creepy sod. Sorry if someone said he was going to be the baby sitter I would have to poison my children first before going out.

Fausty said...

Ditto Goodnight Vienna. I'm up for it. But it must be scrupulously organised, with all "i"s dotted, etc. It should not fail on technicalities.

Saul said...

Get off the fence OH. If you have something to say, say it.

Dazed and Confused said...

The utterly incompetent and the downright spiteful..

I'm in.

Cold said...

FFS. This is beyond comedy.

What a total cunt.

Anonymous said...

What have you got against the yids, OH?

Are you still bitter that they battered your daddy at Cable Street?

ousemint said...


There is one bonus to appointed Ministers - it gets a better separation of Government from Parliament than we have at the moment.

Government should always answer to Parliament. With something like 100+ MPs that can be considered as being in the pay of the Government. Ministers, Junior Ministers, Special Envoys, Committee Chairmen etc it never will. They are being bribed and as such forget their duty to their constituents and the nation. A separate Executive and Legislative arrangement means those elected to represent us can fully hold the Government to account. With the muddle we have at the moment they clearly are not capable of this. It's enough of a pantomime in Parliament when Ministers never bother to answer questions. Further, the committees rarely ask the right questions so that avenue produces no holding to account either.

What I find very disagreeable is that Brown is doing it out of neccessity because he has run out of compliant MPs to populate his cabinet. It is a major constitutional shift that is being done for the benefit of one man, and being done without our permission.

Custard said...

O/T, but TDA nails it again

Custard said...

Just heard on BBC News 24 - "Caroline Flint was Brown"

That would explain the startled features. A snot-filled snatch is not an attractive image.

Anonymous said...

Hes a cunt, but so are you mate for that anti-semitic shit

Anguished Soul said...

Now this is interesting....

The Bible says that you are not to persecute the Lord's people, otherwise a curse comes upon you (Genesis 12:3). And yet, Mandelson is a Jew. So is Obama's number two, Rahm Emanuel. And yet do either of them regard the Lord's people?


A friend of mine slags off the Jews on a regular basis, in fact I can only describe his obsessive hatred as a rant. Every time he does this, within the week, he loses his job. I kid you not. The surprise is he is half-Jewish.

Custard said...

It would appear we have a vote for the Yid as Enterprise Tzar.

Interestingly, "Enterprise Tzar" is an anagram of "Lucky cunt who sold shite, bought into a shite football team and got lucky from the BBCz". Possibly.

K. McEgan said...

Fucking hell you arseholes! His mother is a shiksa he in "only" half Jewish.

Mog said...

You fucking cunt. I am a huge fan of this blog and a vehement supporter of almost everything you stand for.

I am also Jewish and cannot tolerate you putting me in the same boat as Mandyfilth. I am a typical rich fat, Bentley driving Jewboy but that doesnt preclude me from hating Mandy filth and Nu Liebour as well as most of the other parties. I am also a Millwall season ticket holder.

Cut the anti Semitic crap it is beneath you - please hate everybody with equal vehemence.

thank Jew


Custard said...

OH, you have TWO Millwall fans to your blog.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

"I will be no slave to a homosexual, Jewish, Russian loving, bauble worshipping, power hungry venomous cock sucking snake."

Or Peter Mandleson, for that matter. :o)

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

Love it when you talk dirty.

Parliament of Pigfuckers said...

Nothing so commonplace as a garden (public toilet?) variety homosexual - the horrible bastard has the manner of a necrophile.

He's a character escaped from Naked Lunch - an appalling alien monster camping it up in human drag.

Cheshire Cat said...

Well, at least with his Russian Maffiya friends we'll get cheap gas - only this time it'll be the Yids sending the natives for an early shower.

And to anyone who wants to call me an anti-semite, all I have to say is I've dealt with a lot of the fuckers in my time, and even the Arabs are preferable to the Jews (though Pakis are another matter).

Oh, and I hate queers, too.

Anonymous said...

I've dealt with yids, Pakis, Iranians, Indians and Arabs aplenty too. Yids generally do what they say they'll do and pay what they say they'll pay when they say they'll pay it - they're hard bargainers but they're basically honest. Iranians are similar.

Arabs aren't too bright and generally think they're a lot smarter than they are (and a lot smarter than you, come to that), but, like the Yids and Iranians, they generally stick to the argeements they make. There are, however, enough exceptions to make a wise man leary of doing business with them. Indians can go either way - from scrupulous honesty and fairness down to the most blatant dishonesty and attempts to chisel.

Pakis are almost the worst. As seller, I've rarely dealt with a Paki who didn't try to screw me over by refusing to pay the agreed price. As client, I've literally never dealt with a Paki who didn't try to chisel me with substandard services and goods and hideously jacked-up prices. As a result, I won't deal with the fuckers.

Worse than any of these by far are Irish Catholics. If you have a brain in your head, never do business in Ireland because you simply won't get paid. Never sell goods there and never buy from there. If you absolutely must do business with a paddy, ensure your contracts are 110% watertight and keep your lawyer on speed-dial because you *will* need to go to court. For preference, insist on payment ahead of time - it makes things significantly easier.

Reimer said...

Mandelson, like Blair & Brown in their quite different ways, seems to have been sent along from Central Casting to play a part in a C4 two part drama about modern British politics that you watch trying to see who each character's real-life basis is. He is a parody of a slimy, smarmy, untrustworthy shite that surely no rent-boy with sense would get into a car with.

K. McEgan said...

How can a contract by definition be more than 100%? Craigavon One Nil!

Parliament of Pigfuckers said...

He doesn't need to lure them into his car, or pick them up in bars. He's not some solitary loser like Jeff Dahmer or Dennis Nilsen (also a Labour party man in his day. He doesn't have to hide his leavings in his crawlspace like John Wayne Gacy, or under the boathouse like Dean Corll. He is one of the EU Nomenklatura, living the Sadean dream far above the law.

Remember the Marc Dutroux case? The shady connections to the Brussels elite?

Anonymous said...

That would be unelected NWO Mandy, of the trilateral commission branch of the Bilderberg group, the international bankers puppet.

Think you live in a free democracy?

Think again.

Anonymous said...

Fuck off, McEgan, you brainless fenian bastard. Get a job and stop stealing dole - and I hope your arsehole doesn't hurt too much after the priest fucked you hard.

Anonymous said...

Ever wondered why degenerates always become the rulers?

They are easier for the NWO to control.

Wonder what secret footage they have on these clowns at bilderberg hotels?

Anonymous said...

Old Holborn - racist cunt.

Reimer said...

"Remember the Marc Dutroux case? The shady connections to the Brussels elite?"

Yep, and the 100-yr secrecy surrounding the Dunblane report. Brings home to me the nature of the order-giving echelon and our complicity in it all that such matters have not fomented major upheavals.

Ah, Belgium, where George R went to work a couple of years later. Ostensibly quiet & unremarkable place. See also the Brabant Massacres.

Anonymous said...

I am saving all my shit-cannons for Doogie Alexander and that cunt Murphy.

Galactic Emperor Mandelson, Supreme Being & Lord Of Creation said...

I can do anything... no matter what I do, they take me back... Whatever I say, it has no effect... don't you see? I'm INVINCIBLE...! MWUAHAHAHAAAAA!

Rob Farrington said...

Hey everyone, didn't you know that OH is Jewish? He said so after being accused of antisemitism over at Grumpy Cunt or Grumpier Old Men, I forget which, now...

I do remember WHY he was accused of it, though. OH, you're a twat, and probably a tad economical with the truth, too (although that means that you understand more about what 'economical' means than the Snotgobbler does, which is a good thing). Bang behind you 90% of the time though, especially you when it comes to hating McBroon and his band of cunts!

Anonymous said...

Re your previous post i guess that quite a few readers, including myself, immediately thought you had photos of the ex-minister`s love tunnel.

We in the Dyslecic Community read it as Flint`s Quim.

Imagine our disappointment when we followed the link, but saw no pink!

I remain confident that fellow readers could furnish contenders in a look -a like competition for photos of Ms Flint`s hairy fanny ...

Gandhi said...

I'm a Jew, and a Muslim, and...

Fuck it, that's the kind of talk that got me shot the first time. War!

Mandelson stinks of strawberries.

Anonymous said...

Lovely chess set & board in your top picture OH. Which is more than can be said for the pair of fuckers in the bottom one. I don't hate Mandy Rattlesnake either because he's a Jew or a bender - merely because he's an obnoxious cunt. Gordo & his Cabinet of None of the Talents - bless! Hopefully, they'll both get some very unpleasant social disease that will involve bits of their face & body rotting away & falling off - is that why Gordo wears so much makeup?

Anonymous said...

So you think we live in a democracy!

A Goverment of the unelected,

1. Mandy (NWO stooge – no mandate)
2. Kinnochio EU stooge – no mandate)
3. Gordoom (party appointed PM – NWO stooge)

What mandate do these people have?

Unelected global banker loan shark stooges in the EU making 80% of our laws.

Still think you live in a democracy, still think the Tories will change a damn thing?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps I'm being very thick here but don't we already have a deputy PM - one who was actually elected to that position i.e. Harridan Harperson?

Anonymous said...

Retiring Euro-MP Glenys Kinnock has joined Gordon Brown's government as Europe minister.

Who needs democracy when you can have a dictatorship?

Surrender of your country and it's laws, replacement of your people.

we went through a slow soviet style revolution and no one noticed!

or rather the press kept it quiet.

Anonymous said...

or rather the press kept it quiet.

06 June 2009 06:43

Played an active role!

The whole goverment is window dresing said...

Flint says her opinion in goverment was never sought.

Think about that for a moment!

This is a dictatorship run by the NWO through the EU, through Gordon and then passed through the mouthpiece minister who has no input at all, no scope to change a single line or do further research.

We have NO goverment at all, your vote is pointless all the while you vote Lib Lab Con, The leaders are controlled, Goverment is bypassed and we wonder why the goverment never does anything the people want!

Because the goverment is the unelected brussels mafia in turn run by international private bankers.

Flint says she was femail window dressing, while she plays the dumb crass sexist card she fails to notice that the whole bloody goverment is window dressing!

Anonymous said...

OH here is a class donation for the Labour party

Anonymous said...

OH, your description of Mandelson makes you into as big a cunt as he is.
I'm behind you when it comes to getting rid of the twats in Parliament, but when you come out with crap like this you're no better than the filth in the BNP.

A Case for Treason said...

A Case for Treason (Conservative Edward Heath)

bedwetters of the world unite! said...

"you're no better than the filth in the BNP.
06 June 2009 08:08"

You can do a lot worse than the BNP!

It may surprise some people that the BNP has polish, hungarian, gay, disabled, jewish, Italian as members, and many members have foreign wives/husbands etc.
The BNP have Jewish councillors, a Jewish treasurer.

Adam Walker BNP teacher has a Japanese wife, Richard Barnbrook (BNP GLA member) his partner Simone Clarke (BNP member)are bringing up Simones mixed race young child.

Democracy=the will of the people, the opposite is dictatorship, banning legal partys.

It was not the BNP that started the illegal wars that are getting our soldiers slaughtered. I WOULD CALL THAT EXTREME!

It was not the BNP that stole the pension funds of millions of our elderly.

It was not the BNP that sold of our Utility Companies to overseas buyers who now exploit us. I WOULD CALL THAT EXTREME

It was not the BNP that betrayed the True British People by swamping Our Country with mass unfettered immigration. I WOULD CALL THAT EXTREME

It was not the BNP that sold our gold for peanuts to Europe.

It was not the BNP that gave away our fishing fleets, industry, farming.

It was not the BNP that allowed the banker to rip us off for billions.

It was not the BNP that destroyed our education, NHS, Law AND Order etc

It was not the BNP that destroyed our manufacturing base.

It was not, not, not the BNP that created the mess we are now in !


Shug Niggurath said...

Sign up to the call a general election petition:

Call to resign one:

(I never started either, but there really are a paltry number of sigs on these. They should be in the MSM as far as I'm concerned)

Anonymous said...

Shug Niggurath said...
Sign up to the call a general election petition:

Call to resign one:

(I never started either, but there really are a paltry number of sigs on these. They should be in the MSM as far as I'm concerned)

06 June 2009 08:51

You will get your General election when the EU/NWO decide you will get it - got that?

As it stands NWO says Gordo must stay until after the Irish have voted for the fith time on the constitution when 15 million postal votes arrive, no need then for any more elections - got it?

Anonymous said...


This is part of Daves plan and Dave has his orders not to rock the EU boat, so Dave throws game until EU say democracy is dead long live the EUSSR and they fire up the furnaces for the patriots.

Anonymous said...

"Bedwetters Of the World Unite"

I have looked at the website, fool, and I have e-mailed the BNP. But they don't impress me. One, because they describe themselves as a 'Judeo Christian' organisation and two, because they think homosexuality is a sin.
So on both counts they can fuck off.
Which is a shame because I think they are the only party serious about taking on the Muslim twats.

Balding Nobhead Party said...


In other words go to your site and ignore you. Great pitch

zzzzzzzzzz said...

Balding Nobhead Party said...
nothing of interest!
06 June 2009 09:41


Man in the Street said...

Fucking cunts the lot of them.

Fuck off.

woman on a raft said...

@Anon 5:14

Harperson is the deputy leader of the Labour Party - it's a party post, not a constitutional political one. Unlike the American concept of a vice-president, just in case the real one gets shot, we don't have such a thing. Or rather, we didn't until a courtesy title was created for Prescott and he bounced around saying "I'm in charge if anything happens". Was he heck. If anything happens to the PM, the Queen, as usual, can go down to the Fun House and ask if there is one amongst them capable for forming a government (or doing up their shoelaces without knotting their own feet together at an absolute minimum).

In that sense we don't need a deputy PM - Brenda's got 645 remaining fuckers to choose from, should such a thing become necessary, of which only a handful would command enough votes in the House to form a government.

The party system is only a vampire on this basic model. The queen asks one of the 646 delegates from the population to form a government. By convention she had better ask the one who steps forward, having shown that he or she can command enough votes to get their legislative programme through, otherwise the whole thing is a waste of time. (No change there.)

This new dressing-up game for Mandy is a fantasy title but interesting since he seems to wish to wield real power through it in the manner of whores since time immemorial. It looks like Brown sees himself as a Hadrian, complete with boyfriend and official wife.

Antinous, Hadrian's boyfriend, died in suspicious circumstances in bizarre swimming accident. Hadrian never got over it and became so distraught that people have wondered ever since if he wasn't involved in some way, possibly by having been a complete idiot for suggesting a skinny-dip in a croc-infested swamp in the first place.

The only thing OH really has to worry about is whether they go for big butch types - he has published a number of photos of himself looking enigmatic and surrounded by young men in uniforms. Soon there will be enough for a calendar.

Kishmein Tochas said...

OH - just face up to and live with the fucking truth - yup we rule the world..control the meedja, Hollywood, NuLab, Tories, deliberately screwed up the banking system & flew the planes into WTC after warning our co-religionists to get the hell out, started the Iraq war so we can control the oil prices through yid-owned gas stations, poison the yoks through contaminated food sold at Tesco.... can't think of any more at the moment because I've got to get some christian child blood for my post-shul lunch.

the Beast of Clerkenwell said...

Ai Yah B**
There are plenty of Pooves and
Yids that hate this shower of shit just as much as we do.
But its your blog so say what you like.
If Fondlebum were a rampant heterosexual christian father of 12
He would still be a cunt, hes a cunt, the cunts cunt, pure evil.
His knob sucking and jewishness have fuck all to do with him being a cunt.

The Beast said...

Another thing
As you know my office is opposite Hatton Garden,
When I walk down the street, when I see a Jew walking towards me i dont think "mugger"

Anonymous said...

As Jaydeeaitch states, no-one is in check here.

The possibilities are interesting however… whose move? If it’s white to move, then I’d go for KxQ (KxK, QxP +?), if it’s black to move, I’d take QxQ… but, where’s white’s Queen? We should be told.

Kill them all said...

"His knob sucking and jewishness have fuck all to do with him being a cunt."

They do however have a lot to do with the particular type of cunt he is, and how his cuntishness expresses itself. Like the way Gordoom is an inbred small-town Presbyterian Scotch cunt.

Different flavours of shit.

hangemall said...

In conventional chess the white corner squares are on the players' right. In the picture Black's King and Queen are on the side of the board. I have spotted the deliberate mistake and claim my five pounds.

Unless you are suggesting that that Brown and Manglebum of Boy are playing a form of Fairy Chess (a legitimate term for where you play with altered rules.)

Anon 0455, yes, not so much a cabinet of ministers, as a box of tools/spanners/as you please.

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