Thursday, 4 June 2009

Bumper Harvest for Plod.

It had to happen. Of COURSE it was going to happen. We've all read science fiction books where the logical conclusion is that it MUST and WILL happen.

And so it came to pass...

The Police have admitted harvesting the DNA of innocent children for their database to protect against "future" crime. Children are being arrested JUST for the purposes of DNA harvesting. To place on the largest database of its kind in the world.

Yup. We've arrived. Even our children are now guilty in the eyes of the all powerful State until they can prove themselves innocent.

I have really, really had enough of this fucking shit now. A line has been crossed by our servants. They need to be reminded that we are their masters. If they want to change the rules, so can we.

I want a long hot summer of civil unrest.


K. McEgan said...

Want in one hand shit in the other.See which gets filled quicker. The English will only rise if Kazakhstan knock 'em aht va world cup, innit?

Harri said...

" Nothing to hide , nothing to fear "

Oh really ! no longer your decision to make i am afraid, the Police will be the judge of that one?

The green and pleasant land formely known as Great Britain has now been reduced to nothing more than a proving ground for what is yet to come!

If it works in England, it will work anywhere.

Fuck common purpose and all the droids who sail in her, your day of reckoning will come.

Total bastards.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Why is it not being shouted about on the news sites? Not a fucking cheep on the pravda site, surprisingly enough. Bastards.

Anonymous said...

that is truly fucking outrageous

Tory Bear said...


Anonymous said...

I've recently seen some labour MPs who when being interviewed seem surprised and a little shocked that they and their government are viewed with such hatred. As it ocurred to them that to be told by a government who's wages we are paying, that this week we will start spying on you a little more than we were last week isn't really what we had in mind when we elected them. Are we supposed to be satisfied with this product of their labours? Amazingly they seem to think so.

Harri been there, watched the video and worn the t shirt said...

For what it is worth, i have worked and lived in an ex Soviet bloc country for years, so my advice is just carry wads of dough around with you ! that will get you out of most situations?

You are really , really up shit creek.

Vote Labour


Nu- Reich



K. McEgan said...

I omitted to add that once 25% of the population is on the database the whores can stop. Exponentially everyone will have a family member somewhere on it. Remember that 1 million on it thus far are innocent & UK (a wholly owned subsidiary of Pentagon PLC) has abrogated ECHR on Marper vs Sth Yorks plodscum. Still, Big Bruvva is on Channel 4 yeah? maybe some fit bird will get 'er tits aht? Slag!

john in cheshire said...

I have forwarded a link to my MP, George Osborne, asking him to let me know what the Conservatives will do about this when they are in power. I have also said that no reply will be taken to mean that he agrees with this and the Conservatives will do nothing to stop it.
I suggest that everyone who has seen this article do the same. By their reply perhaps you will know their intentions.

VotR said...

People cannot live in fear, that is no life at all.

But they have everything to hide.

It is the right of privacy.

Getting their hands on kids and targetting them makes police the new Pedo, and they've got all the naughty boys and girls addresses. ;-)

It will rely on parents to get pissed with what is going on and cause chaos once or if they unite to get the political pitchforks out and whine enough until the powers that be can be arsed to make a switch in privacy laws. So then police will not be allowed to do their thing to the kiddies DNA, in theory, and must flush the evidence down the toilet before they get their wrists smacked for being naughty kiddy snatchers.

Failing that, actual pitch forks and flaming torches. And a lot of piano wire for 60,000,000 people to carry.

Harri said...

John in Cheshire.

Too little too late mate to start whinging and whining now!

You voted for it, ( i assume )

Well, you fucking got it ?

And working on the basis that " assumption" is the mother of all fuck ups , i apologise forthwith, if not... How fucking proud you must be now?

This may not make you feel any better , but you aint seen nothing yet? this is just totalitarianism in its infancy.

The likes of Hitler , Stalin and Pol Pot would be turning in there collective graves with absolute jelousy at what Nu- Labour and the common purpose 5th columnists have achieved.

How the fuck were you fooled for even by one second, by all the bollocks propaganda spouted by the Marxist lefty misguided halfwits... How?

Anonymous said...

First, they came for the chavs, and I did speak out. I said, at last!
Somebody is sorting out those fucking pikey kids.
Hooray for PC Plod, I said.
Surely this DNA thing will have them all banged up, good and proper?

And then the chavs robbed my house, and the CPS did not speak out.
The prisons were full, and anyway, they were young smackheads.
Victims of society, they said.
Poor kids. Entitled to a house and benefits, victim support and methadone.

And then I spoke out against them. This is not fair! And they came for me.
The prisons were full, but there was still room for me.
Enemy of society, they said.
A criminal who must learn. Only the State decides what is "fair".

microdave said...

Much as I detest the EU, they could, at least, do us a favour and jump on the shambolic remains of our government forcing them to remove the details of any "innocents". Didn't I read the other day that JackBoots was refusing to go along with the EU's ruling on this?

Phil McVile said...

This happened to my niece (14yrs). She got "nicked" for having some booze. My sister had to go to the Police Station and objected to them taking DNA. She was told that 4 Plods would do it by force to her daughter then they would arrest her for obstruction and she'd get the same treatment. She told me it was very scary. The next week the daughter got caught again and when she told the Cops she had already had her DNA taken they checked then let her go.

These cunts are completely out of control and there is no will from any of the parties to get them back on the leash.

denverthen said...

Bastards. Fucking, pisshole, pig-ignorant fascist bastards.


Harri said...

Вы могли бы weel быть левшой fuckwit nbut, я все еще хочу видеть ваши бумаги, которые Вы ставите заслон дураку


You might well be a lefty halfwit but i still want to see your papers you dam fool .

AnonyBNP said...

Just got back from the polling station.

I voted BNP. It actually felt good, fucking liberating even.

You should try it.

WV: latersio - its never too late to go out and vote BNP !

Jess The Dog said...

Slowly the wheels are turning against 'them'.

The principle has been established in the European courts that retaining DNA 'just in case' is a breach of human rights. With a few more similar test cases, the database will be comprehensively undermined - hopefully the Tories will come up with some sane policies once they're in.

The whole system is a joke anyway. There are technical problems with accurate DNA comparison, the integrity of the database cannpot be guaranteed, suspects still slip through the net if their DNA isn't on the database, convicted criminals are released to reoffend again (the student murderers, and the London taxi rapist has a joke 7 year sentence).

Above all, it isn't much comfort for someone who has been raped, attacked (or the relatives of someone murdered) if their assailant has been caught after the event. What happened to the preventative policing approach of the 19th century?

denverthen said...

If you are talking to me, then who the fuck do you think you're talking to, 'Harri'? Fuck you, twat. If not, then just shut the fuck up anyway. Speak English.

Now why was I here...oh yeah: OH, I notice your Guido bloglist link is broken. Mine was too. I fixed it by putting the order-order URL in the gadget instead of following it through blogger.

Just thought you might like to know.

Harri said...


Whatever you are drinking mate ! make mine a large one , it was JohninChesire i was responding too.

We all make mistakes mate, no hard feelings... unless you are a lefty ? which i seriously doubt.

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with Lefties - as long as they're dead that is!

Extremely alarming how out of control the police are - I blame that useless cunt Ex-Second Home Secretary & Minister for Porn Jacky Spliff.

I agree, we should all write to our MPs re the DNA harvesting.

john in cheshire said...

Harri, I'm not sure why you think I voted for it. If you think I'm a labour voter, you couldn't be further from the actuality.

denverthen said...

Harri: sincere apologies for the cross-posting confusion. And excuse the mouth-frothing abuse and excessive swearing - it's catching here (but rather liberating, oddly).

2004 Rioja, btw. Nice ;)

Nearly Headless Nick said...

Very socialist.

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