Sunday, 7 June 2009

Brown Has Lost Control, The Police Are Out Of Control

Whilst we are all enjoying the discomfort of of a failing Labour Government, little Gems like this are still coming out. Hands up who thinks Destiny Dave is going to stop any of this ?

He is not, he will be in thrall to the 'security services' as much as 'Jackboot Jacqui' was. David Davies at the Convention on Modern Liberty, did not seem convinced that his Party was particularly interested in turning back the Clock, where the State is answerable to the Citizen.

We now have a new Home Secretary, in the form of the next Leader of the Labour Party, Alan Johnson.

He has a chance to start to curb the excesses of the Police. Sir Ian Blair I understand has been cleared by his mates, of giving work to one of his mates that could have been done for a third of the cost.

If he is just going to accept the neo-Stalinist regime of Brown/Smith, it will be only a matter of a few weeks before he gets a soubriquet like Jackboot Jacqui.

The LPUK is running a campaign of Repeal before Reform, all repressive legislation has to be struck from the statute book before a new Constitutional settlement is agreed. A new Constitution that has to be put to the People of this Country.


Michael Fowke said...

Wouldn't it be better to be blown up by a terrorist bomb, than to live in a society where you are monitored all the time?

K. McEgan said...

Wouldn't it be better to be neither blown up nor monitored? D Day celebrations, 10 points if anyone can recall what was being fought for?

Mitch said...

"10 points if anyone can recall what was being fought for?"

looks like in the long run we lost,all those dead soldiers so brown can surrender without a shot.

What a waste of life.

Man in the Street said...

They can all just fuck off.

VotR said...

All this and the Nazi propaganda of a Sunday afternoon Labour love-in at West Ham. The UK Stasi are watching your every move.

The raised arm salute will be introduced soon, it's on the cards. As well as Stasi cars carrying the Vote Labour slogan.

"Britain Deserves Better", Too bloody right. So don't vote Labour.
I hope they get melted into cinders tonight.

john in cheshire said...

I fully support the commitment to repeal all the legislation that has been implemented over the past 12 years. It is a policy that should be shouted from the roof-tops. If you put up a candidate here in Cheshire, you'll probably get my vote. Until people like the Libertarian pary start to get the attention of the Conservatives, they will just ignore the erosion of democracy and nothing will change. The labour party have always been a lost cause and I can remember the despair I felt in May 1997 when they were elected. I never dreamt they would do what they've done to this country but I knew they would tax everyone to death and spend it on worthless projects.

Chalcedon said...

Amen to all that!

Anonymous said...

"The study was prepared after a trip to the Beijing Olympics by Tarique Ghaffur, a former assistant commissioner."

Shouldn't that read " ...Disgraced former assistant commissioner Tarique Ghaffur " ?

The Penguin said...

Alan Johnson, aka Postman Twat to take on the ACPO Ltd machine?

I doubt it.

The Penguin

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