Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Bristol MEP supports North Korea

Whilst fishing around the intermong this morning, I stumbled upon Glyn Ford (Lab) MEP for the South West. I won't go into details but this did interest me:-

South West MEP Glyn Ford was delighted to host a delegation from the North Korean Workers' Party on a visit to the UK. The visit was set up by the Foreign Office with a view to building relationships not just with the UK, but also with the wider European community.
The delegation were met by many prominent politicians across the political paradigm and were given an overview of various issues affecting the South West. North Korea has had a difficult history, and there are still some fundamental challenges that it faces in the future as it seeks to improve its relations internationally as well as the opportunities and social wellbeing of the citizens of its country.
Glyn Ford said:
"This visit is an important step for them as a country and I hope that this will be the start of what issure to be a long process of relationship building and changing regime."

It seems the only thing you have against the BNP is based on competition Glyn.

I also note that his "Political Officer", Mark Johnson, (paid for by my taxes) used a Billy Bragg concert to help Unite Against Fascism protest against the BNP

Dear Mark,

I notice that you are a paid Political Officer of the European Labour Party (via Glyn Ford). Could you please explain to me why you demonstrated with Bristol UAF against the BNP and could you please assure me that this was be a non violent event? I would hate to think that any taxpayers money should be used to finance legitimate opposition to the Labour Party in the UK

Hugs and Kisses

Old Holborn


Shibby said...

Dirty, isn't it.

Dazed and Confused said...

I'm beginning to wonder whether the publicly funded U.A.F, are to be used as governmental storm troopers in these coming months, as some of the antics taking place lately Make little sense in a genuine democracy,

Anonymous said...


I'm not trying to be a smart-arse(again) but shouldn't that sentence actually read :

"I would hate to think that any taxpayers money should be used to finance attacks on legitimate opposition to the Labour Party in the UK" ?

Or am I reading it wrong ?

Either way, I'm sure Kommissar Mark Johnson would *love* to hear from you again ;-)

WV: volsestr - sounds like the name of a river in Siberia perhaps ?

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ, toadying up to the North Koreans. Glyn Ford is human shit.

Dave H said...

" it seeks to improve its relations internationally."

WTF? By threatening us with nukes?

JerryD said...

Hi OH - have you seen Assembly, the post WWII civil war film from China? We follow the plucky communists against the evil nationalists?

No, well, it begins with the death of the plucky commies "Political Officer" and the head shaking, hand ringing - oh and cold bloodied murder - due to his death is shocking to see. Yet we are somehow expected to sympathise with what follows his death - or rather in China you are!

Political Officers are used to herd the cannon fodder peasants to fight for the commie masters...cunts one and all.

Man in the Street said...

Fucking wankers.

Parliament of Pigfuckers said...

Revolting, but sadly unsurprising.

So let's recap on what we have learned about the far-left Kim Jong Il fan's moral compass. The following are apparently not intrinsically bad when dressed up in the right ideological clothing:

- Autocracy (and hereditary autocracy even!)
- One party rule
- Starving millions of people to death
- Slave labour 'extermination through work' camps
- Total state control and intrusion into every aspect of people's lives
- Walling in the whole population at gunpoint and not allowing them to leave the country
- Biological warfare experiments Japanese-style on human subjects and human vivisection
- Blackmailing the world with nuclear weapons

They also seem untroubled by anti-semitism nowadays as long as it is not articulated by white neo-Nazis.

Whereas the following are absolutely and totally wicked:

- Any kind of whites-only organisation (any other ethnic group - fine, and encouraged)
- Any expression of less than obsequious respect by a white person towards a member of any other ethnic group
- Any suggestion that mass immigration is anything other than an unalloyed blessing, or that there should be any meaningful immigration controls
- Any suggestion that Islam is not inherently peaceful and tolerant
- Mrs Thatcher

What a curious set of moral priorities. How can they sleep at night, let alone dare to set themselves up in moral judgement over the rest of us?

This unmitigated cunt and his fellow apologists for Mr. Kim the communist hereditary monarch deserve to be eaten alive by starving North Korean peasants. I cannot imagine what escapees from NK think and feel when they discover that there are people outside that hellhole who excuse, justify or deny their unimaginable suffering.

Man in the Street said...

Labour are scraping the barrel. "Fuck GB, let's just divert attention from the crap that is the UK to a no hope state" What the difference is I don't know.

If you spend any of my money in such a cavalier Sir Alan spunk-a-thon fashion I will have to break your legs.


anonymous too said...

Can one be "across" a paradigm? Spectrum, fair enough - prisms, separation, linearity etc - but a paradigm?

And bloody North Korea, of all the grim, despotic, murderous shitholes on this mad charnel house planet - the mind boggles, and then, shortly afterwards, becomes depressed.

These hard-left nutters seem to differ most, perhaps only, in which infamous murderers they choose to apologise for.

To be fair, though, there are plenty of UK businesses doing quite nicely, thank you very much, in places like, and including, Zimbabwe, Burma, Equatorial Guinea etc etc etc etc.

Parliament of Pigfuckers said...

Oh, right - what you said is way better than this - lead on!

Funambulist said...

Lovely picture of the Ton Ton Macoute enjoying a day out!

Tory Poppins said...

Doesn't surprise me one bit. the country's operating like North Korea under NuLiebour!

Anonymous said...

Weimer republic round two, now which assasination will start this Centuaries great war!

Man in the Street said...

Anony 18:34 "... now which assasination will start this Centuaries great war!"

I will settle for the current parliament against the wall and thereafter let bygones be bygones for a few decades.

Katabasis said...

North Korea got substantial Western assistance with its nuclear programme via the A.Q.Khan network.

The Iraqis refused to deal with Khan et al, out of fear that it could be a sting operation.

Make of that what you will.

RobW said...

That's bloody bizarre. But then I suppose socialists do love to stick together.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same shithead Glyn Ford who used to be the trougher MEP for the North west? I had the misfortune to meet this twat many years ago doesn't seem to have improved with time. He is as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike.

Anonymous said...

you guys are embarrassingly stupid.

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