Saturday, 6 June 2009

Be Afraid

Mandelson now has more power than anyone could ever imagine.
Get ready for a long hot summer. When Guido says it, he means it.


Oldrightie said...

So, in order to prevent this unelected ponce, attack the one Party that could stop him? Get real.

Parliament of Pigfuckers said...

The death blow?

wv: shemoses (how Mandlebum sees itself)

Old Holborn said...

Brown cannot stop him.

Interesting times.

If we are lucky, we will get an election in the autumn. If Mandelson has his way, we will never get another election. Jewish poofs who overnight on Russian Billionaire Jews yachts, sell our industry to Russian Billionaire Jews and run European business via the unelected EU Commission do not have my interests at heart. You can bet on it.


I really, really hope I am wrong but things are about to get dangerous.

Leg-iron said...

Brown won't stop him because he'll keep Brown in No. 10. The Labour party can't stop him. He'll look like their saviour.

Seven members of the cabinet don't answer to the electorate. Others, like 'sweaty' Balls, don't care about the electorate.

Mandelson is in the Lords. Even if the Cameroids take over, he's still there. Dai can't stop him but he could slow him down if he wanted to.

Next week could be very interesting.

OH - I beat you to this one. That's one-all ;)

K. McEgan said...

Quoting the Daily Mail? Hmm. As for the remarks on Mandelson more than a hint of World Jewish Conspiracy. Are the Negroes implicated? I think we should be told. Finally no billionaire has your interest at heart, not Russian, not Yank, English, Chinese, Jew, gentile or aethist.

Parliament of Pigfuckers said...

McEgan you unmitigated bell-end, this is Bliar using the Mail as his mouthpiece of choice. If he didn't ok this with him they'd be sued to buggery, the vile Bliars are both bastard lawyers of the most slippery kind. Read the frigging article, rather than just the URL next time.

K. McEgan said...

P of P, The most intelligent comment in the Daily Hate is from Fred Bassett. Cherie had some sort of human rights track record whereas Tone just illegally invaded warm bits of Asia. I remain, Your obediant servant, Khaled ibn Yusuf McEgan de Bellend.

VotR said...

Blair's remarks made me laugh.

Unfortunately, we are seeing Mandy's master plan in motion, not so funny.

Except to him. Bet he's having a right old knees up and a chortle or twenty to himself and at us. And Blair and Brown.

"King of the world, ma!"
Oh look.. an iceberg. Mandy's already got his seat in the liferaft booked at the Lords...

K. McEgan said...

Wasn't it Top of the world Ma. Cody Jarrett in White Heat. We all know what happened to him.

VotR said...

Nah, Titanic reference.

The ma bit was an improvisation though. No harm done. Except to Labour's unsinkable liner.

Dick the Prick said...

The Labour party can stop him - Monday night. Meeting of the PLP - got a fiver on the cunt going by Wednesday morning.

caesars wife said...

I think Guido may be right .

Its a question of style , does he chosse the right formuale of words or does he drink further from the chalice of hemlock .

"after consultation with my collegues and peers at tonights meeting of the parlimenatary Labour meeting , i have decided to stand down as labour party leader and call for a leadership election , recognising the recent election results , it is clear that i should also make way for a general election to be held as soon as possible after consulation with other party leaders , as you know i have had a long and distinguised political career but feel that it is time to let the party decide who it wants to lead it and in what direction, thankyou"


"it was nae me , it all started in America , you would have loved me if it wasnt for tony blair getting in the way , ime not standing down , elections are meaningless and you can all get stuffed "

Anonymous said...

OH, do please tone down the anti semitism. Your readers will think less of you for banging on about Jews. Muslims are a different issue of course, but they are in a global conspiracy against us.

As to the shirtlifters - as a Libertarian surely you subscribe to the idea of there being no role for the state in the bedroom or the boardroom? Consenting adults. Its their own private matter.

But lighten up on the Jews please.

stef said...

"Your readers will think less of you for banging on about Jews. Muslims are a different issue of course, but they are in a global conspiracy against us..."

You are Melanie Phillips and I claim my £5

bofl-too lazy to sign in! said...


all these jumped up students are pathetic.they have no real life kick in the nuts and they willl all run off to the ladies or brazil with their boyfriends....Brown too.......

and now Blair calls Gordie a liar.!!!!!

what a bunch of pathetic hypocritical turds they all are.....

statesmen?honourable members?

liars-cheats-stooges and spies!

Anonymous said...

OH check this out, I think it may interest you.

Excerpts of an interview on EMTV with John Harris, freeman of England within common law.

Man in the Street said...

Haven't they all fucked off yet?

The Penguin said...

It will be fun watching as Blinky pours poison into Jonah's right ear, and Voldemort pours poison into Jonah's left ear, and the both jostle for position to play the McBroon "trombone".

How much poison and depraved pleasure can Jonah cope with?

The Penguin.

AnonyBNP said...

Some of you said that you smelt a rat when the Euro election results were 'held back' in this country.

You may be right and this may be why :

Ballot Box Seals Broken

WV: inepest - strangely appropriate for the Brown regime, no ?

The Economic Voice said...

A few days ago we were running out of we are running out of democracy. Both Brown and Mandelson are unelected. We are in a closet dictatorship.

Mitch said...

Perhaps gordoom will do a farewell world tour like blair?

Anonymous said...

Anyon showing up at West Ham to 'cheer him on'? See Guido's blog for your invitation

Constantly Furious said...

Get your mask on, OH.

Time to Shout Down Brown.

West Ham Town Hall, 4 o'clock today.

Nick M said...

Isn't it enough that Mandelson is a meddlesome ratbag? Why do you need (not for the first time) to embark on a dismal anti-semitic and homophobic rant which would have suited Goebbels in his salad days?

Are you merely attempting to play to the increasing crowd of BNP loons who congregate here?

I am dissapointed.

the protocols of the learned elders of islam said...


stick with slagging off the muslims. they're the ones in a global conspiracy against us

Anonymous said...

There are now 7 unelected members of the cabinet - Mandelson, Adonis, Malloch-Brown, Drayson, Scotland, Royall, Kinnock. This is very quickly becoming the executive of a Dictator.

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