Monday, 8 June 2009

As Of This Morning Gordon Brown Is The 'Black Knight'

15% of the vote, the first majority for the Conservatives in Wales since 1918, two BNP MEP's and coming sixth behind Mebyon Kernow in Cornwall.

1. Conservative Party - 46,589
2. UKIP - 39,954
3. Liberal Democrats - 29,436
4. Green Party - 13,361
5. Mebyon Kernow - 11,534
6. Labour Party - 8,483
7. BNP - 5,118
8. Pensioners Party - 3,944
9. Christian Party - 2,168
10. English Democrats - 1,781
11. Katie Hopkins (Ind) - 1,117
12. Socialist Labour - 1,058
13. NO2EU - 890
14. Fair Pay, Fair Trade - 660
15. Libertas - 608
16. Jury Team - 519
17. WA ID - 107

It was Brown wot did it!

The Telegraph is slating the Labour Party for failing to organise the most basic of political assassinations. Even if Brown was removed today, is it entirely plausible that the British people will accept another Prime Minister appointed by the discredited Labour Party rather than one elected ?

Our Constitution is such a cobbled together affair that that is what we are going to get, because the Prime Minister is selected by the MP's of the largest party in the House of Commons.Plus there is no way the Labour Party will have the nerve to go to the country after last night.

So what are we going to get instead. An inquiry into the Iraq War, whilst welcome as it will expose the mendacity of Blair and the Labour Party, but it is designed for the most base of political reasons to 'punish' the Blairites in a civil war in the Labour Party. The Party of the People also now has seven unelected Lords at Cabinet.

You the British People do not count, the 646 will continue to posture for at least another ten months.

Nothing short of Repeal before Reform will do, sweep away all of the draconian Laws enacted since 1997, then a new Constitutional Settlement.

Westminster as presently constituted is well past its sell by date, and cannot even pretend to call itself a 'representative' Parliament.


Stop Common Purpose said...

15% of a 35% turnout = about 5% of the total electorate.

How dare these cunts stay in government. Who do they think they are?

Anonymous said...

Will there be any 'just men' (and women) at tonight's PLP meeting who will state their case & dump Gordon? Will pigs fly? Not while they're busy at the trough. Oink! Oink!

Dick the Prick said...

The longer it lasts the better - I don't mean that to state that the Tories will do better - although, no doubt they will but because people are starting to go into capital territory or desensitization - the Wizard of Oz hasn't only been discovered but he's been found being sucked off by a few exotic whores with some Champers in one hand and a fuck off huge bifter in the other.

Let the frustration grow - let the people scare the cunts. (Although - in all practical aspects I certainly do find myself agreeing with you more Guthrum - bloody good day to fuck Labour.)

Have a good day peeps - hopefully about 7pm this evening and McSnot de Felch should be toast.

thespecialone said...

If there is an inquiry into the Iraq War, I reckon it will put everyone in the clear. Mandelson, Campbell and Brown himself will see to that.

Dr David Kelly anyone?

Dungeekin said...

By my calculations, NuLieBore are now somewhat less popular with the Electorate than Venereal Disease.


Anonymous said...

Dungeekin - Could that be because normally, if you do have a venereal disease, you've at least had some fun catching it whereas with Labour we've all just been raped?

The Economic Voice said...

I hope Brown doesn't stand down...... I don't to see them regroup under a new leader. I want them in the dustbin of history where they belong. Lets hope Brown calls an election and does a scorched earth policy on his own party.

You can imagine him pacing around in Downing street
"Turrrn on mi wood theee?"....."Reet I wull get thum barck und finush thur job gud und propur"
As he pours poison into the cabinet room whiskey and covers the cigars with his pubes.

K. McEgan said...

UKIP did well.The Barclay Bros own the Torygraph.The Torygraph supports UKIP.Discern a line here ladies & gentlemaen (& Miah)?

electro-kevin said...

Cameron could force a General Election by getting all of his MPs to resign and force by-elections.

He won't, because getting a landslide in a year is more important than saving the country in the meantime.

I've often been seen on Guido stating that the Tories would be mad to want to take over any time soon. It seems that they realise this too.

But what of Britain ???

Newgates Knocker said...

I wouldn't put it past Brown to press the Nuclear button on Britain. His petulant,sulky, psychotic demeanor of.."If I can't be Prime minister then no one else will"

He is after all completely insane.

Mad men do mad things!!!

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