Friday, 26 June 2009

And Tomorrow Is Armed Services Day

I posted here recently of my attempts to get a flagpole erected in our town square, adjacent to our war memorial so that the British Legion could have a ceremony with a Union flag, and that other times of the year we could fly the cross of St George, the Town Coat of Arms, the Wessex Flag, the coat of Arms of our twin towns etc.

This morning I have resigned from the Civic group I co founded because I received an email from the Chairman, on the eve of Armed Services day. This is the salient line.

The St Georges flag had connotations of association with far-right politics and that they felt very uncomfortable about this-

They were uncomfortable on having a flagpole at all, they were equally uncomfortable with the £2000 cost would detract from the fundraising for the Christmas Lights for shoppers.

The British Legion are outraged that 'Tesco-think' is far more important than remembering the dead in current conflicts, and honouring the dead of two world wars.

To be told that my country's flag since 1545 has far-right connotations is an utter outrage, and anybody who has read my little duels with BNP supporters will know that I am not by any stretch of the imagination far-right, though I am not ashamed either of my English heritage. The easiest way that anything can be derided by these jokers as Dolly Draper tried is just to shout racist.

I have told the British Legion that I will carry on fundraising, £2000 is needed to get this pole up by November 11th.

If you want to help out with a donation please contact Guthrum through the Old Holborn email address. I am meeting the Legion next week, and I can then give details of which town, which Legion and where the money can be paid.


woman on a raft said...

Sorry Guthrum - can you clarify - is this an opinion which Tesco have given, or is it a figure of speech and nothing to do with them?

Guthrum said...

Tesco Think is my term

It means that absolutely nothing else matters in the world as long as I can go shopping in Tescos, and not think they are ripping off the farmers or the public, it is where the zenith of pleasure is watching the soaps, and that Jacko's death is a tragedy.

Its a state of unthinking mind, and nothing to do with Tescos

tersemin said...

"The St Georges flag had connotations of association with far-right politics and that they felt very uncomfortable about this-"

Could you at least put them straight on the BNP being socialists. I would have thought the Union flag carried more connotations than St George. The BNP are the BRITISH National Party afterall.

Their logic is flawed:
The BNP wear shoes. Ban shoes!
The BNP breathe. Ban breathing!
Nick Griffin has one eye. Ban false eyes!

The only way those connotations can be diminished and destroyed is by free deployment of the flags for benign reasons. Your civic group are assisting the BNP with their behaviour.

Did the civic group have such qualms at the Queen's diamond jubilee? Or fear a tide of racism when Englad do well in football world cups? Cretins.

Shibby said...

That disgusts me.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to pick you up on a technicality, but the BNP is not a party of the far right, but rather of the far left. Apart from that I'm in complete agreement.

Auld Teuchter.

Fausty said...

Their contention that the Cross of St George has far right connotations is a red herring put about by the eurofanatics. They sought to associate the two because socialist Europe wants to do away with both. They start demonising the one and once that has traction, associate the one with the other, so reducing their legitimacy in the eyes of the the unthinking public. They reason that if they can control the minds of the crowd, the mindless crowd will control the 'dissidents' because there are more of the former than of the latter.

We have got to stop caring about what the mindless 'think' because if we show sufficient leadership and conviction and if we can set out the facts for them, they will follow us.

Speaking of the EU, it will come as no surprise to frequenters of these parts that the big brother databases have officially been claimed by the EU to be of their spawn. Cunts.

Wyrdtimes said...

Time and time again the British establishment uses the same accusations far right association as a reason for not flying the Cross of St George.

But this is not about the far right, it's about the establishments fear that the people of England will wake up and remember that they are English first and British second (if at all).

Which in turn would mean the end of one of the longest cons in English history; the "United Kingdom".

microdave said...

There was a letter in the paper recently from the parents of a university graduate who, despite having excellent school grades and a degree, couldn't find a job. Guess what she had a degree in?.... History!

What bloody use is that going to be, now that the Righteous are doing everything possible to erase all traces of this country's past?

I feel ashamed when I see old soldiers like Henry Allingham on the telly - what was the point of him and his colleagues fighting 2 wars?

Chalcedon said...

They are a bunch of idiots aren't they? the Cross of St George is the flag of England. Nothing else. There are no connotations to it except in the minds eye. These idiots believe silly propaganda.

tersemin said...

Fausty said: "They reason that if they can control the minds of the crowd, the mindless crowd will control the 'dissidents' because there are more of the former than of the latter."

I don't think it's even that clever or fiendish. The bulk of those at the top, even with just nominal power over relatively tiny domains, got where they are not through standing *for* something but by standing *against* something or even standing for nothing. Hence their only mode of operation is banning and curtailing or maintaining the status quo.

These people aren't leaders in any sense of the word.

They also have massive chips on their shoulders about the British and English being proud to be so. Except when it is politically expedient - usually around sporting success and showbiz fame and fortune.

Did anyone tell Geri Halliwell to stop wearing a Union flag dress?

i albion said...

This is racism,contact The English Democrats,see if they know the next step to take.

Man in the Street said...

Bastards. It's that kind of behaviour that sickens me. I want to punch that chairman hard and remind him which fucking country he is in.


Newgates Knocker said...

Who makes these fucking rules and does anyone remember voting for them?

TheBigYin said...

Fight these treacherous bastards. The flag is your standard. Let your flag fly proudly.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Why do you Sassenachs allow your flag to be abused in this way? It's completely shocking and out of order.

Anonymous said...

Well, I can't find my St George Cross badge but I have found my Union Jack badge - dates back to the Falklands war when the Sun were selling them as a sign of solidarity with our troops - & I shall be wearing it to the golf club tomorrow. I shall see if anyone says anything.

Anonymous said...

Funny how the establishment and the PC freaks don’t find any similar negative connotations with the Irish Tricolour, what with the IRA and all.

No, this is just the establishment yet again trying to de-legitimise England and English people.

We are non-people in a non-country to this fucking scum.

BNP guido refugee said...

I hear the crap argument that the BNP "stole" the Union Flag and St Georges Cross Flag again and again.

I've always felt that if it wasn't for the BNP using these flags, they would have disappeared years ago.

It's extremely rich of people claiming they want to "take them back", when those same people have been busy wiping their arses on it for decades !

Joe Public said...

I hope the Civic gardens have no Roses. After all, we can't risk someone being offended by their far-left connotations.

VotR said...

Political correctness should be banned. 'Course that means getting Labour out and leaving the EU.

It is disgusting what has happened here. Soon there will only be NI, Wales and Scotland in the UK. England will just be another province of the EU, and will lose its name.

Man in the Street said...

OK, enough is enough. I live in London SE16 and visit a few pubs in the course of my travels.

I have a printer and supplies of ink. I want to print flyers and will leave them in pubs however I don't really know how best to put in to print what I feel.

Any ideas?

Little Black Sambo said...

Has your parish church got a flagpole? If so, the St George's flag is the one they would fly if they flew one. You might find out if they had a decent flag, and if not, collect some money to buy one (less than £100 for one 12 ft across) and try to make sure it is flown on all the right occasions. (Is the C of E a far right organization? I don't think so.)

Anonymous said...

@ Man in the Street

I would take a look a look at some of the legal requirements around leafleting as well. Here are some links:

The first link says that you have to have the name and address of the printer on all of the leaflets, so I`m not sure how that would affect you. It`s a very good idea but you might need to cover yourself by reading up on it a bit.

Man in the Street said...

Thanks Anonymous 22:08

View, complain about any little thing that may appear 'racist', 'sexist' or 'other' and make the posters who, in all probability were expressing their feelings, have their post removed.

This will make the poster think about what they said, reflect on it and wonder why the fucking hell their post was removed.

Man in the Street said...

Meant to add it's the BBC sports '606' sports fans main 'talk' page.

Piss off a patriotic sportsman and make their day!

Anonymous said...

BBC Sports 606 on the web

"Sorry, you can only contribute to 606 during opening hours. These are 0900-2300 UK time, seven days a week, but may vary to accommodate sporting events and UK public holidays."

Why the fuck am I paying for some BBC cunts to be 'available' 0900-2300 UK time, seven days a week just to watch a screen and click FFS.

The world has gone mad.

Anonymous said...

O/T but with the Iraq Inquiry finally coming up, here's a theme tune for it:

defender said...

Man in the street, try this for a leaflet

phoebe said...

Here is a poignant little ditty - the Englishman's lament - very appropriate on this thread:

Wesley Groves said...

I have reservations about this. 6 generations of my family fought for this country yet it is now the smallest provinve of the American Imperium. Strolling through Belfast yesterday (surprise) the Loyalists had covered everything in Union Flags. As a kid in some east End shithole in the 1970s the "Butchers apron" as paddy calls it was the exclusive preserve of brain dead NF types. Its a pity your flag got fucked over. Finally, are the English so stupid they don't know what country they are in? I'm all for flags at borders as they have meaning but in the middle of some fucking shire whats da point?

Anonymous said...

Sadly this type of thing has been happening for a long time and all part of striping everyones national identity.

In other British countries it's in the guise of devolution. Seperation to the point of weakness then along comes Big Brother ... I mean the Big EU and swallows up the lot.

If the younger generations have no less national identity and the older generations slowly die out then the BIG CHANGES are easy to implement simply because there is nothing for the people to fight to save.

Its all fucked.

Wyrdtimes said...

Despite the fact that the English are in fact the most tolerant people in the UK - 9 out of 10 immigrants prefer England for a reason. The establishment still regards us as the racists.

The supermarkets however have a clearer idea where the prejudice is:

Wyrdtimes said...

Meanwhile the supermarkets are providing an even greater union dividend for the Scots:

At the direct cost of English farmers.

But of course there are no English institutions in place to defend the English farmer.

Anonymous said...

Well at the next wreath laying ceremony refuse to let them lay a wreath and if they insist get the old soldiers to walk away or turn their backs

Man in the Street said...

Thanks Defender.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Sorry to pick you up on a technicality, but the BNP is not a party of the far right, but rather of the far left. Apart from that I'm in complete agreement.

Auld Teuchter.

actually its not far left

well its not extreme left as that place is filled already by the establishment

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