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Alan Wallace - Why you have to vote

This is probably the last blog I'll have time for before the polls open and it strikes me as odd that people still don't seem to "get" what Jury Team are about. They can't get their heads around the idea of a party that's not a party, so entrenched has the propaganda become over the years.

Jury Team is a movement, formed solely and expressly to put an end to the sleaze, the corruption and the anti-democratic practices we have allowed our politicians to slip into. There are too few people today involved in politics with real experience of the world. People like Balls & Milliband predominate - straight from uni to the front bench, with only a few years scheming and conniving behind the scenes in between. These people owe the Party everything and the Party demands their absolute obedience.

If David Cameron stood up tomorrow and announced a plan that would solve the financial crisis, end world poverty, guarantee wealth & health for everybody .... 300 or so Labour MPs would vote against it automatically because it came from the Tory Party. And the same would be true in reverse if Gordon Brown came up with such a plan. This can't go on. We can't continue to allow Party bigotry to literally kill us.

Jury Team lets ordinary people stand against the politicians. This includes you. Instead of reading & writing blogs or whinging on message boards, you can stand and have your view heard. If & when Jury Team candidates get elected, it doesn't matter if they're right wing, left wing, liberal or green, it really doesn't. The only thing that matters is they are legally committed to acting honestly and openly. They may well go off and form alliances or loose groupings but again, they're legally obliged not to follow the orders of such groups. We'll probably end up with the same mix of political views, perhaps a bit more representative of society's views, but not a lot different. The most important thing is we'll end up with politicians who will first and foremost act in the interests of the people and will do so openly, honestly and with integrity.

The first step in cleaning up politics is to get people in whose first principle is to do as we tell them. Unless we start out with honest people, the system will never change. If we let those tainted by all that's gone before just re-write rule books, we'll see the same kind of scandals a few years down the line. It's not the expenses per se that we mind, it's the type of people who have shown themselves to have such poor judgement in the first place being in a position to damage our society so greatly.

I'm not against UKIP, the socialists or the main parties because of their policies. Many are quite good, sensible policies actually - from all sides of the fence. I'm against them because they won't change the broken system of politics we have.

Voting for any of them won't change a thing.

Not voting won't change a thing.

Spoiling the ballot won't change a thing.

Voting Jury Team begins the change.


Anonymous said...

They are doomed unless they change that stupid name.

Fausty said...

Under the current system, even an independent can be bribed to vote a certain way, if promised a job in government or similar.

In the past week, someone wrote an excellent article about the need to prevent elected representatives from taking jobs in government, as this is where much of the corruption springs from.

Damned if I can find the article now!

Anonymous said...

You said you don't vote.

Old Holborn said...

I don't you mong. The author is Alan Wallace, Jury Team.

haddock said...

Jury Team, well named.... they may get 12 votes.

Old Holborn said...

Which would you prefer, trial by Jury or trial by one judge?

At the moment, whatever Gordon says, goes.

Anonymous said...

I'll be voting Jury Team, I think they're a great idea -


Mike Kingscott said...

Hmmm. I see a disconnect. I can stand as a member of Jury Team (agreed, needs a different name) as an independent, free-speaking man, put my views out and hopefully get voted in by people who like the cut of my jib (gib?). And then I'm meant to do as I'm told? E.g. "is to get people in whose first principle is to do as we tell them" - er, does anyone else think there's an opposite there?

Anyway, I certainly agree the spirit of the idea, as most politicians are sleazy, corrupt gits.

saucepan said...

Trouble is, birds of a feather flock together, so all these independant citizens would immediately form groups and the strongest group would rule. We'd soon have a parliament run by out of touch socialist student union types who've never held down a useful job in their no change there then.

The kind of people who have the time to enter politics aren't the sort of people who live in the real world and have to make a living in the private sector, which explains why we have over 600 corrupt nobheads making laws that no-one wants or needs.

Anonymous said...

If you place so much importance in voting for them then why aren't you voting for them yourself?

If you're going to promote their propaganda the least you can do is vote alongside any voter who takes in what you spread.

Old Holborn said...


I'm not telling you to do anything

Kindly repay the favour.


Dazed and Confused said...

As I scan down the choices for my voting pleasure tomorrow, I wonder who begs my vote? - Lets see: - A pair of one eyed authoritarian Socialists - A silver spooned toff - and the pointless long winded Cleggy party, who's say anything, mean nothing hypocrisy, has managed to plumb new depths.

I may possibly vote for U.K.I.P. in the Euro elections, but that isn't out of support for them, just out of the fact that the only place in Europe more corrupt than Westminster at this present juncture, is a multinational pig trough located somewhere in Brussels.
And why is it, that when you walk into a polling station in this God forsaken Country of ours, the only thing they offer you to mark your cross with, is a fucking lead pencil? Is ink that expensive? - or are erasers are in large supply some where back stage?

Alan Wallace Jury Team said...

Hi saucepan - I live in the real world, I have a full time job and I've just blown my holiday allowance until next April.

Mike - "is to get people in whose first principle is to do as we tell them" - the "we" in this instance refers to "we" the people, the voters.

Anonymous said...

Alan, you're not in my region but best of luck for tomorrow.

captainff said...

"The first step in cleaning up politics is to get people in whose first principle is to do as we tell them."

Sorry Alan but that line comes straight from the Bunker Book of Political Management. If you are only interested in good little puppets what then differentiates them from the drones that fill the back benches now?

captainff said...

I should probably read through all the comments first huh?

Old Holborn said...

I suggest you read Alans contract with the electorate first.

If he breaks it, I am going to peel him with a housebrick, roll him in salt and then dunk him in vinegar.

And he knows it.

Alan Wallace Jury Team said...

OH - you scare the shit out of me sometimes.

Old Holborn said...


Governments should be afraid of their people. People should never be afraid of their governments.

It's working. At last.

T' Old 'un said...

The principle behind the Jury Tean is good. However it does not go far enough. I have been opushing thissince the preBlair era.

Do not bother reading it if you are an impatient reader.

Anonymous said...

The lynch mob would probably be a better name. Actually I quite like what they stand for,but we are really running out of time as the Eurabian project gathers momentum. That why,although a libertarian at heart,I'm backing the BNP. The stakes are far too high

Old Holborn said...

If I were to vote, I wouldn't vote Jury Team in my area. The blokes a complete cunt and stands for nothing I stand for. But I KNOW he is a cunt and it is my choice. He won't be whipped, he won't be bought and his agenda is not mine, so I have the truth to decide not to vote for him. But it is HIS agenda. Not a lobbyist, not a party donatrr, not a media viewpoint. HIS view. And I disagree with it. So he doesn't get my vote.

Perfect politics in fact.

Old Holborn said...


We are never running out of time.

The last century will tell you who runs out of time. It is always those who seek power for powers sake. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pot, Mussolini.

Every Dictator has his day. And then ends up hanging from Piano wire.

Anonymous said...

If only it was like that. I am an Englishman (squire!), living abroad, in a country once run by a dictator.

Half of the people hate him, and half love him (Even though he's now shuffled off this mortal coil).

He repaid nothing. (Also had $25 million of CIA money in his offshore accounts. Cunt).

Anyway, longtime readed, OH. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

we are running out of time. In a couple of generations we will be an islamic majority country if present demographic trends continue. In a couple of years time we could be locked into the EUSSR,our independance flushed down the bog. Worse case scenario,the full blown Orwellian nightmare,best case we are ruled (not goverened) by corrupt,incompetent thieves,that make our corrupt incompetent thieves look like beginners.
I'm sure the people of N. Korea will take no comfort that the likelyhood is that in an unknown amount of years their corrupt leadership will have been ground to dust.
I don't care if Griffin wants to hang a couple of murdering paedos,or birch feral youth that stab innocent people,in fact I'd welcome it

Constantly Furious said...


There's one hittin' the ballot box for Jury Team.

CF has exercised his franchise.

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