Wednesday, 3 June 2009

27 Unelected Commissioners. Tomorrow changes nothing

With a view to tomorrows EU sham elections, let me just remind our readers that the EU is headed by the EU Commission.

The EU Commission consists of 27 people, none of whom are elected by anyone. They are appointed and have the power to make and change laws that everyone in Europe must abide by.

Your vote tomorrow will not change this. You will still live under laws made by 27 unelected people in Brussels. If you do not obey them, you will still go to prison.

These 27 people control everything in Europe. What you eat, what you earn, where you live. Your taxes, your transport, your savings, your property, your career, your pension. Your very liberty is in the hands of 27 unelected commissioners.

They are a mixture of appointed communists, convicted criminals, nepotists, perverts, fraudsters, cronies, bankers, aristocracy, lawyers, censors, authoritarians and Fabians

If you choose to vote Labour, Conservative or LibDem tomorrow, you are voting for the Status Quo. Nothing will change. There will still be a huge layer of control over your life that you cannot change. I challenge any reader to show me where a single MEP has changed anything.

If you choose to vote at all (and many will not), then you can vote to keep things the same or you can vote to keep things the same.

Which is why I will not be part of this sham. I will not play their games when they pay no attention to the result. Not one of the unelected commissioners will lose their job because not one of them was ever elected. It will make no difference at all.

For that, we will need a revolution. And it will start with the Lisbon Treaty. Until the voices of 300 million people are listened to by a mere 27 unelected cronies, I refuse to partake in their Ba’athist elections.


The Penguin said...

Assassination might be a solution.

The Penguin

Anna Raccoon said...

Good post OH, and if you could guarantee that no-one would vote then I would grant you the point - but unfortunately, several thousand people will vote, and the result will be decided by them.

I do agree with you though, that we are on the verge of revolution, and it will be messy when it happens.

Rightwinggit said...

OT, how did the citizens arrests go?

VotR said...

It also free's you from accusation of spinning for a particular party, OH, if you don't vote for any.

Er, which is great. :)

Oh yeah, Labour looks even more doomed than yesterday if that's possible after chipmunk has now gone. Even better.

meret said...

Is it the Commission that Tony Blair wants to be President of?

The EU is anti-democratic and over time Westminster has become much the same. Authority no longer resides with Parliament because they have given so much og it away. Sovereignty no longer resides with the people.

Old Holborn said...

I don't believe in Political parties.

Full stop.

Ampers said...

I have stolen your blog in full :-) but have given a linked acknowledgment with the following added at the bottom.

The main part, where I differ, is that as many people as possible should attend the elections, if only to write on the ballet paper “Where are the names of the Commissioners?”

But I shan't be doing that. I shall be voting for The Jury Team - I don't care whether the independents on their team are for or against the EU. My objective of giving my vote to them is so they can gain strength of publicity for the General Election, when it comes, as the more independents in parliament, the lest control the main parties have over rigging any vote through the “party whip system”.


Anonymous said...

"Old Holborn said...

I don't believe in Political parties.

Full stop."

What a great excuse for doing fuck all about the situation - apart from dressing up and participating in 'Flash Mob' publicity stunts that is...

Grow up, you sad deluded twat.

electro-kevin said...

Spoil your papers with:

"General Election Now !"


"I want a referendum on continued membership of the EU"

No it won't make a jot of difference - but it will make you feel better inside than sitting at home.

And if enough of us do it ...

Anonymous said...

Q) what is the one party that will take us out of the EUSSR?
A) it's not You Kip whilst we steal.

Dusappointed pedant wanker said...

It's "participate" not "partake".

Ejukation an spelin - I thought you oldies had a bit of that...

Giolla said...


I'm considering the spoilt ballot option as well, as you say if enough of us do it, and it's not liking voting's going to make much odds anyway.

I think the thing that would scare the political types far more than the BNP or anyone else getting a few seats is a decently high turn out showing that people can be arsed to do something.

WF: mictuded

Alan Wallace Jury Team said...

Good post that cuts to the heart of the problem, the un-elected EU Commissioners (who by the way take an oath of loyalty to the EU and swear to put the EU before their own country). In theory the EU Parliament can reject every law they make, but the parties are too busy scoring points off each other to notice.

All the candidates who are promising crap like abolishing VAT, ending the CAP, bringing in this law or that law are talking out of their arses. Their manifestos are lies, (the courts adjudged them to be not legally binding last year) and all they do is talk tough to get votes.

The reason I'm standing with Jury Team is to start the process of fixing the system, of returning power to people instead of politicians. I'm not daft. I know I'm not going to do it myself or within months of getting into the EU. But I'm going to be one guy working honestly, openly and independently. I'm hoping other JT candidates get in too, then we'll have 4, 5 or 6 people working honestly and openly and doing as the electorate tells them. And it's a start. We've had very little coverage really, but we've had hundreds of applications from ordinary people wanting to stand as candidates for Westminster. The higher profile I make myself in Europe, the more I kick up a stink by shouting about what's going on, then we'll get to the stage that we have candidates standing in every constituency for Westminster - and dozens will get in against the corrupt incumbents.

You can do it. You can stand. It doesn't matter if you're left or right wing, an environmentalist or a liberal. The only thing that matters is you sign up to be honest and above board. We might well end up with the same mix of left/centre/right views in parliament, but we'll be starting out again with people who are honest and not connected with the political classes who've fucked us up in any way.

We're not a party. We're a movement for fixing the corruption.

Vote for a party, any party, and you're voting for corruption.
Don't vote and you're voting for corruption.

If you keep voting for crooks, don't be surprised when they keep stealing from you.

Anonymous said...

I can see your point OH but I do disagree with it. If we don't vote it'll be the Same Old Cunts back in power because the Party hacks will make sure to vote & an MEP can be elected with 1 vote or with 100. Likewise the 'None of these' approach - 1,000 ruined ballot papers, 50 votes for the Same Old Cunt & he'll be the one taking his seat in Brussels & continuing to ignore the voters as usual.
I am tempted to vote for the Jury Team, however, what's really scaring the LibLabCons shitless is the thought of people voting for the BNP so that's where my 'x' is going tomorrow. If you chose not to vote how can you complain about whoever's elected? This is just my opinion, everyone is entitled to have their own viewpoint and vote (or not) as they see fit. Good luck to all & may we all do as our conscience dictates.

JD said...


Old Holborn said...

"If you chose not to vote how can you complain about whoever's elected?"

Who elected the 27 commissioners of the EU?


This is why I will not play the game. And it makes no difference whether I do or don't. Until it does, fuck them.

Vote UKIP, Libertas, Jury Team, BNP, English Democrats or Christian for all I care. It will make NO difference. The same 27 people will rule over us and there is nothing we can do to change it.

That is true SOVIET power. And it will take a revolution to stop it.

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