Monday, 18 May 2009

Who IS Bill Sykes?

Hat tip to Bo Beau D'Or via Goodnight Vienna (because he is whinging like a fat teenage girl at Weightwatchers)


Goodnight Vienna said...

Oy! You're a shameless bastard OH - glad you like it.

Old Holborn said...

Fixed it for you

someday said...


deffin said...

"Who IS Bill Sykes?"

A bruiser with a dog and a tart for an other half. Erm... Ed Balls?

None of them look particularly handy.

Dick the Prick said...

I don't think anyone would have expected the fuckers to act like Mr Creasote and blow themselves up.

Michael Martin was so arrogantly corpulent that he took on bureaucrats force fed the Freedom of Information Act - their own cuntish rule book and lost. It takes a special kind of talent not to ask the MPs who fucking wrote the Act into his office to explain it - unless, ofcourse they're as useless as he is. I rest my case m'lud.

I expected a summer of violence - I didn't expect to be watching careers ending through confessions. I was hoping to get ice creams and wear silly hats. Now, well, not much point. Just a spectator sport. They're commiting mass suicide and it's kinda funny.

Still, just a sideshow. Public sector wages have to reduce, the pension issue is substantive. We still have bollox regulatory authorities. The Govenor of the BoE did a brilliant May inflation schedule - the kite was saying deflation ain't gonna happen. Enough of printing & burning money until we get rid of not just this party - but this admin of parliament.

I think too many civil servants don't work for the politicians but work for the civil servants. I doubt they really know what they're supposed to be doing.

anonemo said...

I've just posted this over on Guido's but it deserves a wider audience.

It seems that plod and the CPS are not even going to meet to discuss the possibility that a crime might have been committed, until next week! Here was me thinking something as important as widespread fraud would be trated as a matter of urgency, but it seems the police are struggling to find some spare time.

Fucking scandalous!!

“A panel, comprising officers and a senior CPS lawyer, will commence a series of meetings next week.”

From here, dated 18/05/2009

Dick the Prick said...

anonemo - would you get involved in this bitch fight, wait until the dead bodies get thrown out first, then go in.

anonemo said...


I can see your point, but the difference between the way they are being treated, and the way you or I would be treated, is disgraceful. Plus I'm not sure that there will be any bodies thrown out, nothing drastic seems to have happened to the hoons caught so far. I'm not surprised by the way this is unfolding, but it's showing all the signs of being kicked into the long grass. I can hear the excuses now.

impossible to get a fair trial

insufficient evidence

not in the public interest

a matter for the commons

Sir Henry Morgan said...

F.A.O. - OH

We all said he didn't have a shag in him didn't we. Poor twat.

Dick the Prick said...

anomeno - yup, there's definately enough to kick off fraud trials - how long is too long? When their feet can touch the ground? Nah, 400 years is a long time - a lot of people are excited so plod can hang on a bit. Labour haven't called them in. McKay & Kirkbride have got to go too - I couldn't give a toss. Let this one dance a bit - i've got to genuinely tidy my house, it smells bad man.

It's funny. Softly, softly catch an MP. Hats off to the Telegraph - money well spent. Ah, the old press baron's cash injection - raided the loft - bless. Cat's out of the bag; job done.

Dick the Prick said...

This is test match cricket for fucking constitutional anoraks. Whey hey hey.

caesars wife said...

martin in the crease , winnick to bowl .

nicely paced , he lets fly

oooohhhhhhhhhh that must have hurt martin hope he was wearing a box .

and the umpires are signalling hes not out , thers finger waging and and some angry looks from the fielders .

There bringing the covers out , lack of light .

play resumes again tommorow , with no rain could be a very fast crease .

Balding Nobhead Party said...

What exactly does a broke, disgraced career polititian with no real-world abilities do when they are kicked out of politics? And in an economic downturn too. That they caused.

The Penguin said...

They get elevated to the Lords, or to the Brussels gravy train. Or, like Kinnock and Voldemort, both.

The Penguin.

Anonymous said...

I think there will have to be arrests & court cases over this - otherwise the peasants will be revolting.

I've just read something about my MP & while I definitely won't be voting for him again anyway, I might just be tempted to give him a good kicking if I meet him in public & know that basically he's got away with it.

Caratacus said...

Coming soon, "You've got to pick a pocket or two, boys, you've got to pick a pocket or two".

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