Friday, 1 May 2009

Whats Going On Here Then Laddie

Nearly Half of Police Officers surveyed do not wear their identifying numbers, its hardly something you forget is it.

A Home Office spokesman declined to comment as it was 'operational issue'.

It came as it emerged the police officer who made an internet jibe about G20 victim Ian Tomlinson has resigned.

Pc John Hayter, 49, a member of the Royal protection unit, stepped down after an internal inquiry was launched.

Investigators were probing claims he wrote on Facebook: "I see my lot have murdered someone again. Oh well, s*** happens."

A second Metropolitan Police officer Rob Ward, 27, remains under investigation for posting separate online comments in which he said he wanted to "beat up some long-haired hippies" in a message on a Facebook page.


Invicta said...

Notice that the article doesn't mention whether the questionnaire asked the fuzz WHY they didn't wear their numbers and if it did, what the answers were. We all know the answer but it would be nice to see the bastards squirm over that question.Yet another in-house fudge.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
The Penguin said...

The Penguin

Dick the Prick said...

Fucking hell - fancy having to resign for that. Fair play, a bit rummy and all but an apology would be fine. When their superiors (Jacqui Cunt) won't resign for clearly breaking the law then a copper having a laugh about Ian 'breeze block face' Tomlinson is proper small beer. What about the shitty pathologist?

Youf of today said...

"beat up some long-haired hippies" and the response one of his Facebook friends gave were verbatim quotes from South Park.

Innapropriate, maybe, but, given that it was responded to with quotes from the same show, he obviously intended it as parody.

defender said...

OT, saw this elsewhere this morning.

when we had foot & mouth they killed all the cattle
when we had bird flu they killed all the birds
now we've got swine flu they are killing all the swine
I can't wait for asian flu to come back

Ampers said...

That copper shouldn't have resigned!

The first part tells it like it is, the second shows his apology!

Man's a fucking hero.

Anonymous said...


quick OH hit the delete button! - libertarians huh! said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Old Holborn said...

Look again COCK.

Comment was removed by whoever wrote it. We don't delete posts here. Now fuck off

Guthrum said...

Glad you said that OH, I was about to say the same

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

What a fucking mong you are 10.32.

Henry North London said...

It is quite possible that the pathologist having already been scarified by the GMC and then leant on by the police, didnt actually have much say in the matter He may aswell have been told to do it

We'll never know Dont go blaming people, pathology and post mortems are not exact science. They are opinions, and you have to remember that the police were probably in the room when he was reporting it.

Fear does things to people. Especially GMC created fear I should know but I dont get scared by them anymore, others are not so lucky, several doctors who have GMC stuff handed out to them commit suicide.

So just go easy on the pathologist you have no idea what it can be like with senior policemen,swarming round your post mortem room like flies.

Warsteiner said...

Re deleted posts - OH have a look at Dizzy's place - seems if you are not signed in to blogger you can delete anonymous posts on other peoples blogs - bizarre but true.

Anonymous said...

I was under the impression that if a copper is not "fully dressed" ie not wearing any ID he is unable to carry out his authorised duties.

Can anyone confirm this?

Anonymous said...

if only they would treat real criminals that way.
instead its kids drawing on pavements

microdave said...

Isn't the ID number sewn onto his/her uniform? So how can they "forget" to display it? They would have to deliberately cover it up.

@ Henry North London - Do the police have any legal authority to watch the pathologist at work? I certainly wouldn't accept people swarming around me if I was doing that sort of job.

They're quick enough to deny the public access when any sort of "incident" has occurred.

What's wrong with the task being filmed? I know many teaching hospitals do this and send the feed to other sites in real time.

Xenon said...

@ Warsteiner - Yep, you are correct.

OH - Oops! Looks like I deleted the anonymongs post. It was all in the interest of science y'unnerstan'!

I can see this causing all sorts of mayhem!

K. McEgan said...

Wouldnt it be terrible if PC Ward & Hayters addresses were to fall into the "wrong hands"?May Day Greetings.Dorogoi Gospodin "Starii Golborn" there is no "T" in Dacha.

Libertarian fraud OH is authoritarain big brother - deleting posts! said...

I see OH has now resorted to delting the most mild of posts, the abused becomes the abuser!

I expected far more from you OH, you were my Libertarian hero, but you have revealed yourself to be nothing but a totalitarian fraud, in certain ways no better than those you hypocrically criticise.

A sad day for Libertarain blogging!

Shame on you OH.

I will continue to post this message OH every time you delete it, as i will not let totalitarian bastards like you silence the people.

Henry North London said...


God knows but I know the Pathologist involved in JCdeM post mortem and they are employed by the Met so the Met are their masters. He has also been screwed over by the GMC There seems to be a common theme or purpose, in having screwed over Forensic Pathologists in the MET.

Xenon thinks he can play god with this b;og! said...

So it seems that tosspots like xenon are going around deleting posts like thw SS and OH aparaenty has no control over this?

I would suggest a ban of Xenon for abusing the freedom of speach that this blog welcomes and for bringing the blog into disrepute.

I also hope OH will seek further methods to ensure security over his blog content where possible.

Do one Xenon, we don't want fascists round here.

Adrian P said...

Come on, the Officer in question made a flippant remark, how many of us havent done that.

Can't help thinking though that things like this are going to get a lot worse.

The Obama / Brown Deception HQ

Doris said...

I can remember a time when policemen were just ordinary men wearing a distinctive uniform. Now they look like a different race of beings.

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