Saturday, 16 May 2009

Tricksy Bastards, Aren't They?

A Bare Faced Thief And A Liar

While all attention was focused on the embarrassing expense thieves, Jacqui Smith, who got her own embarrassing thieving declared earlier, took advantage of the furore to sneak further powers for her ID card scheme. Now HMRC can use the database to track taxpayers.

Wonderfully hypocritical, the cunts spending years and hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayers money trying to hide their own financial misdoings, and at the same time trying to make sure that ordinary people have ever more scrutiny focused on their lives.

The next government must unwind all this 1984 stuff and damn quick too.

The Penguin


Phil McVile said...

I saw this posted on ConHome. Bit of a theory but it looks like the cunts are at it all ready. It's in reply to Tebbit basically saying the whole lot of them are a bunch of cunts. The bastards need stopping.

Given that Lord Tebbit is right about the political class having more in common with each other than us I wonder if they may jointly turn against us. Beckett and Malik were pretty arrogant yesterday, Gerald Kaufman and Anthony Steen even more so this morning. That's a mood that can soon spread amongst these arrogant crooks.

The next thing you could see is them uniting to ban the BNP and UKIP, no doubt there's a terrorism law that could be employed to do this. Then locking down the internet to stop people exchanging views on sites like this (all to protect the chiiiildren you understand). The young MP's especially would probably be in favour of this sort of thing as they're not going to get jobs if they're kicked out (worked for fake charity, bacame MP is not much to put on the CV).

They have proven beyond doubt that they're not to be trusted and the above scenario would be pretty easy to acheive. It would guarantee their luxurious lifestyle and no doubt their politicised Police could be relied upon to keep us in order. We should have a general election now to kick the lot of them out and stop any chance of such a thing happening. Trust them not to? I don't.

JD said...

Let's not bother with another government after we are free of the current shower. After all, what's the point? JD.

Dick the Prick said...

I have a bit of faith in this new breed of Tories. Less carping, more fuck you. A bit of fuck you never hurt anyone.

Anonymous said...

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Dick the Prick said...

Surely it's 'an hotel' - good grief. I hope they're working out who's gonna get fucked.

Anonymous II said...

The useless fuckers have proven embarassingly inept at protecting their own data, re. the expenses leak. What chance of them protecting our data?

deeznuts said...

i fucking hate the way this once green and pleasant land is turning more and more into a nazi state, with each and every passing day.......and not once have we been asked if we want any of it......time to emigrate, me thinks !!!!

Oldrightie said...

All personal income should be paid direct to The Revenue and the population required to claim what little they can. Claims will only be considered by those holding ID cards which will cost £1500 pounds per year to maintain.

CryBaby said...

Hasn't anyone shot the bitch yet and put the country out of its misery?

She's pushing her luck!

Anonymous said...

She absolutely needs shooting in the face.


defender said...

They may be having an inconvience over the expenses thing but the project is still on track, still fully operational, still fully manned.
These fuckers will not stop til a stake is driven through their hearts.
They are too close to their grand final to stop now.

Fidothedog said...

She really is a cunt, the woman can not help herself.

Fausty said...

Yes. She'd probably been waiting for a day to bury bad news. Cnut.

You can be damned sure that Gorgon is 100% behind this because he's run out of [our] money and the Chinese bailiffs are knocking on his door.

Jackboot cnut Smith needs to be stopped. I hope she's at the top of the TPA's list of private prosecutions, now that the Met have decided to drop the investigation on her.

Another crafty bastard to watch is Jack Straw. He would like us to believe that he's dropped plans for inquests without juries. Watch this one surface as various innocuous looking clauses scattered in various bills which, no doubt, will be rushed through parliament. He tried to do this with clause 152 in the Coroners and Justice Bill (watch that one resurface in another guise, too).

global tyranny said...

It's not jackboots, she's just another bot obeying orders to collect her fat paycheck.

Jackboots would have trouble tying her laces let alone forming policies.

It is the EU wing of the NWO dictating this to us.

It's all part of opperation kill Britain, and if it were not Jackboots it would be someone else.

She does what she is told as does Gordon as will Dave, as Did Tony as did major.

Think long and hard next time you cast your vote, make sure it is not for the Lib/LAB/Con trick NWO stooge parties helped along by the controled press, unless you think tyranny, poverty and victimisation is for you and your children.

Mark my words, Cameron will be exactly the same.

You are running out of time.

Mr. A said...

Some time ago some Tory back benchers proposed a "Freedom Charter."

Basically, it was a pledge to get rid of ID cards, get rid of a national database, repeal the smoking ban, reduce the number of days you could be held without charge, and a promise to get rid of 99% of New Labour's Stasi laws.

It was published in The Sun and unsurprisingly got a lot of public support.

Less surprisingly Dave has said he has no intention of implementing it.

Bastards, the lot of them.

Dave is a puppet said...

Mr. A said...
Some time ago some Tory back benchers proposed a "Freedom Charter."

Basically, it was a pledge to get rid of ID cards, get rid of a national database, repeal the smoking ban, reduce the number of days you could be held without charge, and a promise to get rid of 99% of New Labour's Stasi laws.

It was published in The Sun and unsurprisingly got a lot of public support.

Less surprisingly Dave has said he has no intention of implementing it.

Bastards, the lot of them.

16 May 2009 17:56

Interesting, as i would expect from a NWO stooge but nice to see some supporting facts come to light in this way! do you have a link so we can throw this in the bastards face?

Now that must have been the Tories not in the Buiderberg loop, they have no freaking clue, same as the Labour bots - they have no idea what all these laws are about.

Only the few at the very top.

The NWO only need control the policy makers at the top of the tree and make sure they are the king makers with their press organisations and stooge organisation and fake charities and think taks and countless other subversive inside groups, which explains why `Dave` was seeking greater central office control of the selection process, claim crap about moore women etc, when really it was to shoe horn in NWO bots for top jobs without having to pass through the blue rince duped brigade.

Still even if the MPs were wise to what is going on they won't vote against Dave they don't want to lose their seats at the trough.

The conservative party is riddled with NWO stooges.

VotR said...

Bastards. The revolution can't come soon enough.

AntiCitizenOne said...

How long do you reckon any of the current cabinet will live for after they lose the election and the recession they created really bites?

Anonymous said...

Do not vote the lib/lab/con trick. Vote BNP. They are running scared of them. Yes, Guthrum will have a shit but he will get over it, bless him.

Gareth said...

"The next government must unwind all this 1984 stuff and damn quick too."

Government - can't do it, won't do it. It's too tasty a set up to avoid. Alternatively Parliament must make the next Government unwind all this 1984 stuff. And sadly, that's also why it won't happen.

The FSA came a cropper by having bankers on the inside regulating themselves on the outside. Parliament is just the same.

The Government is both outside (to be regulated) and inside (steers the regulating). Members of the Government shouldn't be allowed to vote in Parliament. There has to be consequences for being in Government and losing the right to vote in the Commons should be one of them. It may sound wrong headed at first, but without a better separation of Parliament and Government, Parliament will always be compromised in it's role of protecting us.

Anonymous said...

At the same time that they were dismantling our privacy these twats were strenuously trying to keep their fraud and theft a secret. Nothing could have been more calculated to add insult to injury.

Anonymous said...

Interesting turn of events, some Labour donors are withdrawing their cash and calling for MP arrests.

If the ID card scheme is going to be really damaged then all donors could in theory be convinced to withdraw financial support in protest. The big flaw in this plan is convincing all donors and potential donors to not contribute to the Labour party in protest. But who knows? Could happen.

Katabasis said...

The independent actually mentioned 'MPs hanging from lampposts' on its front page today....

One party state said...

BNP have just announced they will stand every Seat at the next General election.

There will be some worried snouters tonight!

Cruddas, Hodge, bye, bye.

Anonymous said...

Like the old song 'And now the end is near and so I face the final curtain'.
It is over the end has come they are just hanging on but it is over.

Mr. A said...

@Dave is a puppet.

Sorry, can't find a direct link, but it was all over the No2ID and Freedom 2 Choose websites a few months back.

and someone at Freedom 2 Choose scanned it so it didn't get lost...

Anonymous said...

This poor woman must put in for some expenses to get some decent teeth. The ones that she has got look like she is breaking them in for Red Rum.

caesars wife said...

Absolute power corrupts absolutely!

time for change

Atheist Ranter said...

What I want to know is did the bitch pay the £60 or £70 she expects everyone else to pay for this waste of fucking time? Or did she put it on expences?

Rot you bastard...

Close But No Cigar said...

I'd like to shove that ID card as far up her arse as it will go, along with all her expenses in 50pence coins, then see if she still has that stupid grin on her pig ugly face afterwards

Next Gig said...

expenses in 50p's up her arse? change will do her good....

Shibby said...

ha ^

Ruth said...

Completely agree with you Penguin. Jacky Spliff & the rest of the cretins need kicking out into the street.

What a blinder, sneaking through another bit about ID cards while all the furore about MPs expenses is grabbing the headlines! Who put her up to that cos she doesn't have the brains?

She also needs a personal kicking for her expenses.

Good to see Her Maj is worried about MPs expenses. May I remind you all again about my petition asking her to dissolve Parliament? Many thanks.

Earthlet Nigel said...



wv ankie They will both need one

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