Sunday, 10 May 2009

Tory trough time.

A prospective MP kissing a child.

The Telegraph now has some details of Tory troughing. From what's revealed there, Dai Cameroid needs to do some clearing-out before the next election. All those who have been building property portfolios on expenses have to be ditched. No exceptions. No letting your friends off. Ditch them all or you'll be hearing all about it, over and over again, in the run-up to any election and beyond.

This one though, seemed a little out of place:

Cheryl Gillan, the shadow Welsh secretary, claimed for dog food on her expenses. Last night, she said that she would repay the money.

I know the principle is the same, but just as I don't care about that bath plug, and despite having a laugh at the Home Secretary submitting a claim for porn films, I don't care much about those either, so I'm not too bothered about a few tins of dog food. Hell, the amusement the film story gave me was well worth the tenner.

Claiming for top range furnishings with money you've taken from people who buy their own furniture from the classifieds, fleecing someone struggling to pay rent so you can have yet another house for free, claiming for chauffeur-driven cars with money that's come from someone saving up for a train ticket... that's a whole different league to me. Fiddling a couple of quid here and there is naughty. Fiddling tens of thousands is criminal. Yes, I know, in the eyes of the law it's the same thing but I'd say a slap on the wrist will do for a bath plug, porno film or dog food. For the big troughers, it has to be the door, helped by big lads with no finesse. Of course, the bath plug case had more to it so she gets a slap and then the door.

Perhaps one of the most worrying one-liners was this:

George Osborne, the shadow chancellor, claimed for a chauffeur using his office allowance.

In the coming years, we are going to need a Chancer who is careful with money. Especially with money that's not his. Claiming for a chauffeur doesn't inspire me with confidence that we'll get one. Another spendthrift at the helm? Oh dear. What's Dai Cameroid going to do about that?

Mr Cameron said last week that claims by Conservative MPs that were outside the rules would be “looked at”. “They just have to explain themselves,” he said. “That’s what all my MPs are going to have to do, that’s what I will have to do and I think that’s what the public deserve – they are angry about it and they want it sorted out.”

Explain themselves? I don't see the need for explanation. I see a pressing need for a few summary dismissals, if you want your credibility back.

Do it, Dai. Go on. The Gorgon doesn't have that option because he's involved, and most of his troughers have already stated they won't be apologising, resigning or refunding the money. You're not caught up in it, so you can clean out your party in time for an election.

Will he do it? It would send the Conservative ratings soaring if he did, but does he have the guts?

It'll be interesting to see.

(I'm still not going to vote for you, Dave, because you won't do anything useful as far as I can tell).


North Northwester said...

I'd love this dream of yours to come true - particularly as , according to the Times, most of his key marginals candidates are to the Right of Mister Cameron.

Candidates - not sitting MPs; so if he purged some, maybe we'd get some better ones.

Wherever these Tory candidates are coming from I hope they find more because this greener than Labour stuff is getting me down.

Also, he'll need some backbone for the tax and spending cuts the country needs so much, and he won't get so much as a slipped disc from the Tory Left.

Gigits said...

I think if all those, who have seriously troughed, were forced to resign, there would be less than 100 MP's left, maybe significantly less than 100.

Parliament needs to be dissolved now!

Anonymous said...

That photo and caption, pure quality!

My solution to the problem is to bring back the guillotine, nothing else could salvage the present situation.

Oldrightie said...

At last something I can agree with from OH. Cammo should just dump the buggers and take the high ground for 20 years or more.

caesars wife said...

i commend your re alignment , of words over substance , it does look as though some Mps have "been on the make and on the take" , and of course many folks will be wondering how long it has been going on , and why so few honourable members did not raise any fuss. The excuses of "victim of a complex system" dont really wash when in mrs morans case it is obvious a third home could be in need of tax payers cash .

it isnt really expected of mps to conive unecessary expenses or make earnings/capital on what the tax payer subsides, is the bottom line of this sorry tale.

And perhaps for once the court of public opinion is to have an effect, but dont forget how much the bank bosses have escaped with on the tax tab as well

Sue said...

I'd get them to pay the money back and apologise publically if they want to keep their jobs,

Tory Poppins said...

and allow them to keep their jobs only IF they did so! Otherwise they need to quit I'm afraid! ;-)

denverthen said...

Heads must roll. Cameron should go for the nuclear option: the entire Tory party should resign their seats, triggering hundreds of by elections. They stand on a 'face the judgment of their constituents' ticket and immediately 1) Make the moral running (honestly), 2) Force Labour to face up to their responsibilities (probably by triggering a general election, 3) Own the news agenda from now until doomsday (if they need some motivation) and - most importantly - 4) Gain permission from a utterly fucking pissed-off electorate to reform Parliament in a way that suits said electorate, not its servants.

Not that, Dave, is a plan. Will you follow it? Fat chance.

Old Holborn, please do your worst...

Angry Exile said...

I like denverthen's idea but any chance of Camerwrong doing it? He seems to be yet another using the fucking rulebook as an excuse for MPs pissing away taxpayers' money on self indulgence and lining their own pockets:

'Mr Cameron said last week that claims by Conservative MPs that were outside the rules would be “looked at”.'Camerwrong seems to be yet another one who can't grasp that as lax as the rules are it wouldn't be a problem if MPs were honest. He doesn't understand that the idea is for MPs to claim only for what they've spent out of their own pockets doing the fucking job, not for every last penny the rule book lets them get away with. And he's likely to be the next Prime Mentalist..... fucking hell.

Anonymous said...

Mr Cameron said last week that claims by Conservative MPs that were outside the rules would be “looked at”.

Ah, that'll be just like "Not letting matters rest" with the EU then.

Antipholus Papps said...

I hope you know that your writing is better than anyone writing in the dead tree press.

Dick the Prick said...

Not wanting to join the 'elf 'n' safety brigade but the laddo is licking the snout of a shit eater - Alan Duncan's nephew? Personally, i'd have battered the tosser for refusing to jack in his 2nd job and the outburst on HIGNFY regarding someone who didn't completely accept the homosexualist agenda was dispicable. Screw him - get him sacked - fuckwit.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to rob a bank. If I don't get caught I get to keep the money. If I get caught can I say sorry and offer to pay the money back? Get real,throw the cunts out,cancell pensions,sequestrate assets and proscecute.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

The BNP must be loving this.

The washed up Socialists, and the Tories, led by Mr Stuck Up, but Feeble Cameron, the worst leader of the opposition - EVER.

I won't vote for Cameron until he grows a pair - this is his opportunity to do just that.

I won't hold my breath.

Anonymous said...

"killemallletgodsortemout said...

The BNP must be loving this."

We are, believe me. You can smell the Pigs' fear as we head towards June 4th...

VotR said...

The nation should strike, and I mean the whole nation and bring everything to a halt. Ok, except medical emergencies. Maybe.

The strike would end only when the bent MPs resign or are sacked. That means all of them. Parliamentary dissolvement would be a good way to accomplish that. As well as more nastier means, but let's keep things nice, for now.

Roger Thornhill said...

I think the tins of dog food are just as important. It is the mindset that their life is funded in such a way, that they actually go out of their "busy schedule" to tot up such things and think they can get away with it.

Anonymous said...

Strike? What is this the fucking Morning Star website?

VotR said...

What's the Morning Star?

Maybe I should reword general strike to 'complete standstill'.

Dave said...

Way back when I worked in retail I used to catch a lot of thieving scum trying to nick my stock. Many times the person would offer to pay for the goods once I'd caught them and frogmarched them to my office and called the police.
Look, you nicked the stuff. You hid it on your person and left the shop without making any effort to offer to pay. That makes you a thief. It's no use offering to pay for it now. You had your chance and you stole the stuff. You might be Isobel Barnett or anyone famous but that doesn't matter. The law is the law. It's not one law for the rich and/or famous and a different law for us. You're a thief. Now take your punishment.

MPs, peers and civil servants who steal are thieves. This is one instance where Sharia law might be useful. Cut their hands off.

Joe said...

The ones caught theiving nail 'em to the mast and get back houses and things under the RIPA? (is that the Proceeds of Crimes one?). The honest ones: Let em fight a by-election, see what the electorate think of 'em.

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