Saturday, 23 May 2009

The Tories... Just Say No

Do you seriously seriously want this corrupt, authoritarian Labour administration to be replaced by a corrupt authoritarian Conservative Party lead by a leader who earns so little that he cannot afford to remove weeds from around his chimney without charging it to us the benighted over governed taxpayer.

They still don't get it, they delude themselves at their own public meetings

They are a morally defeated army still fighting the next war with the 'tactics of the last war'

Andrew Hunt the Libertarian Party Candidate in Cambridgeshire is gratifyingly coming under fire from the local blue rinse brigade, who are adopting the how dare you stand here, this is 'true blue' country stance.

The fact is, the Libertarian party is so desperately unlikely to get elected to anything much beyond very local seats in very close-fought places. Perhaps a true Libertarian is showing they are “principled” by placing their vote with you, by some people’s reckoning, but they might as well vote for a Martian.

Steve Tierney- Cambridgeshire Tory Hopeful

Well Steve, my old fruit, got some bad news for you, you may have reduced the other parties to putting up 'paper' candidates because this is a no win area area, but safe seats are not indicative of a healthy democracy. It is indicative of a sclerotic, corrupt, no alternative choice, buggins turn political system that we have suffered under since 1945.

Since the triumph of Butskillism, the Tories and Labour have tried to out do each other in spending our money on wasteful projects

The Tories do not get it, Cameron does not get, you need to send a message and vote for independents and the minor parties ( except ones that subscribe to 'Hail Spode' economics)

Kick them, and kick them hard, restore a semblance of Democracy in England on June 4


Alan Wallace Jury Team said...

We really do need to look at the issue of "safe seats". Between 60-80% of the constituencies are "safe", depending on how you do the stats. These are the seats where absolutely nothing is going to change. Parties can drop the most godawful freaks into these seats and they'll get elected.

Once elected, the MP doesn't need to do a thing for their constituency. He can totally ignore them, screw his expenses, bugger his secretary with the Mace, teabag the Queen or vote in the most outrageous legislation. That's not good for democracy. It's not good for any of us.

MPs in seats they could conceivably lose are far more accountable, far more fearful and far more diligent in being seen to actually be doing something. Someone's already mentioned how there's a direct correlation between the size of the majority and troughing.

But I'm a bit concerned when some people talk about fewer MPs in the Commons. I agree with that (about 300 would do), but we can't let the Parties have a say in it.

If Labour are in power, they'll look for seats with a massive majority that sits alongside one or more marginals. They'll then merge them, leaving them with one pretty safe seat. We'll end up with the country covered with safe seats.

There'll be no change, no point in voting, voter turnout will continue to fall and the Parties will have even more of a stranglehold on power.

Ampers said...

EU Elections.

If you are in the South East area, I would still advice voting Conservative. The Number # candidate is Daniel Hannan.

And at the next election, if you are in the Harwich constituency I would still suggest you vote for Douglas Carswell.

These are two politicians we desparately need in this country.

I had their book delivered this morning and am well stuck in it! It is called "The Plan" and shows, initially, everything that is really wrong with UK plc, and then their plan for rolling back the State so that local people run their own affairs. They envisage that this could all be done within ten months.

I have written to Doug Carswell that it would be great marketing if they published the "Introduction" on their website and allowed Bloggers to reproduce the Introduction in their blogs.

The book is £10 for a printed copy, and £5 for an electronic copy. However if you want a printed copy, are selling it for £9.50 and you can get free postage (4-5 days) with that price.


Henry North London said...

Unfortunately neither the Plan is party policy and one rather suspects that were it to become the manifesto some dark force would make sure it was tainted and despoiled.

Andrew Mackay has a bit of a lisp? or its rather affected. Ordinary constituents? Who the hell does he think he is? He should be voted out.

Bracknell Voters you know where to place your cross None of the main parties and not the BNP

SteveShark said...

Abso-fucking-lutely spot on.
The old three party system should be ditched ASAP.
It's had its day.

K. MacEgan said...

The cuntometer reaches 90% in Eaton Socon & Huntingdon. In fact it is twinnind with Cuntingdon, Alabama.

Oldrightie said...

The three party system exists because people joined and got involved. It is the apathy and smugness of so called independents that have stood by while Blair and Labour raped them. The population has the politicians it deserves. As for branding a Party as unacceptable by whingeing about the cover of the book, pathetic. Real backbone takes on a philosophy then tries to work and influence it's representatives for good. A rag tag and bob tail Parliament would be almost as bad as we have in Labour's inglorious rule. If you want rid of this Government you have to vote Tory. Otherwise Jimmy will laugh all the way back into power.
Try looking for the good guys. Start with Philip Dunne, MP for Ludlow.

SteveShark said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
steveshark said...

Amazing statements...

If you had your way then no new party would be able to emerge.
Political stagnation - it is right here right now and it's why we're in this mess.
Yes, Labour's ruined us and I hope they fail to get in next time. However, the alternatives seem to be unattractive and no one of the existing parties has come out of it untainted and no-one has acted decisively - even Cameron who talks far tougher than he acts, so I say bring on change, in how we vote, who we vote for and how answerable they are to the electorate.

In the meantime, whilst the three party system remains I want a US Primaries type arrangement a la Carswell and Hannan.
I no longer want the respective local parties to go into a huddle and decide for me.

adam said...

id love to beat the fuk out of him
dont think i could hold myself back

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