Thursday, 21 May 2009

Top 20 Troughers


Total claims 2005-08 (excluding travel)

Liam Byrne £ 478,536 LABOUR

Joan Ryan £ 469,893 LABOUR

Dan Norris £ 450,985 LABOUR

Shahid Malik £ 446,314 LABOUR

Charlotte Atkins £ 443,244 LABOUR

David Wilshire £ 438,377 TORY

Tom Levitt £ 436,686 LABOUR

Diana Johnson £ 436,632 LABOUR

Fabian Hamilton £ 435,999 LABOUR

Jacqui Smith £ 434,909 LABOUR

Margaret Moran £ 434,456 LABOUR

Ian Austin £ 434,409 LABOUR

A. Rosindell £ 434,149 TORY

Andrew George £ 434,062 LIBDEM

Dawn Butler £ 433,865 LABOUR

Roger Godsiff £ 433,298 LABOUR

Tim Farron £ 433,260 LABOUR

Peter Hain £ 431,905 LABOUR

Norman Lamb £ 431,683 LIBDEM

S. Hesford £ 431,527 LABOUR

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JD said...

Significant preponderance of Labour troughers. That's socialism in action. JD.

The Penguin said...

Good to see Norman Lamb doing so well...

The Penguin.

Labour Trougher says said...

"Redistribution of wealth, innit"

As JD said, "Socialism in action."

K. McEgan said...

Funny thing is;that poster told the truth in 1945. Joan Ryan wrote me a very nice letter in '06. Julie can't stand her though.

Old Holborn said...

This made me laugh out loud

deeznuts said...

but if you watched the news, you would have thought it was only tories that were in the trough !!!

i pity the our future generations, as the MSM , dead tree press , university lecturer's, social workers.....any one who can "form" an opinion or an "agenda" are all firlmy sided with labour,

good luck to you OH...i hope many people turn out...i would if i could,

Chalcedon said...

I see we have mostly Champagne Socialists. How surprising. No really because you think it should be Tories; well that is if you listen to Noo Labour droning on and on about Tory toffs and all that bollox.

Anonymous said...

Bet you the top scorer spent it all on turtle wax ;-)

Obnoxio The Clown said...

I can't see how Liam "Fuckface" Byrne has gotten away so lightly.

The Basa said...

Thanks for this. I added links from the names that have so far appeared in the telegraph to their respective pages.

L is Labour. L is for Lies said...

K. McEgan said... “that poster told the truth in 1945”No it didn’t. It wasn’t published until 1957. In New Zealand. After eight years out of office, Labour was voted out again three years later. See here.

This is more like it:

“It’s Time to Change the Government”Or how about:

“We will give you Honest Government”

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