Sunday, 24 May 2009

Time for some Citizens Arrests! June 1st, 9 am, Parliament

Graphics by GOT, the best artist on the web. Much better than Richard and Mark

With a plethora of MPs all desperate to prove they have done nothing wrong by stealing from us and now handing back their ill gotten gains in the hope we will forgive them, with a steadfast refusal of our Police "Service" to pursue their masters, perhaps it is time for that most traditional of British institutions.

It is time for US, the citizens, to arrest those who have admitted stealing from us.

The law quite clearly states:

A citizen's arrest (officially called an "any person arrest") is permitted to be made on any person under section 24A of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (as amended by the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005) for an indictable offence (in this section referred to simply as "an offence").

This includes either way offences. It is thus permissible for any person to arrest:
* Anyone who is (without doubt) in the act of committing an offence, or whom the arrestor has reasonable grounds for suspecting to be in the act of committing an offence

* Where an offence has been committed (without doubt), anyone who is (without doubt) guilty of that offence or whom the arrestor has reasonable grounds for suspecting to be guilty of it - That would be handing back the money stolen then, eh Hazel?

In order for the arrest to be lawful, the following two conditions must also be satisfied:

* It is not reasonably practicable for a constable to make the arrest instead - They will not arrest their masters

* The arrestor has reasonable grounds for believing that the arrest is necessary to prevent one of the following:

The person causing physical injury to himself or others

The person suffering physical injury

The person causing loss of or damage to property - That'll do nicely

The person absconding before a constable can assume responsibility for him

So, fellow seditionaries. I ask you to join me on June 1st 2009 at 9am outside the gates of Parliament to do your duty as an English Citizen (law only applies in England) and perform the arrest of those MPs who have admitted their guilt by repaying their thefts. You may use reasonable force. Before you think "I can't do that!", may I remind you that you can and SHOULD. It is OUR Parliament and they are self confessed thieves.

1st June 2009. 9am. House of Commons. Bring cameras and handcuffs

A list of the documented guilty is being prepared. I will issue citizens arrest warrants on each and every one of them when GOT has the time to do me a funky graphic.

Me. No licence to protest. No section 44 stop and search.



Henry North London said...

Oh this sounds like fun

GrumpyOldTwat said...

A suitably seditious graphic will be prepared.

Henry North London said...

Should I bring cable ties? or will you have plenty of those?

killemallletgodsortemout said...

If they resist arrest, may we twat them with coshes, gas and all that stuff - please?

caesars wife said...

perhaps a ranch style round up , throw a bunch of ten pound notes into a coral and then close the gate behind them , lasoo each one and brand them with a hot citizens arrest declaration

Shibby said...

I'm not trying to spam but this seems more relative than ever in light of the little get-together yesterday:

K. MacEgan said...

Two thoughts. 1.If plod wanted to wipe out the resistance all they have to do is read your blog. 2.Citizens arrest my ass. Do you no how hard it is to prove in court? If there is the SLIGHTEST doubt you will be charged with assual & false imprisonment by the filth. New Scotland Yard delenda est.

Shibby said...

K MacEgan is right because they're the ones who make the rule.

But I don't think the actual arrest is the point

It will be all over the news (hopefully)

Who knows what effect it could have

David Payne said...

If the police try to interfere or arrest the arresters, or 'protect' the guilty, they will themselves be guilty of criminal acts, possibly including aiding and abetting an offender, being accessories after the fact, perverting or attempting to pervert the course of justice, conspiracy, possession of offensive weapons in a public place with intent, intimidation, threatening behaviour, breach of the peace, abuse of a public office - the list is (almost) endless.
David Payne

Shibby said...

David Payne, the police get away with that kind of shit daily. Unless the fuzz crack a few of us over the head they're not going to be attacked.

G20 fuzzpots did much worse and almost entirely got away with it.

Fausty said...

OH, brilliant!

You might want to take a few lawyers with you in case you're presented with an argument by the police or officials that you haven't prepared for.

Also, those who turn up to assist you might have second thoughts; you'll need to allay their fears and give them confidence.

K. MacEgan said...

David Shibby is correct. It is a police state (de facto & de jure).

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Plenty of cameras around will ensure that plod do not get too over excited. Fucking excellent stuff! I don't know how you come up with it OH.

Shibby said...

Just one small question Old Holborn,

what exactly do you plan to do after "arresting" them?

Hold them hostage?

Hand them over to authorities who'll release them straight away?

And before anyone replies with "OMG KILL THEM!" may I remind you that this is a planned protest, not a planned slaughter.

john in cheshire said...

Do you think we have lost the ability to become a mob? It would be nice to see a news report where lots of ordinary people converge on something or some people (politicians, socialists, muslims) and 'do for them'. It would make me feel better.

Tuesday Kid said...

Citizens taking an active involvement in politics is long overdue.I'd particularly like to see more civil disobedience against wanky laws.

Hope your citizens arrests go well and if a few of them get a few bumps in your custody all the better. Mudderfuckas.

Tony Blair said...

Try "Kettling" the Hoons, something the G20 protesters had to put up with.

Make sure that they get a fair trial and a fair hanging

Harri i know where you are hiding you witch said...

OH , Well here is one corrupt dishonorable MP you will not have the chance to feel the collar of !

She is sick all right , as sick as a parrot for getting caught with her grubby little stubby mitts in the public till.

Margaret Moran 'not feeling well'

Serious concerns are growing for the welfare of humiliated Luton South MP Margaret Moran after her staff said she is 'not feeling well' and that they 'do not know exactly where she is'.

When questioned on the whereabouts of Labour MP Ms Moran yesterday afternoon (May 21), her communications officer Allan Davies said: "I honestly don't know at the moment.

"She's not doing any interviews or making any comments at the moment. She's not feeling very well. It's personal, I don't want to go into any details.

"She's under a lot of stress - that's why she's not giving interviews at the moment.
"We don't know her exact location at the moment. You can imagine the strain she's under."

Luton South Labour Party Association chairman Mohammed Hussain said he has not spoken to Ms Moran for 11 days.

When told about her current wellbeing, Mr Hussain said yesterday: "It's very worrying. If her health is impacted, I'm really worried.

then they are not fucking look hard enough are they ! the thieving moonbat socialist witch is in her " fourth home" in Spain.

Stop Common Purpose said...

Very public-spirited, OH! I wish you well.

R.McGeddon said...

I would love to be there but cannot owing to prior commitments. Perhaps Gordon Brown could be a candidate for arrest by the bailiffs for having spent so much Taxpayers' money with very little worthwhile to show for it.

peter_dtm said...

then we need to move on to the next bit - at the elections :

DO NOT VOTE for anyone who does NOT & has not lived & resided in the constituency for at least three years.

This will help stop party bosses parachuting professional politicians into safe seats.

If they don't live in the constituency how the hell can they represent it ?

(Staying away & not voting is NOT an option; if there really is no one you want to vote for - tell them explicitly by spoiling your ballot !

jailhouselawyer said...

What a pity you cannot arrest this repeat offender...

Tory blogger Iain Dale libels yet another Labour MP

Fausty said...

OH, if you're looking for arrest candidates, Scottish Labour MP Jim Devine fits the bill:

What is it about the Scots and money?!

Bob Bob said...

Very good.

I support this measure of civilian action.

They deserve what is coming. They cannot pin the blame on anyone else but themselves for being caught in the slurry.

Joe Public said...

"......the arrest is necessary to prevent one of the following:

The person causing physical injury to himself .........."

As dear Nadine has blogged (so it must be true), many MPs are on suicide watch, so arrest will be essential.

sd said...

Can I have Margaret Moran? And put her in a cell with Rose West?! :)


Harri i know where you are hiding you witch said...

sd said...
Can I have Margaret Moran? And put her in a cell with Rose West?! :)


Yeah , if you can persuade Interpol to drag her back from Spain!

Mr. A said...

Be careful OH! I recommend you don't do it in costume. If they shot de Menezes 8 times in the head because he was "suspiciously dark" they'll definitely do the same to a guy in a mask "attacking" a Cabinet Minister. Either do it in plain-clothes or go for a lesser MP (although I want to see Jacqboot, Hoon or Straw put in their place).

Be careful. And take a lawyer.

K. MacEgan said...

I think O'H is a nice chap but cannot see the point in (yet again) turning up in a cloak. The enemy - plod - need the fear of God put into them. That requires direct action. Scalp a few dozen. Literally, Blakelock them. Heads on spikes.

Harri i am also fucking outraged said...

Jaqui Spliff really is a cunt. Oh , and the troughers are " outraged" again!

MPs outraged as it is revealed they will not vote over police storing innocents' DNA

Yesterday the criticism mounted as the Home Office admitted it plans to rush the reforms through Parliament using a 'statutory instrument' which will be rubber-stamped following 90 minutes of discussion by a Labour-dominated committee, with no debate or vote in the House of Commons.

Thomas Hobbes said...

OH you are completely batshit crazy.

Goonspeed to you good sir.

Shibby said...

I agree with Mr. A's suggestion, don't go in costume.

Resistance Lurker said...

Take plenty of witnesses in case old Bill gets nasty. Good luck.

Archbishop Clerkenwell said...

What a pity that you were not hung for beating am elderly lady to death with a hammer

Peaceful Protestor said...

I do not want even the Police to be arresting MPs within the Palace of Westminster without a warrant, thereby affecting my democratic rights to be represented by my constituency MP.

Why should you be allowed to make such an arrest, without a warrant, either ?

What exactly are you going try to do if you do succeed in "arresting" an MP?

Are you fully aware of what you are risking ? If so, then ok, but you should make your potential supporters aware of the the other bits of the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 (SOCPA), as amended by the Terrorism Act 2006, which also apply e.g.

SOCPA Section 128 trespass on Designated SitesThe Palace of Westminster and the Portcullis House MP's offices, and the tunnels that that connect them are so Designated.

Just crossing the boundary (which is clearly marked by signs saying that this is a Designated Site) leaves you open to arrest by any Police constable, and a possible prison sentence of up to 51 weeks and or a fine of up to level 5 on the standard scale (£5000).

The pavement outside the gates of Parliament, and also the public access areas inside the building like the Central Lobby etc. are also part of the SOCPA section 132 - 138 Designated Area around Parliament Square.

Protesting without prior written permission from the Police or breaking the arbitrary terms of the Conditions which they can initially impose, and then change and any time, is also grounds for arrest by any Police constable who merely suspects that you might be breaking such Conditions or do not have Permission. That also goes for "organising" such a demonstration or "inciting" someone to break any of the arbitrary Conditions.

Again the criminal penalties are similar, up to 51 weeks in prison and up to level 3 (£1000) or level 4 fines (£2500)

Lots of "peace protestors" have been arrested and prosecuted under SOCPA sections 132 to 138, even though some of them have made claims about "illegal wars" and "war criminals" etc. - that makes no difference to the Metropolitan Police Service Public Order Unit.

Remember that being arrested for such offences, involves fingerprinting, DNA sampling and "mug shot" photography, even if you are never charged or never convicted. Such records are currently kept on file until your at least your 100th birthday (by which time they will probably have changed the rules again), and will probably be disclosed on Enhanced Criminal Records Bureau checks to potential employers the future.

If your target MPs claim that you are stopping them from taking part in the business of the House of Commons, you could also be arrested inside the Palace of Westminster and held in the cells there by the Serjeant At Arms' "men in tights".

You would then have to beg mercy from the Speaker of the Commons etc., (fat chance !) and you will not be able to sue for wrongful arrest or for anything else, as the premises are protected from interference by Her Majesty's Courts, under the 1688 Bill of Rights and Parliamentary Privilege.

All this presupposes that your publicity stunt is entirely peaceful.

However, if any of you gives any hint of potential violence, or if between now and then it can be portrayed as such in the media or online, (the authorities usually have a sense of humour failure when it comes to pictures of barrels of gunpowder etc. like the one on this page) then all sorts of other legal powers and the threat of the use of deadly force come into play.

The greedy politicians should be hounded out of office and exposed to public ridicule and electoral defeat, but trying to "arrest" them in Parliament is only likely to bring them some undeserved public sympathy. It will put you firmly in the counterproductive class of publicity seeking extremists, like Fathers4Justice or Plane Stupid.

Anonymous said...

have you got proper legal advice on this one, sure you're not going too far?

defender said...

Go for it OH, the court of public opinion would be onside for sure. Force their hands, make them feel threatened, they are on very shakey ground, let it end up in court if necessary. Money (Tax) has been taken from you personally by fraudulent means, that is personal property, even if it was only 1P it is still a crime. Push the boundries as far as possible.
Any chance someone could do up some WANTED posters, with actual offences listed?
Maybe even taking this to the small claims court for individual redress.

Paul said...

If you want to be written off as an extremist publicity chaser then yes, go ahead.

Do something like this and they can easily dismiss, discredit and sideline you.

woman on a raft said...

A wee bit optimistic thinking there will be anyone to arrest at 9am.

Eric Pickles made it clear that the poppets can't possibly get to their desks before 9.30, and what with him living in the far-off land of Brentwood and his back trouble, honestly, it's a wonder he manages to stagger in for lunch.

Safety note: if you do accidentally become trapped between a lunch buffet and a stampeding herd of hungry MPs, the trick is to turn sideways to offer as little resistance as possible and to tuck your fingers and toes in to avoid injuries.

Do not attempt to arrest them until after they have eaten, when they will be more docile and may fall to snoring on the floor. You can then get four strong men to roll one hippo on to a stretcher and carry it off.

If one of them mistakes you for a receptive female and attempts rutting behaviour, get the hell out of there. Especially if it is Moran.

Old Holborn said...

I'm arresting her for tax evasion.

She has already admitted her guilt by repaying the money she stole from me, the tax payer. Now I want her commited to trial, just as you and I would be. She can have her day in court, like the rest of us would.

And I'm not joking.

Plenty more where she came from.

If we simply allow the Police NOT to pursue these confessed criminals because they are in positions of political power, then we are truly going to be fucked when they decide they can get away with more than simple fraud if it suits them. It is the road to Totalitarianism.

A simple stand now, a sign that it will not be tolerated by the public, done in good spirits (but with real handcuffs) will save considerable amounts of bloodshed in years to come. Something we all owe our children

Phil McVile said...

Just been reading on Charlotte Gore's website about how they now have some arm of the Police that operates nationwide like Special Branch but employs pshychiatrists. Only needs two of the them to get you locked up indefinately. Have a look here and follow the link from someone called Jock who seems to know about it.

Every day seems to bring another revelation about the depths to which these bastards have sunk.

Shibby said...

Old Holborn you are absolutely right but how the fuck do you expect to keep them hostage and convince the very state they control to bring them to trial?

It's not going to happen. But I wish you the best of luck and hope you go through with it anyway.

Stick it to 'em!

Old Holborn said...

I do not intent to hold nayone hostage

I intend to arrest them, using reasonable force if required (hand cuffs) and take them immediately to Charing Cross Police Station.

As is my right AND DUTY under UK law.

I also intend to make sure that every newspaper puts a photo of a law abiding citizen performing a citizens arrest on a thief on its front cover.

Shibby said...

Brilliant. Hope it goes well!
And don't get hurt.

defender said...

At 13:36 Monday we can now confirm that following on from the sustained denial of service attack on the main BNP website ( we can now confirm the following:

1. The Counter Terrorism Unit at Scotland Yard is now investigating.
2. MI5 have now been alerted to this incident which has serious implications for UK security.
3. The Labour Party aligned "Searchlight" organisation is now being investigated by the Metropolitan Police for a similar attack on the servers of Clear Channel. The situation is compounded by the fact that "Searchlight" actually works for the Metropolitan Police.

Shibby said...

What do you think of the DDOS? Personally I'm against it but not because I like the BNP or anything...It just seems like an attack on freedom of expression, democracy, and of course someone else's property.


VotR said...

Good luck OH,
May the (police) force be with you.

And take witnesses in case the (police) force tries to get you. Old Bill hates a witness, or ten.

Anonymous said...

You'd never make a copper Holbers. Old Bill nick people at 4am without warning.

Like Hazel will be there, front and centre at 9am waiting for you.


charcoal said...

Citizens? Arrests? Very likely.

Anonymous said...

my MP, being a complete twit, sent me a communication this week detailing "a week in the life of your MP".

"Business in the HoC begins at 2:30 on a Monday in order to allow MPs enough time to travel... As it takes about three and a half hours to get to London by train door to door....."

So if you want to find some in a non-designated area with no police about, just buy a train ticket.

But bear in mind, any MP can have a handgun for self-defence by asking the Home Secretary for a permit. Wonder how many do?

Anonymous said...

woman on a raft said...

"She has already admitted her guilt by repaying the money she stole from me, the tax payer.".

Just to sort out the tenses there: Moran, like the cheque-waving Blears, has said they will pay the money back. That's not the same as saying the sum has been debited from her account.

This trick was first worked with the Ecclestone/F1 donation, where our favourite spinners solemnly said "a cheque has been sent" to imply that money had been paid back.

It isn't strictly a lie. S'not their fault if the public mis-interpret it.


The word verifiction is "bigrain". Spooky - it is pissing down here. The resident dude says that if wv starts saying "hailsatan", then run.

Tory Poppins said...

Bloody hell! How fabulous! Bravo O.H! I salute you!!

Bill Quango MP said...

Good Luck. I fear you may need to be careful. Not sure you can use handcuffs to arrest someone.

Make sure you don't end up floating face down in the Thames.Very trigger happy these Met plod.

Anonymous said...

Please do a post so that people who cannot be there due to having to work and not being in receipt of a bung from the tax payer can at least lend moral support.

We are all sick of these people and they need to go anything would be better as a replacement.

Anonymous said...

Will be there straight after night shift.

I will bring cable ties for those who forgot - or just plain ran out of them.

Anonymous said...

please make these quick arrests cuff them ,read the charges ,as you march them around the corner to the thames .onto the bridge, a short last statement, then over the side still cuffed of course. they dont need to squander any more of OUR money on a long drawn out trial . swift justice is the order of the day GOOD LUCK !

Anonymous said...

So who actually got arrested on the 1st June then ?

Anonymous said...

BOH to man in car entering precincts: "Are you an MP?"

Man in car: "Are you an arsehole?"

[BOH hauled off by police for obstructing traffic]

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