Wednesday, 20 May 2009

This Is Why We Need Less Government

Read and weep

This is the 'essential' work thousands of over paid civil servants are engaged in, timefor them to go as well, and put the money back in our pockets.


Custard said...


Guthrum said...

wait for it !

Sue said...

They're mental!

JD said...

Does ANYONE still believe the 'climate change' claptrap? If they do they are either too lazy, stupid or plain incapable of checking facts for themselves.
A treadmill for these idiot civil servants, perhaps? JD.

Barnsley Bill said...

27 degrees for sustained periods of a few days.
I wonder how much these wankers are costing you lot?

Anonymous said...

When are we going to have our minister (and ministry) of steak & kidney puddings? It's long overdue, The Two Ronnies predicted this quite some time ago.

Phil McVile said...

Don't forget that this climate change bollocks has been fed to us by a deeply corrupt legislature intent on stealing as much money as possible from us.

COme to think of it there are many laws passed by this den of thieves that wouldn't stand much scrutiny now we know the true nature of those that govern us. All the offences that incur a fine and the assumption is "guilty until proven innocent" should be re-examined. They are clearly another attempt to maximise Government income which can then be diverted into the pockets of these cunts and their mates in the Police / public sector.

I wonder what the legality of laws passed by a bunch of crooks are. Could they be challenged on the basis of having been passed by fraudsters?

Lorenzo said...

I'm no defender of human longevity at the expense of everything else, but I think it's fair enough that the government, among other organizations, issues advice that helps the country avoid our own version of the French holocaust of the elderly of 2003 (15,000 dead).

Wycked Hors said...

Global warming/climate change - a very neat secular replacement of original sin for a non-religious age.
Control-freak alarmists cannot bring themselves to acknowledge that Mother Nature can give us all a slap any time she likes - but no - "Sumfin Must Be Done".
How long until we have the GW equivalent of the Spanish Inquisition and the Witchfinder General? - oops - he's here already - Al Gore, failed Yank politico.

Gareth said...

"The Department of Health's Heatwave Plan for England, which is designed to counter the effects of climate change, reports that painting brickwork white will cost a homeowner around £3,750.

Changing flooring comes in at a touch over £2,000, while installing ceiling fans can cost £545."

That'll be an John Lewis ceiling fan is it? For an MP it'll cost them nowt.

The thing is the civil service is undertasked. This is nothing more than taking climate change propaganda at face value and turning into a free policy. No brains required from HM Government.

Sue said...

Lorenzo, So what do you suggest the elderly do when it's bitterly cold and they can't afford to heat them in one of our typical winters? Re-paint their houses a darker shade of slate and re-carpet every year?

The Government should give sensible advice, not continually alarm the population with poisonous spiders, swine flu and inane heatwave advice!

Anonymous said...

I see that Pravda are dutifully following up on this story and giving it *maximum* coverage on their 'news' homepage.

But then again, 'climate change' is the cornerstone of their Left/Green, Multi-cultural agenda isn't it ?

Vote BNP on June 4th

bofl said...

if you couldnt see it before then surely you all can now?

the uk is infected by diseased politicians who will do anything to fiddle the employment numbers.....we must have millions of 'non-jobs'...
but we have run out of money now- that is why the govt are printing it!!!!!!

as for the advice?
1/ it is shite!
2/many brits go to las vegas,thailand,kenya,india etc for holidays.....oddly the vast majority make it back!

more of OUR money pissed down the drain!

woman on a raft said...

"Local council environmental health officers are willing to inspect homes and offer advice on dealing with excessive heat."

I am also willing to offer advice to said officials on a free-at-the-point-of-delivery basis.

bofl said...

an acquaintance of mine 'works' in the computer dept of the customs and excise in essex......the last time i saw him he told me that he hadn't had to do a stroke of work for 4 months as they were waiting for a 're-shuffle.'.........

25 people all doing....zilch!

bofl said...

this is why we have so many non-jobs.....

if we didnt have the figures fiddled and a million+ non-jobs then the true un-mployment rate would be at a record!!!!

7.83 million economically inactive people in uk...........

all confirmed in link above.....

Balding Nobhead Party said...

"painting brickwork white will cost a homeowner around £3,750."

Not if you get me to do it. How big do these fuckers think our houses are? I could do a six bed house using good paint for £1500 and still make a huge profit. But what the heck, if you are offering £3750

Goodnight Vienna said...

Climate change = the new Marxist religion. These civil servants must gather around a coffee table as soon as they get into work (say, half ten) and have a really good laugh deciding which stupid proposal for the day to push. String 'em up.

tb said...

I'm a marxist.

AGW is bollocks, so fuck off.

Bill d'Sarse said...

Paint your house white.

Means: Spend money. We need to spend money to give the impression that the economy is improving so that the Government can claim economic success before the next election.

Reality: The local council will have you up in court faster than you can say, "it was the Government", for breaching local planning laws. Fines - bonus, more moey into the local coffers. Remove paint using contractor because you have no idea how to, or repaint it in original brick colour. Spend more money.

Re-floor your entire house with wood or stone tiles.

Means: Spend money. We need to spend money to give the impression that the economy is improving so that the Government can claim economic success before the next election. Even better, employ tradesman after your first attempt went badly wrong because it looks so easy on those DIY makeover TV shows.

Reality: You are then faced with the prospect of either removing said flooring in winter or buying new rugs. Double bonus, spend more money.

Install ceiling fans

Means: Spend money, especially on the electricity needed to run them. We need to spend money to give the impression that the economy is improving so that the Government can claim economic success before the next election.

Heatwave, my a**e. 27 degrees is not a heatwave, it's pleasntly warm. I suggest they look up the phrase, 'temperate climate'.

Where do they think we live, la-la land?

Anonymous said...

Well said Vienna. They do indeed want stringing up.

They are prostitutes, used gladly by TPTB.

Fidothedog said...

Can I claim the costs back on expenses?

Earthlet Nigel said...

O/T But the BBC was moaning this morning on R4 about the TV license fee saying that if it is not increased it will affect their impartiality.

They refused to answer questions about what announcers, newsreaders and actors receive, and avoided questions on expenses, especially taxi fares (too close to Gorbals Mick eh!)

Guthrum said...

the French holocaust of the elderly of 2003 (15,000 dead).

I was in France that year,the French abandoned their old to go on holiday, the Doctors abandoned their hospitals to go on holiday, the Minister of Health disappeared on holiday for a month. Simple rehydration was all that was needed. The Families relied on the State to look after their old, the State failed. End of story.

It was a heatwave, they happen all the time and have done for centuries. The following summer in France was wet and cold

caesars wife said...

weve had rain tax , hitting sports clubs, places of worship and community centres .

just the ticket your house isnt new labour enough !!!

All though a reduction in my eletric bill would be most welcome

defender said...

British Jobs for British Workers - Breaking News

WORKERS at Aberthaw Power Station joined hundreds of contract workers across the country to stage a wildcat strike over the hiring of foreign labour.

The unofficial action started at the LNG site after strikers complained that an agreement by contractors to offer jobs to local labour had been broken when a contractor hired around 50 Polish workers.


HUNDREDS of protestors at oil refineries in Killingholme are causing traffic chaos, blocking all roads into the LOR and ConocoPhilips - including the A160.

It is also rumoured a fringe group of regional protesters are planning to block the M62.

As reported, the contractors have downed-tools in support of colleagues at the Liquid Natural Gas Terminal, Milford Haven, who have walked out in protest at the use of foreign labour.Source

Anonymous said...

'Local council officials will be happy to inspect....' and, no doubt, move said house into a higher Council Tax Band. Or, at the very least, eye you & it up with the aim of identifying SOMETHING extra they can charge you for. Cunts!
Re the BBC - I feel so much better since I stopped paying my licence fee - it doesn't bother me half so much when they brown nose to our corrupt politicians.
On June 4th I, and my two dogs who are registered voters, will be casting our votes. Beat Labour at their own fraudulent game & vote at least twice! They don't obey the law - why should I?

defender said...

Links to my post above

Goodnight Vienna said...

No need to be so defensive TB - let's just agree to call it 'a new religion' then. Either way, someone is writing a new programme for us.
wv: workers (cognisant word ver?)

Anonymous said...

it wouldn't be so bad but this plan has been produced every year since much money has been wasted on this rubbish?

Henry Crun said...

Ohh dear, it might be a bit warm this summer.

Open a fucking window then!

27C is hardly heatwave temperatures. Try visiting Kruger National Park in February - temperature was no lower than 35C all week and on the hottest day it was 44C. Platz? We all did.

Old Holborn said...

My favourite was landing at 3am in Delhi. 36C in the middle of the night.

Watched the needle climb to 51C during the day.

Wife: It's 51C in the shade!
OH: Well don't stand in the shade then stupid

Barnsley Bill said...

46 degrees at the Adelaide oval watching fat Aussies keel over from the heat was my favourite.
We still talk of this as survivor Adelaide in hushed tones.
One downside of the stinking hot summers over here in NZ is that the swimming pool is unable to keep your beer cold for the entire month of February. Having to move a fridge out to poolside is a bugger.

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