Friday, 8 May 2009

Thieving Bastards Open Thread

"we do not have the level of corruption that remains in many other countries" - Harriet Harman

Labourlist have turned off all comments

You really couldn't make it up


The Penguin said...

"But it was within the rules..."

The Penguin.

GrumpyOldTwat said...

Thanks for using the graphic OH, glad you like it!

I wonder how many of those greedy troughing fuckers are going to shoot themselves?

Place your bets please!

Swiss Bob said...


I managed to fill up another wanted poster in about five minutes this morning.

Everyone please feel free to cut and paste it anywhere you like.

Wanted Poster Version 2.0 - Cabinet Crooks

the beast said...

Da Babylon are bound by law to investigate any complaint
How about ringing HMRC?
These cunts are so arrogant and stupid they WILL fuck up and very soon will be as powerful as the average pleb claiming jobseekers allowance

Lancastrian Oik said...

Cunts. Just cunts. We're surrounded by minging, thieving cunts.

Guthrum said...

The monarchy could not survive any attempt to block legislation. The last monarch to use her veto was Queen Anne, in 1707.

The Queen is Supreme Governor of the Church of England and Head of the Commonwealth. These positions have symbolic importance. However, it would be wrong to imagine that the monarch is little more than a figurehead.

The Sovereign has important powers, and may still be called upon to exercise them. Under the British constitution, the monarch:

# decides when to dissolve parliament, and

# decides who should be appointed prime minister.

So thats the Monarchy stuffed, she cannot remove them,we cannot remove them for another year short of storming the gates of Westminster.

Elective Dictatorship it is then. We deserve the Constitution we have not got.

Serfs all !

Oldrightie said...

Just remind me, how long have they been in power? Where's Phony Tony's exes?

Anonymous said...

When is enough going to be enough and protests start?. erth

Balding Nobhead Party said...

If being exposed by the rentboys you paid to shit on your face leads to neither resignation or suicide then being caught with your hands in the till isn't going to do it either. Here's hoping though

CryBaby said...

I'm totally up for a protest!

If we even allowed to do that? They've taken those rights away too!

Anonymous said...

Methinks it's about time for a roundup of suspected terrorists or a imminent attack to deflect from this news.

Anonymous said...

Or swine flu, the world is going to stop, the banks have done it blah blah blah fucking blah the cunts. And for any security service reading this fuck off and die.

Anonymous said...

Read this cunts comment about the leak don't like their own medicine

Sir Stuart Bell, who sits on the House of Commons Commission, said: 'If this was received by unauthorised means, it is disgraceful that a national newspaper should stoop so low as to buy information which will be in the public domain in July.

DiscoveredJoys said...

Trough on crime, trough on the causes of crime.

Anonymous said...

Dramatic terrorist arrests any time now!? Sudden increase in the virulence of swine flu?

Chalcedon said...

It is truly nauseating. MPs police themselves so none of the thieving bastards will be investigated for fraud, embezzlement or even blatant thievery because they make up the rules or suspend the rules willy nilly. Where is the honour in public life? I think we might have to return to the situation where MPs get no salary or expenses or fees etc but support themselves with other jobs or money made before entering parliament. At least that way none can abuse taxpayers money except by wasting it on useless projects like ID cards.

The lying sacks of shit need hanging.

bofl-too lazy to sign in! said...


We all know that for the past several years inflation has been at 20-25% yet interest rates were set artificially low..the figures were and still are fraudulent……adding to the huge rise in property prices………now look who had an incredibly vested interest.tony blair,gordon brown,mandy .the whole effing lot of peoples champions….all working hard for poor people………yet stealing the poor peoples money at the same time!


Secondly it would seem that we have a totally compliant bunch of toadies that will never uphold standards or reject expense claims. Why? Because these people are just another bunch who are looking after themselves!

Who are the people giving out the money fr bathplugs etc?

who are the ones lying about inflation?

Have they no shame? no spine? (rhetorical question).

I want to know the names and salaries of these tossers and i want them to explain how such blatant fraud is condoned.

there are seven million people in the uk who need a job………..

we can replace the fat pigs in 5 minutes!!!!!!!!!


The Penguin said...

I'd like to see the rules changed so that HMRC could send in a good and experienced team of PAYE compliance investigators, buzzed up on bonuses for whatthey could find, to go through the last 20 years of so with fine toothcombs and hand out the same demands for tax, interest, and penalties as happens for the rest of us.

I suspect there'd be a lot of squealing.

The Penguin

Anonymous said...

That stupid looking (she must practice) Blears woman claimed £651 for a mattress. A very quick search revealed a site selling
thousands of them. The dearest was £499. Thieving bitch.

The Penguin said...

From Labourlist:
"Chris Rumfitt is a Director in Edelman's public affairs practice following five years as Head of External Communications at Network Rail where he led that high-profile company's public affairs, media relations and community relations activity. Prior to Network Rail, Chris was at Weber Shandwick and before that had a number of political roles for the Labour Party including working in Parliament for John McFall MP and in the media team at 10 Downing Street."

So, a well practised professional liar up to his fucking greasy neck in the NuLiebore Sleazepit.

The Penguin

AnonyBNP said...

"Sir Stuart Bell, who sits on the House of Commons Commission, said: 'If this was received by unauthorised means, it is disgraceful that a national newspaper should stoop so low as to buy information which will be in the public domain in July."

I don't remember any establishment types getting so hot under the collar when the BNP membership list was illegally leaked.

In fact, if I recall correctly, at the time a great many of the Righteous brigade were almost wanking themselves silly with glee at the prospect of people being attacked, victimised and even losing their jobs...

Fucking cunts the lot of them.

Anonymous said...

Hey, OH, you're a secret Tory!

"The grandstanding and whipping up mob frenzy is getting stale but it confirms by view the Tories will do anything to bully and manipulate their way into power. It's because I'm aware of history that I oppose the corrupt and unrepentant Tories for what they are.

- Charles Hardwidge, Labourlist"
Ironically, Charles Hawtrey has posted this in a thread about the corrupt and unrepentant Labour Party, who manipulated their way into power and bullied people in order to keep it. No wonder Labourlist has disabled comments.

Anonymous said...

AnonyBNP. The hypocritical cunts are at it themselves. Remember last year they bought a list of bank accounts held in Liechtenstein? Stolen from the bank by employee Heinrich Kieber, the cunts paid £100k of our money for it.

Chalcedon said...

And you are accused of sedition on LL. Tut tut. I think comments are back on.

Dazed and Confused said...

How out of touch with reality are these vile fuckers - screwing us silly from all angles, and yet their reply when caught out?

Is to call in the policeHow dare the common pleb be privy too New Labour champagne Socialism in action!

binis said...

RE: Harriet Harperson's suggestion that "we do not have the level of corruption that remains in many other countries".

a) The correct response to that assertion would be "Name those countries."

b) She doesn't say they aren't corrupt.

Warsteiner said...

FFS Why are they claiming food and groceries on expenses ? Most people pay them out of their SALARY

Anonymous said...

'"we do not have the level of corruption that remains in many other countries" - Harriet Harman'

Quite right Ms Harperson - the level of corruption here in the UK is much higher.

They really need stringing up!

Dave H said...

Several leading papers online are leading with this story. I would like to share this reader’s comment with you:

“…If these allegations are confirmed to be true, then it is very shameful Mr. Prime Minister.

- Alasholuyi Charles, Lagos, Nigeria, 8/5/2009 13:37″

Even the fucking Nigerians are shocked!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
'"we do not have the level of corruption that remains in many other countries" - Harriet Harman'

Only because you make your only rules then ammend them as necessary. You could eliminate all crime at a stroke if everyone could do that. You dafty.

Anonymous said...

"But it was within the rules..."

Yes indeed, but they make the rules:-)

it's either banned or compulsory said...

So there's Slippery Jack belatedly deciding to repay the money he stole by paying back the 50% council tax rebate that he had claimed in full once it was clear that his multiple fraudulent claims were to be published.

Hey Jack, if that had been a single Mum Social Housing claimant forgetting about her live-in useless boyfriend she would have been up in front of the Beak, fined, named and shamed.
Saying " Sorry, I forgot and I paid it back anyway " is not good enough from her and it is not enough from you, you corrupt cunt.

Perhaps I was being a little naive in previously thinking that Jack was merely a skilled political survivor, inept and politically corrupt but personally above reproach. How wrong I was.
Jack Straw, yes YOU, we know what an expenses fiddle looks like and you are it.

But what do our Parliamentary Protectors worry about ?
Cunts, the lot of you.

Bent Society said...

It is about to get very ugly for Kirkbride I reckon: check it out:

Anonymous said...

Blear's mattress costs so much 'cos it has special secret compartments to stash banknotes and extra food

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