Sunday, 3 May 2009

They are getting through

Getting shirty (part 2): Tony owes one to our man in Tokyo

The news that disgruntled voters are sending Gordon Brown the shirts off their backs has reminded Gordon Thom, a former diplomat, of a shirting injustice that must now be put right.

Tony Blair, visiting Tokyo in 1997, unaccountably found himself without fresh shirts. An appeal went out to embassy staff for a 16in-neck white shirt and Thom answered the call. “I’ve not seen the shirt since,” he says.

The campaign starts here. Any spare shirt will do, Tony.

Atticus Sunday Times 3rd May


Henry North London said...

Nice one You must have seen the receipt He got mine for definite on 30th April

Swiss Bob said...

"Is Brown Bonkers?"

Find out the truth with Dr Stephen Wolfram's (British) Computational knowledge engine.

WolframAlpha – Blogging Revolution

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Has there been any utterings from Downing Street about the shirt campaign, or are the bastards still denying receiving any?

Guthrum said...

We know they are all in denial, but with the shirts,No10 petition, Hazel Blears who knows which will be the bit that pushes over the edge

K. McEgan said...

Size 16?I always knew he was a scrawny necked cunt.No wonder secret police/specal branch plod guard him.How do those bits of sub human excreta sleep at night?Granny bashers,burglars,kiddy murdering scum but hey you get to carry a 9mm and shoot protesters.New Scotland Yard delenda est.

The Penguin said...

That'll be the scouse scrubber, always keen on grabbing a free ride, or a free shirt.

Fucking ugly too!

The Penguin

K. McEgan said...

She may not be Nicole Kidman Pengy but she is intelligent unlike Tone the fuckwit.

Roger Thornhill said...

“I’ve not seen the shirt since,”

Who'd want it?

p.s. Thorny's hand made pinpoint french cuff'd, box pleated, single pocket shirt was despatched special delivery. It was clean but sweat-stained from long service. The sweat stains were part of the message.

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