Sunday, 17 May 2009

Speaker Martin To Go

Not since the time of Cromwell ! The first of the Darien Government to Go

An English Parliament and a new Constitutional settlement


Old Holborn said...

Yes. An ENGLISH Parliament. A federal country. Let your Mayor be responsible and hold him to account in the queue in Waitrose.

OUR country. It doesn't belong to 646 thieves, it belongs to US.

A long hot summer required....

K.E. McEgan said...

Why wait? Doesn't revolution occur not when hope has ended but been stymied? Standing Order Number One; Wear the uniform pay the price. Plod & collaborators to face righteous retribution.

Old Holborn said...

Watch and wait

Not long now

Oldrightie said...

The Breaking news looks a shaker on top of all the other stuff!

Fausty said...

Superb analogy, OH.

Chris said...

Daily Mash sums up the situation in eloquent and magisterial fashion:

Bunch of Shits Turn On Chief Shit

yokel said...

Lets just make sure it is not nine Regional Assemblies!

My fear is growing that this has been the EU's coup d'etat, and the outcome will be the abolition of the Westminster parliament in favour of the Regions and direct rule from Brussels.

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