Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Speaker Martin to Go this afternoon

After yesterdays disgraceful charade, it has even occured to Speaker Martin's thick skull that the game is up.

He is only the first, the whole rotten Parliament now needs to be closed down and fresh elections called. Hopefully with enough independents there to neuter the big three parties who have stitched this country up for decades.

Brown next.


The Penguin said...

With any luck the graceless fat cunt will be so incensed by the loss of Jonah's support he'll turn round and knife McBroon. The falling out of thieves, hmmmmmmm, fingers crossed!

The Penguin.

Anna Raccoon said...

'Occurred to speaker Martin' - no, I think it occurred to Gordon Brown.

In return, I expect some interesting bodies to be exhumed......

Goodnight Vienna said...

One by one, little by little ... Douglas Hogg has just announced that he's standing down as an MP at the next GE as well so the Old Guard's clearing off. The MPs had better not waste this chance to to properly restore parliamentary integrity.

Dungeekin said...

A Poem for the (Ex)Speaker. . .

'Ordure, Ordure'
(With apologies to W H Auden)

There goes Mick Martin, back o'er the border,
No longer will he say "Order, Order",
Expenses for the rich, all claiming for more,
And letting the Plod break down Damian's door,
A failure as Speaker, and now it's his time,
All confidence lost due to all of his crimes.
His partisan ways a disgrace to the Chamber,
He gave Opposition MPs the cold shoulder,
Though yesterday he tried to plead to the masses,
He'd always just tried to make war between classes
Though MPs all cheer as his time approaches,
They should know it won't save the other cockroaches.
The Speaker refused to turn his course,
He waffled on while faith was lost,
So though his passing is no great shakes,
Knowing he's next the Prime Minister quakes.

Alan Wallace Jury Team said...

Applause for Dungeekin, superb.

That'll be the Speaker's son Paul greetin' into his cornflakes this morning. The plan was an orderly succession, a passing over of the Glasgow seat from father to son next year.

And these are the same wankstains that complain about hereditary peers?

By the way, anybody know if Martin's taking up a seat in the Lords?

charcoal said...

good riddance to Hogg - he helped prevent a public enquiry after Hungerford.

A lot to hide, wasn't there Douglas?

Dave H said...

Martin can't even say 'Order', it always comes out 'Uh-order'. And FFS that's the one word he really has to use.

He needs the extra time provided by an interjection to mentally compose himself for the effort of pronouncing a two-syllable word.

I do hope next time they can find a Speaker that can speak.

Custard said...


Tory MP Douglas Hogg will NOT stand at the next election following controversy over his expenses

JD said...

One down...
What's the betting the rest of his fellow thieves will try to use this to 'draw a line under the matter"? We must not let that happen. JD.

Anonymous said...

Great news, but no doubt some kind of dodgy deal has been done so the greedy swine and his ghastly wife can hang onto their trough full of ill-gotten taxpayer-funded gains.

Balding Nobhead Party said...

Just watching the BBC and fuck me are they sucking Martin's cock. Apparently this is all because the tories hated his working class roots. No wait, now its all Quentin Letts' fault. Its everyone else's fault but his. Martin retains a lot of affection in his constituency apparently, as does his son who may contest his seat. Herediary socialist cunts

insert-coin-here said...

Bravo Douglas Carswell.

Between his taking of the speakers scalp and Hannans verbal shoeing to Cyclops the authors of 'The Plan' have already made a big name for themselves.

If anyone is yet to read it then buy it,absorb,and spread its message far and wide.

A much more Libertarian way forward for the UK is within our grasp and we need to get behind those in power who can deliver it.

And cast our gaze upon those who would preserve the old ways....

Reimer said...

charcoal said...
"good riddance to Hogg - he helped prevent a public enquiry after Hungerford.

A lot to hide, wasn't there Douglas?"

Hmm, any chance of an executive summary?

Anonymous said...

'Martin retains a lot of affection in his constituency apparently' - not according to a number of his constituents - the ones who've been on TV anyway. One person has spoken about him being a scapegoat, the rest seem to think he got what he deserved.

Custard said...

Ann Widdecombe as an "interim" speaker. Eeek!

Anonymous said...

Anne Widdecombe? Why not!

The Editor said...

I know there are lot of fans of stanislav here. He's just applied for the jobn of Speaker: stanislav, a young polish plumber has applied for the position of Speaker: TO The owner, house of commons down London.

Chalcedon said...

I said by the end of this week the bastard would be gone, but yesterday was political suicide. He is also packing it in as an MP. I expect he has been offered a sinecure in the House of Frauds and a big payoff.

Phil McVile said...

See them applauding the cunt as he walked out. Also Kate Hohey on Sky saying "It should be down to the electorate, well to a certain degree anyway." They are all the same. Even the ones you think might be OK.

black hole sunset said...

The money's irrelevant compared to the mountain of debt, waste and fraud that has been foisted on the public.

The best outcome now would be that neither him nor his similarly "endowed" offspring (see: spawn of transgender haggis buggerer) go on to polute the system for years to come.

Pay them all off if that's what it takes - it'll be cheap at the price given what we've seen so far.

Anonymous said...

I feel a bit sorry for him now he's gone. He wasn't that bad really, after all, just a decent, honest working-class lad made good....


Only kidding, I hope he chokes on a fried fucking Mars bar.

The fat, troughing, scawtish cunt !

beast of clerkenwell said...

His reward is that his son WILL inherit the labour nomination
Good luck to the SNP

Anonymous said...

and so it starts...

Clean out the $hite.

MP's - You work for the PEOPLE and don't forget it.

Anonymous said...


Shibby said...

We would do well to get rid of that cunt Jacqui Smith first.

Guthrum - delusions in a goldfish bowl said...


You really are blowing out of your arse now Guthrum.

Where will these `Independants` get their finances - billboards, paper ads, broadcasts, leaflets - all costs money.

How will they compete against the system, who have the media on their side to amear any independant that raises his hand to the system?

What coherent message will they have, and would they truly be independant?

How many so called independants are you visualising making this dramatic breakthrough in places where a pig with a red or blue rosette would get elected - more than 100?

If the independants actually managed to make the smallest difference the main three and their media whores would close ranks on them and shut them down, one by one.

Keep dreaming guthrum, keep dreaming.

Oh and by the way Guthrum - you helped to create this mess and you continue to fuel it's turbines, like the slave you are.

You are too ignorant to ever understand why or how.

It will be for others to lead the way, others to take back our democracy and others to highlight how we have all been betrayed, conditions to self destruct and it will be for others to claim the glory of rebuilding great Britain.

You Guthrum will not be included or wanted.

The Penguin said...

Nice plate!

Oh, @16.29, congratulations! You really know how to make friends and influence people.

The Penguin.

Anonymous said...

He's hanging around like a bad smell 'till 21st June. Why not fuck off now? Cancell pension,reclaim wages,sequestrate assets,and stick him on the 17th floor of a tower block on a sink estate with a broken lift surrounded by bangladeshis and heroin addicts.
That's what the cunt deserves.

bofl said...

Brown has cost the country £ billllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i wonder where he got the money to buy his properties?

couldnt of been from his books on courage as they are shite!!!!!!

committees for this-that and the other.....piss money away here-give it there-to nuclear powers and India where the caste system enslaves people.

if it wasnt so effing annoying it would be funny.....like the 'life of brown'......

bloody english...peoples front,brothers+sisters,peoples front of judea......

his traitourous acts of signing european treaties should bring a far more serious punishment than the speaker........

caesars wife said...

even the cats feeling happy , whats Hain doing saying were in a mess , mmmmmm surely hoping everyone will forget about how much his parties policies have ruined the country .

trying to pin all on michael martin will not do , the hoons have been collectively rogering us .

nice plate OH ainsley ??

Fidothedog said...

Snot muncher is hidden away in his bunker planning final victory.

Phil McVile said...

Listening to that cunt Brown. He's got a new buzzword. Independent. Makes a change from Global and System but still a load of bollocks.

All these cunts are closing ranks and saying an election is not necessary. Fuck them.

RavingMad said...

Gordon thinks that Hazel Blears behaviour is unacceptable.

Gordon admits that she acknowledges this and has paid back the tax.

Gordon doesn't think she has done anything illegal or against the rules 'as they were'

Hazel reamians in cabinet.

How does this square with his comments that no labour party member will stand in the elction if they have broken the rules??

Oh, I know, they make the rules.

What a wanker he is.

black hole sunset said...

Guthrum - delusions in a goldfish bowl said...

That's a fucking stiff penalty for a bit of well-meaning, if slightly wishful, thinking that it.

The truth is it's all we've got for the foreseeable future so you've set yourself up nicely to be a perpetual cunt.


T' old 'un said...

Well all this is the logical and inevitable end of the Labour movement. It was high jacked many years ago by the squirachy who could see a way of improving their lot.
The downfall of Labour have been their ideas that every one was equal and that the redistribution of wealth was a sacred obligation.
It developed into every one being equal and some ("themselves" and their more intimate supporters) being more equal, and the recipients of the redistributed should be themselves.

black hole sunset said...

RavingMad: "... she (Blears) acknowledges this and has paid back the tax".

I'm not sure she has any intention of paying that tax back - even though she said things that were obviously intended to give that impression.

Her exact wording fell short of saying that should would be revising her previous tax returns to HMRC, such that she would become liable for the capital gains tax in question.

Perhaps she does intend to pay the tax back but accidentally chose an ambiguous way of saying it - on the other hand .... =)

Anonymous said...

The big picture; We have all been lied to

Anonymous said...

I hope that Michael Martin,the vile old cunt, dies slowly of arse cancer.
Now, what about that peculiar little woman Hazel Blears, surely she must be next ?

If you knew, you would know! said...

black hole sunset said...
19 May 2009 18:10

You should ask OH to change the water as you and Guthrum are swallowing each others shit, swimming around in your tiny bowl with your tiny minds.

Question everything!

Anonymous said...

Dolly's back. What fun

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