Sunday, 3 May 2009

Something Rather Different

Hank Crawford, Bob DeVos, Jimmy McGriff and Jimmie Smith. 1989 in San Diego.

The Penguin


Ampers said...

Thank you for that, really appreciated

Shibby said...

The police are still racist:

Lord Voldermandelson said...

Was that you in minstrel guise playing the throbbing organ ?
Certainly looked a little like you

Anonymous said...

Lovely Penguin. Was that meant to help us have Bank Holiday Chillout Time instead of allowing Gordon & Friends to send our blood pressure sky high? I just checked the two petitions about an hour ago - stay 33, go 46K+ think it's sending a bit of a message to Gordon there.

The Penguin said...

Even flightless birds need to chill sometimes :-)

The Penguin

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