Monday, 18 May 2009

A Simple Solution to The Public Sector Pension Problem.

The huge and embarrassing scandal of the vast pensions that are accruing to senior politicians and civil servants and cunts running quangos or fucking up the NHS can very easily and quickly be solved.

Cull them as soon as they retire from service. Use the remains for either rendering down for bio-diesel, or for medical science.

Televised Competitions could be devised, hosted by that cunt Simon Cowell (until his retirement!) where the great viewing public could run up their telephone bills in deciding ever more imaginative and painful ways that Cabinet Minsters could be terminated.

I can think of a few myself. Hunting them down with dogs would be good, and if tickets were on offer, could bring much help to the countryside's stricken economy.

It's a win-win, and as such I commend it to the House.

The Penguin.


Rab C. Nesbitt said...

What about a public sector version of 'Logan's Run'?

Old Holborn said...


Pravda is busy telling us this morning that if we retire, we'll get Alzheimers

Now, where did I see that report again?

TheBigYin said...

"Pravda is busy telling us this morning that if we retire, we'll get Alzheimers"

So us plebs should work till we drop but the fudgepackers in parliashit can retire early (the earlier the fucking better) on the plebs, they won't get Alzheimers, they're immune, it says so in their expenses claim sheet.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

It's daft cunts like me who work in the private sector that have to work 'till we drop. The bastards in the public sector get a gold plated pension early doors. It makes my blood boil.

Mark Wadsworth said...

OH, have you wimped out or something? Why wait until they retire?

Guthrum said...

Oh Dear, you will have Diane Abbott runnning to the papers again !

microdave said...

For the time being you can try this if you are running Windows:

1) Empty your Recycle Bin
2) In "My Documents" create a new folder called "Gordon Brown"
3) Delete this folder
4) Open the Recycle Bin
5) Click "Empty The Recycle Bin"

Anonymous said...

What an excellent idea Penguin!

Joking apart, because our useless 'leaders' (and I use the term loosely - very loosely)are hanging back from taking any real punitive action against the thieves & cheats amongst the MPs ordinary peoples' anger is now just about white hot. How long before a trougher is attacked in the street? I have to say, if I saw someone in the street kicking 50 kinds of s*** out of an MP - I'd just walk on by & mind my own business. I certainly wouldn't try to stop it or call the police.

I don't think Brown, Clegg & Cameron appreciate just how close the lit match is to the tinder.

black hole sunset said...

Install these around Westminster (pointing inwards, of course) and let the games commence.

Harri said...

Anon said...

" if I saw someone in the street kicking 50 kinds of s*** out of an MP - I'd just walk on by & mind my own business. I certainly wouldn't try to stop it or call the police."

Why not join in ! that would be the ' right thing to do '

Harri and another thing said...

Not forgetting to rifle through the troughers pockets for some of your own money , liberate them of your hard earnt.

Then kick em again , only this time even fucking harder.

defender said...

As the exposure of the thieving, dishonourable, crooked, currupt, menditious, lying, useless cunts continue into a second week, it is clear that they have no intention of sorting the HoC or indeed themselves.
We the proles are angry, very angry, but do they get it, no they dont, a little fiddling here, a coat of paint there and bullshit spewing every where.
Do they fear us, no they dont, they hope to push the reset button and will carry on as before as soon as the storm has passed over.
There is though one thing that we know that they fear as nothing else, they shit bricks at the thought, they unite regardless of any other fucking thing, they take it much more seriously than any talk of hanging, deselection, troughing, or party politics.
They fear the BNP, they fear that the people are going to vote for the BNP, they have no answer to the growing support for the BNP, they would give you anything not to vote for the BNP.
What a BIG stick that is for a small minor party, the ability to make 646 cunts shit bricks.
I know some of you hate these MP cunts with a passion, well here is a chance to deal with the fuckers.
You might not want to vote for the BNP, thats your affair, but they are the ones the cunts are terrified of.
If you vote for us we will be holding our candidates by their balls and cunts to their honour, we will not piss about, any immoral activities and we will destroy them, no messing about, whack. No excuses, no arguments, no inquirey bollox, no mercy. That is going to be the standard.
If they see that that is the standard on offer they are fucked.
Go on, be a fucking rebel for once in your lives, who needs to know, just you in a box with a slip of paper and a pencil.

Faux Cu said...

They can be saponified and rendered quite useful for greasing the workings of Big Ben.

Quite appropriate for these slimy bastards

David G said...

FFS how many times do we have to beatt hem around the head before they get it ?

Its OUR fucking money. You stole it. It belongs to the taxpayer. Its not yours to redistribute.

Shibby said...

Many deserve to go to jail but violence ain't the answer.

Can we avoid advocating lynching people. We'll end up just as bad as they are.

Phil McVile said...

Does anyone remember Peter Cook and Dudley Moore dreamed up a game called "Celebrity Blow Your Tits Up" where celebrities would attach explosives to women's tits and the ones that went highest in the air would win the biggest prize? Some sort of adaptation of that theme may well be a good way to deal with these cunts.

Mitch said...

Apply the judge dredd solution to retirement,you take the long walk until the locals kill and eat you.

Anonymous said...

"defender said...

Go on, be a fucking rebel for once in your lives, who needs to know, just you in a box with a slip of paper and a pencil."

You know what - when you put it like that you really leave me no alternative whatsoever.

I will be voting BNP on June 4th. I want the 646 cunts to shit bricks, I want them to squeal and panic and start to get so desperate that their smearing of the BNP becomes comical to the point of absurd.

But most of all, I want the bastards to SUFFER. And they have given me more than enough indication these last few days that the one way I can make that happen is to tick the box marked BNP on June 4th.

Fuck 'em. I'm doing it. I'm not swallowing one of their 'acceptable' protest outlets. Fuck that. I'm voting BNP.

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