Thursday, 28 May 2009

Round up the nutters

Ivan Denisovitch, critic of the State

A little known Police Unit operates in the UK under the watchful eye of Tony McThug MP. Set up in 2006, the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre consists of a dozen staff entirely dedicated to having people who have committed no crime locked up under the Mental Health Act.

The joint Police/ Mental Health unit have so far rounded up 168 people who have an unhealthy interest in well, anything and nine people (six white, north European males, one white, south European male, two white, north European females) have been sent off to the funny farm on the orders of the Police. Yes, the Police.

Good job you may say. The less nutters walking the streets the better.

Word is reaching my ear that a vocal critic of Jacqui Smith MP has now been contacted by his GP and summoned to attend a mental health assessment, on personal orders from the Home Secretary herself.

Wouldn’t it be an interesting world if critics of Politicians were dragged off to Psychiatric Hospitals by the Police “for their own good”.

How very “totalitarian”.
Quote: In the twenty-first century mental illness is presumed to be the normal circumstance and sanity deemed to exist only after ‘treatment’ by a psychiatrist.


Anonymous said...

I think its referfed to as 'Orwellian Psychiatry'

Anonymous said...

Perhaps criticism of Jackboots is seen as so unreasonable as to constitute dangerous insanity? If so they had better start building lots of new asylums.

K. McEgan said...

If this thing goes to Def Con Three expect to be lifted.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

No way! Is this for real? So the police decide, not the 'justice system'. Fuck me.

Anonymous said...

Its not the police who decide,it's their political masters. Those brave enough to place their heads above the parapet had better watch out. The rest of us had better offer unconditional support if and when one of you guys get lifted. You will have mine.

Henry Crun said...

Have you watched Changeling?

Christine Collins is locked up in a "Psychopathic" hospital because she asked too many questions about police competence.

Nice to see McThug keeping up with good ole Soviet traditions.

Anonymous said...

Whats new? Rememeber Mr Fagan who a few years ago popped inth the queens bedroom for a nightcap and a "chat" so thats what it's called these days anyway he ended up at the funny farm.

Anonymous said...

Sluggishly progressing schizophrenia, looks clear to me.

Cold said...

The new mental health act - no longer requires a psychiatrist to section you. Go read, it's a very, very dangerous road to go down.

Harri looks like i had a lucky escape said...

Got some more " customers " for you Tom and the FTAC...

One out of five British MPs suffer mental illnesses
July 16th, 2008 - 1:21 pm ICT by IANS -

London, July 16 (IANS) Over a fifth of British MPs have experienced a mental health problem, but are too scared to talk in case they lose their seat, a survey has revealed. An anonymous survey of 94 MPs, 100 lords and 151 parliamentary staff members showed that 19 percent of MPs, 17 percent of peers and 45 percent of parliamentary staff said they had experienced a mental health problem, reported The Independent.

But one in three said work-based stigma and expecting a hostile reaction from press and public stopped them from being open about these problems.

The All Party Parliamentary Group on Mental Health published the findings Tuesday as part of a report critical of a law that MPs must give up their seat for life if sectioned under the Mental Health Act for six months. No such sanctions exist for being unable to work for six months for physical illnesses.

Dinesh Bhugra, president of the Royal College of Psychiatrists that helped carry out the survey, said: “We applaud this effort to start talking more openly about mental illness. MPs occupy a privileged position in the public eye and greater openness has the potential to lead to a better public understanding of mental health issues.”

Mark Oaten, a Liberal Democrat MP, revealed he was treated with anti-depressants after his private life was exposed in the press.

“The truth is many politicians, myself included, have found the job enormously stressful,” he said. “I was regularly taking Prozac.”

He says he has now “got back his life” and is looking for other career opportunities after the next election

Mental and thieves! Lunatics arresting Lunatics on Lunatics orders to protect the potential lunatics from the other lunatics ?

You really are fucked.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

You must be shitting yourself, OH! ;o)

Alan Wallace Jury Team said...

Isn't this what they used to do in the Soviet Union?

"Communism is perfect and the only sane system, therefore if you oppose Communism you must be insane. If you are insane, we'll put you in an asylum until you are cured. We're doing this for your own good"

Phil McVile said...

You can imagine some bunch of spying cunts busily tracking and recording IP adresses of those who post here and on other boards. All they need is their two tame shrinks to agree and you're off to the funny farm.

It would do no harm to tell someone to post a message here if anyone does get dragged off. I for one would try and help to get them released should such a message ever appear.

Chalcedon said...

Are you implying that the UK is behaving like the Soviet Union?

Oh, hang on, someone is kicking my door down...........

Anonymous said...

The socialist mind always perceives any undesirable behaviour as illness. For example, crime is a symptom of poverty, itself an illness caused by capitalism.

The interesting thing about this is that people will completely accept it when it agrees with their personal philosophy. For example - do you think religion is a form of mental illness? If you do, it might be because the Righteous have repeatedly told you so. It's a form of child abuse, don'tcha know? Is religion like a virus for the mind, infecting society, counteracting the good work of the Righteous? Or is that just what the Righteous want you to think?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Phil. Great suggestion. Maybe regular posters should devise a method of putting a message on here if the worst happens. I would certainly be willing to get involved in getting them freed too.
I read a very interesting book a while ago, a translation from an Eastern European Professor's book on how the '-ologys' had been misused under Soviet rule.

Now, thanks to Blair & Brown, we've got the same system here.

Yokel said...

Hasn't life turned through 180 degrees? Surely I cannot be the only one to remember a Giles cartoon in the old Daily Express. It showed a hospital waiting room, with a notice on the wall. The notice read "It is dangerous to say that you like Harold Wilson in the presence of two doctors".

microdave said...

"One out of five British MPs suffer mental illnesses"

"The new mental health act - no longer requires a psychiatrist to section you."

In which case why is Gordoom still at No 10?

suigmypiel said...

It is obvious that the thieving bastards in Wastemonster with their guilty consciences need urgent phycological help in order to ween them off their kleptomanical habits. Nurse Mildred Ratched is available.

VotR said...

To fight bastards, you have to be a bigger bastard.

A philosophy Jacqui Bloody Smith has learned well.

Of course, there's always another bigger bastard. And I don't think little Jaqcui has the steel to be that bigger bastard, in the long term. Too many weaknesses, vices and enemies. May the best bastard win. It will be a long, long battle and war against these scumbags.

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