Saturday, 9 May 2009

Report them ALL . Yes. YOU

It seems a brave citizen has reported Tony McThug MP to the Police as having "obtained pecuniary advantage by deception’.

You too have the right to report a corrupt minister to the police. You are simply a citizen doing your duty. They are legally obliged to log the call and investigate.

What are we all waiting for? Seriously.

Charing Cross Police Station : Telephone: 0300 123 1212 (open 24 hours) or crimestoppers at above number 0800 555 111

I'm doing Vaz, alright?

UPDATE: Mrs Dale has a stunner on the Labour MP for Lutonistan South who spent £22K of MY money doing up a holiday home.....


bofl said...

so how did gordon get the money to buy his 2 properties in the early nineties?

he was not earning enough to get bona fide mortgages.

i believe that nowadays some criminals can have their ill gotten gains seized.

i am glad that peter oborne has read this blog.

every penny needs to be repaid by ALL of these bastards.

homes,tvs,bathplugs all sold off........

and they should all be sacked and their pensions stopped.

there are 7 million economically inactive people in the uk........

findings replacements will not be a problem!

Hairy Arsed Bloke said...

Public executions are the answer.

The evil snot goblin, B'Liar, et al should be hung, drawn, and quartered.

Show a HiDef recording to all new MP's to show them what happens if they fuck about.

Anonymous said...

If you report the scum online, use a proxy so the Stasi can't trace you.

I recommend Tor but if that's too complex, try this one:

If you get the URLExtension add-on for Firefox, it has an automatic proxyfier too.

Anonymous said...

And pute these posters up in you neck of the woods:

Harri the enraged one said...

Probably fallen on deaf ears, but just for the record i have sent Ms Moran an e-mail direct to her website, and have given the thieving witch both barrels , and as a former constituent of the self serving oh so righteous thieving cow , have asked for a full explanation of her illicit ways ... i have already recieved e reply .

May 9
Dear Mr Xxxx xxxxxxxx,

Thank you for your email.

Emails are treated in the same manner and with the same level of importance as other constituency communications by post, telephone and fax.

My office receives a considerable number of letters and emails every day, so please accept that this has to be prioritised. You will be sent a full reply as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely,

Margaret Moran MP

Bollocks , in other words ?

Theiving cunt .

Barnacle Bill said...

I'm beginning to think we should torch or demolish any MP's "second home" to teach them a lesson.
As it was acquired thru questionable means I hope their insurers will tell them where to stick their claim.
Just leaving them with the smouldering ruins.

black hole sunset said...

In all the fun (and it is fun), don't let this pass you by:

RBS chief Stephen Hester wants taxpayer to bear greater share of **potential** losses"Asset Protection Scheme (APS)", the name of the beast.

Eric Cantona said...

OH - FYI, I've reported Vaz as well. Thanks for the link. Good one!

I can't think of a more deserving case than Vaz, except perhaps Geoff Hoon.

Anonymous said...

There is a list on ConHome of 25 MP's who voted against David Maclean's (isn't that the cunt who bought a tractor on expenses?) bill to exempt the trough swillers from the FOI act and keep their expenses secret.

25 out of 646 can be trusted. Says it all really.

James Clappison Con
Philip Hollobone Con
John Maples Con
John Redwood Con
Richard Shepherd Con
Jeremy Corbyn Lab
Jim Cousins Lab
Frank Field Lab
Mark Fisher Lab
Neil Gerrard Lab
Kate Hoey Lab
Dan Norris Lab
Peter Soulsby Lab
David Winnick Lab
Norman Baker Lib
Lorely Burt Lib
Tim Farron Lib
Sandra Gidley Lib
Julia Goldsworthy Lib
Evan Harris Lib
David Howarth Lib
Simon Hughes Lib
Susan Kramer Lib
Hywel Williams PC
George Galloway Respect

Ampers said...

I visited their anonymous form (sic) and entered:

You'll get enough replies for corrupt MPs so I won't offer my tuppence worth.

Then in the box below I wrote:

If it ever becomes illegal for husbands to sodomise their wives, then you can easily identify them. They put up websites that say they are anonymous, but they collect the computer address of the person filling in their form.

Now I know beyond any doubt that you don't do this, but at least now you will know how to recognise a wife sodomiser.

caesars wife said...

draper gate and now daiper gate , i keep having to do a double check , did mrs moloy really make her holiday home a second home so she could claim expenses !! did greg barker make 320k and then continue to claim second home allowance for the new one . did prescott think mmm iknow gable end could do with 3 more mock tudor beams , finish house off loverly.

no wonder they didnt want addeses publishing its so we could find out about flipping .

naughty naughty

Anonymous said...

Just posted this on CrimeStoppers:

Crime: Fraud and Treason

Around 640 Members of Parliament, their Civil Servants and other associates colluded to defraud Taxpayers Money for personal gain. Taxpayers money was also used to aid the transfer of UK Sovereign Powers to a foreign country in defiance of the Bill of Rights 1689.

Trouble is, fraud and treason are not only legal now but seemingly compulsory...

Leveller said...

A petition should be organised calling for the Queen to dissolve Parliament.

Balding Nobhead Party said...

A petition should be organised calling for the Queen to dissolve Parliament one by one in a bath of acid

Anonymous said...


I just wanted to clarify that Crimestoppers is a charity and NOT part of the police.

Crimestoppers are not encouraging people to contact them with speculation about MPs. If you do have any info about crime and want to remain anonymous then Crimestoppers is for you. You can either call 0800 555 111 or fill out the online form - which is completetly secure and keeps you anonymous.

There's loads of info about what Crimestoppers is etc on their website

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