Friday, 29 May 2009

Reform Is Pointless..Without Control Of Our Money

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There is a general national mood for reform of the way we are governed at present, I never thought it would be a global recession coupled with the expenses row that would bring it about.

However there are two types of Reform being proposed at present, one is that of the three main parties tinkering around the edges, setting up scrutiny committees dah de dah de dah- and the other one from frustrated members of the public who want this ‘Rotten Parliament ‘ cleared out now, not next month, not next year but now with a General Election.

Both presuppose that the ‘system’ will plod on much the same as before with a few bolt ons, a ‘recall’ system which I think is a given now that it has support from just about everybody, and fixed term Parliaments which is also gaining strong support. I think Cleggy has got it right, no summer hols until you sort this out, and involve the people in a Referendum on the Constitution- NO MORE TOP DOWN EVER- I am firmly in the STV/AV+ camp and have been for thirty years, I am not terrified of everybody having a say in how the country is run, and would have the Swiss Cantonal system here tomorrow morning. Switzerland and Germany run effectively with devolved power, and we desperately need a written Constitution with checks and balances in favour of individual Liberty against the State, not one that presupposes vice versa as Straw would have.

All of this chat is very well, but the one major reform above all else is the way we finance Government.

What should we pay to central Government for-

The Libertarian view is only two- Defence and Foreign Relations. Number of MP’s needed 100 tops

Everything else can be delegated to the County level, including tax raising powers.

( You will not get somebody risking robbing you blind if they are standing next to you in Tesco’s checkout, and no need for second homes and 800 inch TV’s)

How do you raise Revenue-?

The system that currently operates where the State deprives you of your money before you get it (PAYE) has to end, if you had to write out a large cheque every year you would think about what it was being spent on and would be interested in politics, rather than feeling you had been mugged and could do nothing about it.

The system where companies large and small are under the obligation to act as unpaid Tax collectors has to end, along with it the threats to companies from the hirelings of HMRC. Companies are set up to make profits for the shareholders, NOT to be an extension of the State. End deductions at source for Court fines, the Child Support Agency, this is nothing but a burden on industry, if the State is going to impose these sanctions let the State collect the money. The insidious use of private enterprise to do the States bidding must end, ie Tesco’s and ID cards.

Lastly not one, not one organisation should be in receipt of a penny of the public purse unless the Board are elected. This goes for the Police, including the Chief Constable, every Quango, Private enterprise like ACPO and the fake charities.

Deprive the State of Money, it will wither and die, the corruption happens because it can, because they are taking our money without consent and under the threat of violence or loss of Liberty.

You can only change your Constitution through the destruction of your Society caused by War, or in times of Economic Stress/Crisis. This moment in peacetime will not come for decades, we should not waste this time.


Gareth said...

The reform that comes from Westminster will suit Westminster first, not us. Cleggy's idea of a rapid reform over the summer holiday is a recipe for disaster for the public.

We are a corporatist nation with an elected dictatorship. Parliament is not doing the job it is meant to, perhaps because too few in it are Parliamentarians first rather than rote Government and opposition stooges.

Parliament is currently a bit like a bank and voters are a bit like savers. The powers they have are ours because we have deposited our sovereignty in Westminster. Parliament has then gone on to lend our authority to outside interests without our permission. Here we are demanding our authority be returned and Parliament has nothing in reserve.

Parliament needs to become more like a board of directors and voters more like shareholders, such that we invest our sovereignty in them and we take an active role in keeping them in check.

Anonymous said...

Much to agree with there, this country needs a massive shake up not more tinkering, the present system has been in place for almost 1000 years, time to dispence with tradition and scrap the class system and the unhealthy patronage that goes hand in hand with it, the talented should rise to the top not those who have the right parents.

caesars wife said...

I have recently made an equiry to a contractor on a gov project to ask which qunago approved the money , got loads of requests for approved partner details required .

They just dont want you to know how your money is being spent

Anonymous said...

As a minimum we should have more and sustained direct democracy. No more paying small fortunes to career lobby fodder. As a previous poster said our authority has been given away without our consent. Time we reclaimed it.

Anonymous said...

Can she come and stay at your place for a while, OH ? Just until she gets herself sorted ?

A House Guest For Old Holborn

Its OK. By not voting you'll be helping to put an end to this shit.

Hahaha !!!!

Chris said...

"Parliament is currently a bit like a bank and voters are a bit like savers. The powers they have are ours because we have deposited our sovereignty in Westminster. Parliament has then gone on to lend our authority to outside interests without our permission. Here we are demanding our authority be returned and Parliament has nothing in reserve."

I think that's Quote of the Day right there Gareth.

Ampers said...

Not against companies collecting on behalf of the State. It is easier all round.

I would just give companies permission to deduct a 25% markup to cover costs and give them a profit.

I would also allow every company in the VAT chain to each claim 25% back at every stage for their costs as well.

Then give the State the say on whether they want to continue to let Companies collect on their behalf.



Harri said...

Morley admits he is a twat!

I deeply apologise for such sloppy accounting in a very loose and shambolic allowance system but there is nobody to blame but myself and I take full responsibility for this," he said.

"I have asked Sir John Lyons the Commissioner for Standards to demonstrate that there was no intent. I will co-operate fully with his committee."

I wonder if he would not mind repeating that in front of a judge!

Not only is he a common thief, he is an incompetant insufferable oaf.

Guthrum said...

The powers they have are ours because we have deposited our sovereignty in Westminster.

Time to bank elsewhere

the present system has been in place for almost 1000 years,

No-only since 1832, with a few minor variations like allowing the proles a vote.

Fausty said...

Interesting blog and comments.

David Green of Civitas draws attention to the "payroll vote" being a disincentive to holding government to account - regardless of party affiliation.

He suggests that government ministers should not be permitted to work in the "elected assembly". He points out that ministers lack expertise in the fields they administer in office, which is not helped by reshuffles.

Worth a read:

MPs' expenses: How to fix parliament? Stop MPs being ministers, by David Green

denverthen said...

Morley's gone. Oh, and there's a piccy of your hero in the Sky story:

But the Morley criminal gets a 50+large 'resettlement' grant (two thirds tax free) and another year's salary and an index-linked pension etc, etc, etc. The bastard should be in jail.

Follow the money said...

Stick to reading the Sun Guthrum, you are clearly out of your depth.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is the time to make changes. How about a complete cull of MPs? We can always apologise to the families of MPs culled in error afterwards (that's the NuLabour way).

Gareth said...

Thanks Chris.


I wouldn't want to see us go down the route of a directly elected PM but there does need to be a better separation of executive and legislative.

Banning the Government MPs from voting might help. The size of 'Government' as it is represented in Parliament would then have to shrink *and* they would have to do a better job of attracting opposition support or it would never stand a chance of voting through legislation.

At the moment there are no negative consequences to becoming a Minister, Junior Minister, special envoy or whatever. It is a bribe for the Labour Party. Most of them would like a stab at being someone so they will vote the way the Party tells them to in order to curry favour.

VotR said...

All the power we had, if any, we gave away.

We can take some back on voting day and the only thing given back to them will be a swift kick up the arse. And hopefully a visit by PC Plod to various MPs (their name list grows long).

electro-kevin said...

So sad that within relatively recent memory we had such a fabulous democracy.

I put a lot of it down the the changes which have occured since our membership of the EU.

Wholesale Clothing said...

He signed the bill already. And passed from the hundreds of representatives. If there are only 12 statesmen who will try to bring the bill down is that constitutional. When that happens this would have an economic effect.

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