Friday, 15 May 2009

'The Public Don't Understand' and the Rule of Law

On Questiontime last night I thought the political members of the panel were going to be lynched, the mood of the public was so foul.

If Margaret Beckett said it once she said it twice,three times-'The Public Don't Understand'

Yes- we do you arrogant woman- We do understand only to well. You treat us like ignorant serfs who need to be 'guided' in the correct way to think, you reduce our families to penury with overtaxation that you then waste propping up failed banks, you turn our jobs and factories to dust AND you sit upon the dunghill gorging yourselves on our money.

The People are brighter than you, the lowest chav has more idea of right and wrong than you. The reason engagement with the political process is so low is because people do not want to be tainted with you.

Last night the peasants were shaking with rage, it was on their faces. We are revolting in the truest sense of the word.

Dissolve this Rotten Parliament now.


Two Burglars Caught Red Handed And Photographed NOT given Jail Sentences, seems fair enough to me while the Lawmakers are indulging in fraud and are not even being questioned, let alone arrested.

'As His Honour Anthony Thompson observed this week: "During many years as a Crown Court judge, I always felt contrition expressed after the miscreant had been found out had a hollow ring – even if accompanied by an offer to pay for the return of the benefit obtained. While it afforded mitigation, it could not expiate the wrongdoing."

Telegraph May 15th

" I was given a Police caution, because the Social Security thought they had overpaid me £200- they had not overpaid me"

Unemployed Resident on a Council Estate -Radio 4 May 15th

Some are more equal than others

George Orwell

If the Police are not prepared to arrest these people under the Theft Act 1968 and the Fraud Act 2006, The Mail and the Taxpayers Alliance have threatened Private Prosecutions.

The Police are not going to take any action because Senior Police Officers are in thrall to the Jacqui Smith and the Labour Party, they are their creatures. A directly elected Police Commissioner for the Met, who owed his mandate to the people of London where these crimes were committed, would have no qualms about arresting these people.

It is all about the rule of Law, none are above it


The Penguin said...

I have had to give up watching Question Time for fear of throwing things at the TV and shouting obscenities so loud it would wake the grandchildren.

The Penguin

Shibby said...

You are absolutely right.

But you know how this happens.

They all think they know better than you, yet by special reasoning (the mental gymnastics by which they justify to themselves the horrible things they do) they are not the bloody hypocrites we see them as.

It's nice to hear they faced an angry mob on (national?) television, maybe that will help spread discontent.

But what are we going to end up with? I'm starting to wonder if the news are beginning a Tory-favouring slant.

Anonymous said...

Shibby, The media is definately beginning a pro Cameron campaign ignoring the fact that he's returned £680 and is just as bad as the rest of them. It's starting to look like the usual closing of ranks in order to impose another corrupt legislature upon us.

Anonymous said...

I think we really do understand. We understand that they are lying, cheating thieves with no morals and no integrity. What we don't understand is how on earth we can get rid of them. We have no control, so we just sit and watch them taking the piss. And they will carry on laughing in our faces until the next election.

JD said...

What a horrible picture to see early in the day. Any time of day, come to think of it..eeugh!


VotR said...

The public understand corruption, embezzlement, fraud and benefit cheating.

And they understand the news story's about British MPs who practice, and have tried to conceal, the above crimes. And the MPs been breaking such laws so for years. Then having the cheek to blame the system to try and wash their hands, as if they are above the law. Not So. The police, if they are worth their jobs and in the pockets of the MP, should act accordingly to the law takers. Justice must be blind.

If the political parties come clean, then maybe some might be saved. Maybe. Otherwise voting days will tell the squandering public servants just what the public they are supposed to serve actually do understand and think.

Roll on June...

Anonymous said...

I hate the woman (loose description,I know) but credit where it's due,at least she turned up. She could have cried off with a cold or swine flu.
That said,her excuses for thieving were pathetic,she's an arrogant bitch,and reminds me of those scarey images they used to frighten youngsters with in ghost train rides.

Guthrum said...

What we don't understand is how on earth we can get rid of them. We have no control, so we just sit and watch them taking the piss.

That's what they said in Alabama in the sixties, thats what they said in East Germany in 1989.

Stop voting for the Tories/Labour/Social Democrats

It worked in Canada when the ruling party was returned with only two seats.

There are plenty of other parties to vote for across the country, but whatever you do vote or spoil your ballot paper with none of the above

The Tory/Labour/Social Democrat consensus lost £1 Billion in Iceland of your money. We have still not got it back.

Lastly there is civil disobediance, the jails are already full, they cannot lock millions of us up.

wolvreen said...

Part of our anger is the fact that mp's believe they are above the rest of us. So every single aspect of their pay and conditions needs to be compared to business/public sector workers and bring them to back down to earth.

In QT sadly no one mentioned mp's gold-plated unfunded pensions.

Brown destroys the pension system by taking 4bn out in tax each year, we, taxpayers, then have a double pain by having to top-up the mp's pension aswell as seeing our own pensions mullered.

12m is the cost to us of their security in old age.
I think it needs to be reviewed and cut down to an equivalent worker (teacher?)

Only when this is done can the government look at all public sector workers and with authority say their pensions have to be controlled.

Why do you think our council tax goes up every year? To pay for some council CEO pension.

K. MacEgan said...

Sorry O'H must disagree. Plod are not owned by anyone. Non prosecution is due to a very gezellig arrangement - Labour turns a Nelsonian eye to murders (de Menezes, Tomlinson) and fittings up whilst Insp Truscott is on the same wages as a G.P.

Anonymous said...

Guthrum thanks for your reply to my comment. I really wish we could get enough people to care. The majority of the public don't have a clue what is happening as they don't follow the news. Even the ones that are following the expenses story with avid fascination will forget all about it as soon as the next series of Big Brother is on tv.

rented said...

"Some are more equal than others

George Orwell- 1984

Isn't that from Animal Farm, not 1984?

Anonymous said...

QT appalling as usual. I hate Dimbleby - how did he get that job?? - Daddy's legacy??? He's a shit.

As for Beckett - I've been looking in my tool shed for something appropriate. She's not brave for showing up. She's one of a few who would, one for the fees and secondly because she's one of the most brazen bastards around - doesn't give a shit about the electorate. But then what do you expect from someone who owns & drives a caravan??

No mention either of the decision to increase MPs expenses next year. Funny that. 2% pay rise and hike in expenses - despite what is happeneing. Fucking mad corrupt bastards

Guthrum said...


You are of course correct- mea culpa

wolvreen said...

Dimbleby does a good job of holding the leechers to account, he asks more difficult questions than the audience usually.
Remember the classic TV moment with Eric Pickles: 'We need a second home because we have to turn up at the commons on-time at 9:30 blah'
Dimbleby: 'Like a job?'.

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