Sunday, 31 May 2009

++Police to raid Parliament++

The People are reporting that the Police are to raid the Fees office to collect evidence after the European elections

This'll be fun. Let's see Speaker Martin try and stop them.



R Nosgrove said...

I can hear the shredders whirring already.........

CryBaby said...

They should obtain the CD from the Telegraph and then question each and every one of them. Tell them they have the right to remain silent and all that lark.

electro-kevin said...

And they'll find nothing.

As Dale Hannan says - the European's idea of corruption is a politician involved in the Mafia, drugs running, the odd assassination here and there.

The difference between them and us is that their politicians always put their country first - or at least that's how it seems.

Our politicians run down and betray the average Brit at every opportunity. And this isn't the preserve of one party either.

You and your cohorts are doing a great disservice by forgetting that the issue isn't about Parliamentary expenses at all:

It's the fact that they all shielded themselves from the worst effects of their own policies whilst allowing our country to go to rat shit.

Please remember to focus on that.

If all was well in Britain people would not give a toss about the odd fiddle, believe me.

Chalcedon said...

Give them a weeks notice eh? So they can try and hide the hard drives? Perish the thought.

Mitch said...

Watch out for presidential strength shredders being delivered and some promotions overseas for the office staff.
By the time plod gets there it will be tumble weeds.

Fidothedog said...

The paper shredding machines will be working overtime.

electro-kevin said...

Daniel Hannan of course !

Worthy of its own post here, don'tchya fink ???

Fausty said...

Why did they give the Fees Office advance warning and not Damian Green?

It's time we investigated the police.

Anonymous said...

FFS Eight days notice of a raid from Plod. Bet those shredders are whirring away all weekend. But, no doubt, Plod will claim to have done it's duty (provided that's to support a corrupt govt. Wankers!

HEAVYMAN said...


It'll take more than a week to destroy all the evidence of their activities surely?

Investigate plod. Wicked idea Fausty....erm,...who investigates plod? Oh's plod. The 'I'PCC.


Might Mark Thomas be able to take them to court?

Harri said...

electro-kevin said...
And they'll find nothing.

As Dale Hannan says - the European's idea of corruption is a politician involved in the Mafia, drugs running, the odd assassination here and there.

The difference between them and us is that their politicians always put their country first - or at least that's how it seems.

You dont know just how right you are on that one, a few years ago a military aircraft was returning from Iraq i belive it was, and suffered engine failure over the Tatrys( high maountains) and crashed with the loss of life of all twelve military personel , within hours the minister in charge of the military resigned in respect of the lost soldiers and pilots , no one blamed him or asked him to resign as it was just a tragic accident, but he did anyway with no fuss and walked away with his head held high and in a most honourable way, he gave his resignaton to the president and showed real tears of remorse for the dead , and none for himself, in fact he looked a broken man.

We now have a day of mourning in Slovakia for the dead soldiers and the pilots, and the most honourable minister is also remembered and looked upon as men amongst men.

What a fucking comparison and what a difference 1250 miles make to the incompetent cowardly fucks that reside at Westminster.

They cant even be arsed to be there when the British fallen soldiers return home in a Union Jack flag draped coffin fighting a war based on one man ego and utter bullshit.

Example ... John Reid the other Scottish halfwit.

" We probably will not even fire a shot "

I rest my case your honour.

D P Dance said...

But, if the Fees Office staff do go on a shredding spree, do they nit have a mole who will tell us all about it.

TheBigYin said...

AFTER the EU elections? Nice of the rozzers to let the criminals know in advance! No doubt the shredders are paid for by the taxpayer, oh irony of ironies.

Dick Puddlecote said...

A Met source said: "We were worried we would be seen as being political.

Whereas the arrest of Damian Green wasn't seen as anything of the sort?

Tony "Nick Nick" Blair said...

My guess is that there will be a lot of arsin' around at the fees office this week.


caesars wife said...

watch for the helicopter on the roof , loading the suitcases up , and switserlan suddenly annoucing it has just increased its banking ledger by approximately the size of UK GDP .

Anonymous said...

Harri 17.49
Some our troops don't even get a flag draped coffin but are sent home as freight....

caesars wife said...

Oh er Andrew Rosindel is to table an urgent question tommorow in the commons , which if he gets enough support will request that the Prime Sinister come to parliment and explain how he came to miss the queen off the guest list for normandy commemoration .

one quote is that he wanted to get all the limelight to prop up his leadership. If so that looks very wonk to me , queen never misses those who fought on her watch.

plenty of darkness being deployed today , be on your guard .

Screaming Banshee said...

What a joke, they are given a weeks notice and expect to find the information they are looking for.

I think not!!!

Anonymous said...

We must be the laughing stock of the Western world!

Get an 8 year old to head up the police force, and fill the commons with stroppy teenagers, you'd get the same results but at a lower cost.

Call me Infidel said...

I will believe it when I see it. As for the shredders, well of course that would work if the records were only paper based, but since everything has been converted into electronic form it wont help them much. The Civil Service will in any event have six months or more of tape archive should the police decide to investigate. Personally I think the story is horseshit. As has apready been remarked if they were genbuinely going to investigate would they give a weeks notice?

hangemall said...

Good luck later today, OH. I hope you have more success than I think the police will.

WV uppit

Dick the Prick said...

I'm not that arsed about the cops - yeah, sure, whatever. I'm infinitly more concerned with these cunts losing their jobs.

It's been mentioned quite a lot but the amount of campaigning being done for the Euro elections has been fucking offensive, they're treating us like cunts - keep head down & maybe they'll not fucking notice.

Well, fuck 'em - i've got 2 Labour MPs here - 1 of them is now too corpulent that she's standing down - hell, what's £4 million compared to £3 million when minimum wage was an achievement. But the other cunt - Barry Sheerman can fuck right off - 8,000 majority - I'd love it if he lost so am probably gonna be doing loads of walking next year - cool - hmm.

The Penguin said...

Their goose is well cooked, even if Plod can't find anything in the Fees Office. However, I think that some of the poor cunts working there must be really pissed off with the troughing bastards, hence the leaked CD.

The Penguin

Harri said...


This is almost up there with the great train robbery.

"Since 2001-02, Mr Darling has claimed £827,000 of public money for housing, staff, travel, office costs and other outgoings. Some £111,000 went on funding and furnishing a second home"

If it carries on like this the BBC are going to have show Crime watch seven nights a fucking week?

Harri said...

Oh, Flip .

If it carries on like this the BBC are going to have TO show Crime watch seven nights a fucking week?

Anonymous said...

"If it carries on like this the BBC are going to have show Crime watch seven nights a fucking week?"

No, I think you'll find that the BBC have been working hard on 'exposing' the BNP - again.

Get ready for yet another 'special report' to be broadcast by Pravda soon after June 4th.

Anonymous said...

Gordon doing the rounds of all the TV/radio stations that will have him today explaining why we mustn't vote BNP on Thursday. I was going to vote for them anyway but this has made me even more determined to do so. Will now also try & persuade some of my friends to vote for them too.
Isn't he meant to be giving us reasons as to why we should vote Labour, not why we shouldn't vote for another Party?

Anonymous said...

Too true,Anon.
No point in registering a protest vote if your vote's going to the Govt supported (funded?) safty tank.

Henry Crun said...

Electro-Kevin, but it's not just a little fiddle here and there though. It is systemic corruption at the heart of government.

That Brown has the unmitigated gall to feign Presbyterian outrage just beggars belief.

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