Saturday, 9 May 2009

Please Sir....

"From a natural justice perspective I feel a justifiable exception would be the fairest manner to deal with the current situation" – letter from Labour MP in 2006 on why he should be allowed to claim for a £3,100 Sony 40 inch TV

"I object to your decision not to reimburse me for the costs of purchasing a baby's cot for use in my London home...Perhaps you might write to me explaining where my son should sleep next time he visits me in London?" – letter from Labour MP in Nov 2004

"The work surfaces are no longer hygienic and the sink unit, which is an old brown plastic double bowl, is scratched and very ugly" – letter from Conservative MP justifying the £5,347.36 cost of his new kitchen at his flat in 2007

"Ref: claim for lounge corner unit: if you feel this is excessive can I say that due to size and layout of the room a normal three-piece suite will not fit. This 'corner group' fits perfectly" Labour MP writing to the fees office in August 2006

"Old flat. Facilities out of date. Decrepit. Health reasons. Update. Living in slum. On advice, called in contractor. Recommended kitchen and bathroom replacement" – note made by official in fees office of conversation with Labour MP who had claimed £12,400 for work to his flat

"I would be very grateful if (the expenses) could be paid in the last round of the year on Friday. Otherwise I might be in line for a divorce!" – letter from Andy Burnham, the Culture Secretary in 2005 after making a single claim of £16,500 on his London flat.

"Reducing the payment by over £1,000 affects my cash flow. Please expedite the payment" – letter from Tory MP whose expenses payment had been reduced by the fees office

"I appreciate you are under severe pressure... but, as I explained on the phone, I am away for two weeks and I don't want to leave my family destitute" – letter from Labour MP to fees office

Lone Voice has the Vaz as well


Anonymous said...

No 3
For a second I thought it was a description of Margaret Beckett

ConstantlyFurious said...

Come on Stevenage - here's why you need to chuck Barbara out. Call for a by-election now.

Tyburn Jig said...


RavingMad said...

Not one sign of contrition from these increasingly ugly bastards. All they can do is moan about their lot, how hard done by they all are.

The time is coming when all 646 of them should be expunged from office and banned from ever holding any sort of governance again.

Firing squad at the ready...

Warsteiner said...

On BBC this morning thought Peter Oborne was going to self-combust - the presenters looked distinctly ill at ease - good.

His report in todays mail is titled nicely "Make them pay the money back, sack the spivs who let them get away with it - and put the thieves on trial" - he went further on TV and suggested they should be jailed - quite right.

AngryDave said...

How these fuckers have the cheek to talk about being 'destitute' and having their cash flow effected is beyond me. They have all gone from well paid middle class jobs or other public sector jobs. If thy want to know what poor is, they should try living on the same wages as some of the lower end working class jobs and with no expense accounts.

None of them has ever had to manage on a normal/average wage, and would no doubt be unable to live the lifestyle that the rest of us do.

mikey said...

Kill every single one of the thieving fuckers and then piss on their corpses.... a thought I had while gently planting some geraniums just now.

Anonymous II said...

Perhaps, they would stop maxing out their expenses if there was no cap to their individual annual claims!

Just set a fixed total budget for all 646 cunts, say 75% of this years total, then when this sum has been expended, that's it no more money. Then, when the claims are published, they will soon sort out the greediest little piggies themselves.

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