Sunday, 31 May 2009

Personal Letter from Gordon

Whilst Rome burns and Caligula appoints a horse as his consul, whilst the barbarians amass at the gates and our servants plunder our wealth, a fellow seditionary has given me a letter from Caeser himself.
Read and weep. Hope springs Eternal


Mitch said...

What a vacuous tosser he really is.

he just doesn't get it at all, we are angry and angry mobs do dangerous things.

Fidothedog said...

Hardly Caeser more Galba.

In AD68 the Emperor Nero was succeeded by Servius Sulpicius Galba, who had been waiting so long that by the time he became emperor he was in his early 70s. Though from a noble family, and not an unpopular choice, he quickly lost support by putting in place several unpopular financial measures. First, he denied the Praetorian Guard a promised pay rise, then he disgusted the mob by his meanness and lack of display. He surrounded himself with a small clique of favourites and became increasingly isolated. Rebellion broke out among the legions in Germany, and Galba was eventually butchered early in AD69. More than a hundred people claimed to have actually struck the fatal blow.

Tacitus wrote of him: “Consensu omnium, capax imperii nisi imperasset”, which is translated roughly as “Everyone agreed that he was capable of ruling until he actually got the job”.

They would have had a lot in common.

GrumpyOldTwat said...

Is this a fucking wind up?

Who the fuck, does Gordon think, is really going to believe any of this bollocks. Did you see him spouting the same shit on the Andrew ' I want Gordon's Babies' Marr Show this morning?

Off to buy a new TV now.

Dick the Prick said...

Bloody hell Fido - bit of educashun on a Sunday morning. They despatched him in a year - we've already had 2 years of the cunt.

In the interview this morning he flat refused to fuck off if the cabinet told him - err... don't think it works like that - cunt.

Harri said...

Grumpy old twat ..
Who is going to believe him!

Apparently there are still at least 16% of halfwits who are clinging on to his every word, its fucking frightening is is not at just how gullible some still are.

JD said...

That's not real, is it? Whoever wrote it also needs a dictionary, viz:

invest |inĖˆvest|
1 [ intrans. ] expend money with the expectation of achieving a profit or material result by putting it into financial schemes, shares, or property, or by using it to develop a commercial venture : getting workers to invest in private pension funds | [ trans. ] the company is to invest $12 million in its new manufacturing site.

I wonder when we'll each get our share of the profits that must come from all that money 'invested' in the NHS?


Stop Common Purpose said...

God help us.

Harri said...

Junior Milibands got some "pearls of wisdom" for all us plebs as well.

"'NEVER waste a crisis' is a good guide to getting out of a mess. And British politics has got into a mess. At just the time when our problems need a new approach to politics, the expenses scandal has given people good reason to give up on politics altogether."

Here is one for Junior.

" Dont get caught "

Now fuck off back to rainbow class Junior.

VotR said...

Dear Gordon Brown,

I respectfully decline to participate in your out of touch hallucination.

Please understand that Labour are fucked.


microdave said...

What a Cunt....

Anonymous said...

Congrats, you just two pages full of wanking propaganda, full of nothing but shit, the usual kind of shit that you get at PMQs. Nothing but waffle that answers no questions ever asked other than "how can I bullshit people for an hour without saying fuck all"

Ampers said...

I read somewhere that some "spent prick" in the Labour Party is trying to lay the "excess expenses" at Margaret Thatcher's door. Honestly, these bastards will say anything to wriggle off their sword points.


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, because after all, they've only had 12 years to reform the expenses system. So obviously, it's Maggie's fault. Cunts! Whoever does get in on Thursday, I hope Labour fucking sink without a trace because then his own people will turn on psycho McSnot as they see their gravy train pulling out of the station with no seats for them.

Gareth said...

With so much to do, what have Labour been doing since 1997 except for filling in expense claims?

I wonder whether we paid for this letter

a) Through Brown's office costs
b) Downing street's office costs
c) Labour party office costs which are also ours through the laundering of taxpayer money via grants to unions.

caesars wife said...

dear gordon brown
i respectfully decline your request to back you any further in the ruination of our country and its values , you have lied , comitted national fraud , rigged parliment to grow the corruption further , indeed you and your party have become the very emobiment of corruption and lassitude that is now plaugeing our country.

I will not be voting for you or your party on june 4th as what you say is not worth the paper it is writen on.

i also hope that your wonk communist ideaology can be finally but on the bonfire of history.

caesars wife

Anonymous said...

One word CUNT

Anonymous said...

Rotten fuckstain.

This cunt is getting paid out of my fucking pocket to run the country he's ruining, not illegibly scrawl his pitiful, childish signature to this used piece of toilet paper.

Brown's as good as a Chancellor/PM is he is at procreating.

Feral vaginal prolapse.

I'd really like to get my hands on the apparatchik who produced this drivel, cut his anus out, stitch it to his temple, and fuck some sense into him.

Rich B said...

I got mine yesterday. I laughed and laughed and laughed. Then I saw him on Marr this morning. Pure comedy (if you like the dark comic side of a man so deluded, so plainly insane, that you are just begging for his carer to take him away, for his own sake as well as ours).

I might even send a reply. Now where's my Green Book quotes........?

Anonymous Londoner said...

I recieved one of these! What an utter joke.

Whilst reading, my mind was doing that thing of it being read in his voice... even when in writing Gordon sounds like a moronic scheming tosspot!?

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