Tuesday, 12 May 2009


Hazel Blears today

I did nothing wrong, so I'm giving the money I stole back to prove I did nothing wrong

Don't EVER step onto a Zebra crossing in front of me, you dwarf parasitical pissflap.

Oh dear, Iain Dale is upset with me.


Angry Exile said...

She's still fucking wittering on about complying with the rules and "this cheque is the equivalent of amount of tax that would have been paid, had it been liable, which it wasn't" and understanding how the public feels and blahblahblah. Typical to give excuses instead of an apology. Loathsome little ranga should know to stop digging when she's in hole.

BTW word verification is 'pastspew'... Hmmm.

VotR said...

1. Since MP's make the rules (up) that excuse is wearing a bit thin now (and was back last week, too).

2. Blears should be investigated for fraud, embezzlement and perverting the course of justice - with a possible sentence of life imprisonment.

3. And the rest of them should be investigated as well. Including the PM.

Nice Thief: "Mate, have back some of the stuff we nicked, we've pawned the rest sorry. You still gonna grass us up to the old Bill?"

Fausty said...

Votr, agree.

She won't be done for fraud under this 'administration'. We'll be lucky if Cameron does anything about it should he win.

Seriously entertaining the thought of voting for The Jury Team in June, to sharpen the minds of the three entrenched parliamentary parties.

caesars wife said...

Lib dems seem a bit fortunate , nick clegg has even found time to have a go at mr speaker.

wonder if nick robinson will rember todays gordon interview for ever and ever.

bunker now has large hole in it gorbells on fire

terence bull said...

I confess. I fancy Hazel.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

terence - I am so fucking glad to read that. And there was me thinking I must be some sort of pervert.

I mean, don't get me wrong - I WOULD like to have the honour of stringing her up - but I do fancy shagging her first as long as she's got her leathers on. Small women like that are magic - you just lift them up by the waist and slide them up and down your dick. Fkn wonderful. Like a wet wank.

Nice to know it's not just me.

Leg-iron said...

Sir Henry, it's not just you. I have a bit of a thing for short redheads too. Even the ones that aren't all that pretty but then I can't afford to be fussy because I am, to put it kindly, an ugly fucker.

I wonder though. If she can just write a cheque for that much money, even when she claims she'd not really due to pay it, what does it mean for the socialist class war?

Who are the rich, eh, Socialists? Who do you really hate? The Rich, which is all of your leaders, or the Inventive, which is none of you?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Anonymous said...

If the ginger haired cunt has nothing to worry about WHY has she paid the tax. The fucking bent cunt.

And by paying the TAX the cunt has admitted TAX EVASION. When will the tax office be interviewing her. The CUNT cannot have it both ways.

Edwin Greenwood said...

Don't lie to us, OH. That photo is George Robertson in a ginger wig, AICMFP.

Vast improvement over the real thing. The thing that gets to me about Blears -- one of the things that get to me about Blears -- is that knowing smile, the smile that says, "I know where the bodies are buried, and I'm going to dig them up afterwards. So fuck you!"

GrumpyOldTwat said...

"Ian Dale is upset with me"

Nice one OH.
He needs to remove his fucking blindfold. Blears is nothing but a thieving bitch with cuntitude but we already know that don't we.

Why is it that other people deliberately refuse to see it?

MacEgan Loves Black Cock said...

"terence bull said...

I confess. I fancy Hazel."

MacEgan would fancy her.... *if* she was both black and male...

Anonymous said...

they are all a bunch of snivelling shits,and should be done for treason ,corruption and opening our boaders to the hordes of europe.no wonder so many people are unemployed when most of fucking poland is over here working for beer money and signing on. lock em all up and annally abuse the judus shitbags

Anonymous said...

Hazel Blears is a greedy, grasping, hungry, ginger, minging cuntiness. I hope she comes off her lesbo motor bike at 200mph and breaks every bone in her body and dies a horrible slow death. Cunt.

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