Friday, 15 May 2009

One Million Per Cent ........ Whats that mean ?

You, yes you the good folk of Great Britain are responsible for this man being a 'Justice' Minister. The Labour voters of Dewsbury hang your heads in shame.

By the way he is intimating that if you disagree with him you might be racist

( Been to the Dolly Draper school of Politics.... whatever happened to him, or Mandelson or Prescott.... Come on give us some pearls of your wisdom)


CryBaby said...

The Telegraph have focussed on everyone you fucking twat! Stop trying to throw in the race card you moron!

Arrogant bastard. He's fooling no-one. He needs to shut-the-fuck-up.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

What a cheeky bastard. He sounds like a twat, he looks like a twat, he acts like a twat. So my guess is that he is, indeed, a twat.

Anonymous said...

He mentioned "the bible" twice.
Methinks he's gonna get stoned to death by his co-religionists.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

"All these expenses were claimed in the first financial year, and once I'd worked out what the rules were, they all stopped."

Dude, seriously? That's you're defence?

What a fucking tool. How did these people get to lord it over us?

The Penguin said...

I could not listen to it all. Shooting would be too good for this shameless trough cunt.

The Penguin

Anonymous said...

Justice minister who gets a court summons for non-payment of taxes?

And expects us to pay it?

That's even beyond the NuLab "entitlement" ethos.

You really really couldn't make this stuff up.

Oh, and don't go bribing your electorate with pro0mises of a £1000 donation to good causes

Henry North London said...

He's stupid. Some people just are.

WV pances

They focused on you because you claimed the most dimwit.

Dave H said...

He represents Dewsbury, which says it all.

Karen Matthews, also a repellent crook, represents it too. Although on TV she comes across rather less aggressively.

K. MacEgan said...

He has an Ingerlund mug on his desk.No racist comments now...

Anonymous said...

"K. MacEgan said...

He has an Ingerlund mug on his desk.No racist comments now..."

Fuck off MacEgan, you snivelling cunt...

Obnoxio The Clown said...

That didn't last long, did it? :o>

Anonymous said...

Strike one.

AnonyBNP said...

So, he's giving money to local good causes is he ?

I wonder what they might be ? Judging by his constituency (and his past pronouncements) I'm guessing those good causes will have the word 'Islamic' somewhere in their title.

I have to say though, that I am absolutely loving all of this. We couldn't *buy* this kind of poll-boosting publicity :-)

Anonymous said...

he studied Business Studies at the South Bank Polytechnic...nowhere does it say that he actually gained any qualification as a result of that study. So we shouldn't really expect him to know that you can't ever have more than 100%. It amazes me how ignorant these bastards are!

Anonymous said...

Clearly anyone who criticises Mr. Malik is motivated by racial hatred. That much should be obvious to anyone. In fact, anyone who has ever criticised any Muslim person for anything whatsoever is a priori a racist.

To say otherwise is to commit a thoughtcrime. And you wouldn't want to commit a thoughtcrime because then the police would have to come round and rehabilitate you.

wonderfulforhisage said...

I have to say that I agree with him. He took the 'job' of MP in 2005 and there was a package of salary and benefits that went with this job that he had no part in formulating.

Assuming that he has stuck by the rules of the package offered and has claimed only that to which he is entitled, where is the problem?

It is of course disgraceful that this ridiculously generous package was on offer in the first place but you can hardly blame him for that.

It is also disgraceful in his case that the Labourgraph has included in the story the fact that his landlord has been in trouble with the law. What the hell has this to do with anything. Likewise what has the amount of the rent he pays to this landlord to do with his integrity.

This whole expenses/allowances affair has been whipped up by the press to the point where we're begining to look at risk of the horrors of mob rule. Remember the peadiatrician's house that a few years ago was vandalised by a mob who were too pig ignorant to know the difference between a paediatrician and a paedophile. Let's be careful we don't unleash a similar ignorant and mindless mob onto our democratic system.

Having said that, I say a pox on all their houses. Not for the greed they have displayed but for allowing the Country's sovereignty to be transferred to Brussels such that 75% of our laws are sourced from the EU. That's treason.

I didn't see any arrogance in Malik's TV performance. I saw the natural anger of somebody who is being wrongly accused.

Come on chaps and chapesses, let's be fair.

baconbuttyplease said...

wonderful - he admitted to paying a subsidised rent to a convicted slum landlord. This was confirmed by the landlord. That's against Justice Ministry rules. He should have declared it in some registry somewhere.
But he'll be cleared of any wrongdoing and be troughing normally in a few weeks.

Roger Thornhill said...

Malik will donate it to the "Keep Malik in snappy suits fund".

Donate OUR MONEY to a cause of HIS CHOICE??? NO WAY!

This and his arrogance over 800 vs 730 indicates a mindset we do not want in politics.

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