Sunday, 24 May 2009

Not Much Changed Then

H/T Wat Tyler


Stop Common Purpose said...

Plus ├ža change.

Harri i see no ships ! only bastard hardships said...

Nope! not too much change here then?

"David Blunkett lined up to replace Hazel Blears in Cabinet,David Blunkett is poised to make a sensational return to the Cabinet under a plan being considered by Gordon Brown"

FFS! now we really do have the blind leading the blind.

steveshark said...

FFS! now we really do have the blind leading the blind.

More like, in the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king, I'd have thought...

defender said...

Heads up lads, they want us not only blind but deaf and dumb too.
Keep an eye open for other attacks else where please......they want to play dirty, ok, game on.

The main BNP website is currently down due to a massive Denial of Service Attack. The site was attacked last night, at one point dealing with 28 million hits, but we managed to block out the traffic which was emanating from Eastern Europe and Russia.

The size of the assault today is unparalleled and there is no doubt that whoever has organised this has had to pay out a serious amount of money to the criminal underworld.

On Friday the servers of Clear Channel, part of a huge conglomerate that provides billboard advertising, suffered a similar attack. Their IT professionals tracked the criminal activity back to a notorious "anti-fascist" organisation openly aligned to the Labour Party and supported by the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats. This organisation was protesting at the decision by Clear Channel to allow the BNP to display advertising in support of our European Election Campaign.

As a consequence of the criminal actions against Clear Channel we understand that their legal team is currently in the process of issuing writs against the perpetrators which as well as civil actions will involve the possibility of potential criminal charges including racketeering.

Guthrum said...

Oh Dear- thats not very British is it

T'old 'un said...

!!th/12th paragraph

jailhouselawyer said...

Not a popular chapHe's thinking of spending money to try and make himself sound better. I would suggest he saves his money to pay out for keep libelling Labour MPs.

Where's the original letter?

jailhouselawyer said...

Alternative BNP flyer. I found it on Twitter.

Why we're not voting for the BNP

caesas wife said...

strange days indeed when freedom of speech is silenced by a cyber attack .

Govt soon be deploying "robo cops" to be your chum and monitor your language , to help make you community co hesive

Be interesting if trouble in luton was organised by searchlight , and BNP site taken down so they could not issue denial or pics .

Harri the Hoon hunter said...

Nothing changes, no but one can only hope, no doubt in vain!

Just in case those corrupt MPs at the house of whores have a change of heart maybe this is a long shot but here goes nothing.

The summer recess is approaching so just a freindly reminder oh corrupt ones (MPs) that during this period it is a time for a spot of R and R a period of rest and relaxtion... and not ROBBING and RANSACKING.

Hoons all of them, they are worse than the fucking vikings, take the ministerial cars and breifcases away and supply the pillaging looting fuckers with Wooden shields , cow horn helmets , some furry coats and boots and a wooden longship.

As for the rape , oh the Hoons have done that alright, they have raped the entire country.

Shibby said...

Blackadder is awesome


I just wanted to pronounce that to the world.

Dick the Prick said...

Postman Twat calling for a referendum on PR - hokely dokely, 12 years too late but, yer know - fine. But can I have a Europe Referendum first please or at the same time - please? The utter contemptable cocksucking, trough snorting, rent boy shagging, baby raping, old person screwing, profligate, mal-educated, economically illiterate, genocidal cunts.

Err - i'll put you down as undecided then?

Harri ex pat and Lutonian , and am i proud of that fact ... not really said...

See us Luton folk just dont make silly hats and play football rather badly, oh and have the worst Arndale centre thats ever been built.

"Things can only get better" yeah it looks like it!

Masked mob on the march against Muslim extremists turns violent
The streets of Luton descended into violence yesterday as hundreds of anti-Islamist protesters clashed with police.

The crowds in the town centre hid their faces behind balaclavas, brandished England flags and chanted at officers.
A spokesman for United People of Luton, Wayne King, said: 'We decided enough was enough after the soldiers got heckled as they marched through the town centre by the Muslim extremists. We want laws brought in to stop preachers of hate operating here.'

Harri sorry to harp on but i really dont give a fuck. said...

MPs' expenses: Duck island designer says folly is not a waste of money?
The designer of the “duck island” that cost a Conservative MP his seat has hit back at the politician’s admission that the ornate shelter was an expensive waste of money.

He said that the ducks in his pond had “never liked” the Swedish-style “Stockholm” duck house, which has since been put into storage.

Not according to the ducks me old china! have you ever thought about building something fucking usefull?

wv Nonce... thats about right

Anonymous said...

O/T but Gordon Brown must be on his knees thanking his god that N.Korea did that missile launch - it'll take the heat off his bunch of thieving incompetents for a day or two.

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