Friday, 1 May 2009

My Old Man's A Dustman, He Is A Proper Cunt!

How did the song go?

No wonder 238 people applied for a recent advertised vacancy as a environmental domestic waste disposal engineer recently. It's a licence to play Hitler!

The Penguin


Lexander said...

I once did a day as a "dustman" for a feature on the local paper. I had a sore shoulder for a week, but what I still remember is some of the bastard householders' attitude to us and the occasional come on from bored housewives. Times have changed along with the equipment of course but there must still be bored wives!

SaltedSlug said...

You know much it grips my shit to hear people misuse the title 'Engineer'?

A lot, that's how much.

It might be because we're all incredibly petty, introverted geeks who fit somewhere on the high performing autism spectrum; but we have standards for fuck sake.

naltiesc said...

Peter Connelly's deadly 'stepfather' has been found guilty of raping a two year old child who was on the at risk register.

Perhaps that explains the recent flurry of sackings in Haringey.

All these services - why aren't they working? What are they doing with their time and our money?

SaltedSlug said...

"All these services - why aren't they working? What are they doing with their time and our money?"You seen the size of the at-risk register in any given area? Me neither, but I understand it's big; and even if social workers weren't a load of wank, they still couldn't give each case the time and effort it needed. There's just too many messed up scummy 'families'.

Thank you, welfare state.

Anonymous said...

I wrote a letter to the local rag complaining that our wheely bins get left all over the pavement - by the binmen! - and pointing out that many householders have been prosecuted for exactly the same thing.

A week later someone took me to task saying that they have a hard job, and to stop moaning.

I replied pointing out that 30 years ago they had a much harder time (picking up, and carrying heavy metal bins from the back of the house, and returning them). I also made the point that it was no more acceptable for low paid workers to do a sloppy job than for a highly paid company executive. And I also informed him that I have worked as a customer facing engineer for over 20 years, so I know what it's like to be "on the frontline"

Not surprisingly the same guy replies once more, still trying to justify their actions. He's obviously one of them...

Yes, I do feel a bit guilty at using the press to make a point, but it's often the only way to get any notice taken. We pay ever increasing amounts in tax, and I don't see why it should be wasted because a few people can't do their job properly. Why the hell should the public get hounded by little Hitlers, yet their own employees get away with the same thing?

Haven't had any cat shit through the letter box yet....

Comment deleted said...

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Geoff Hoon said...

I am also a cunt but alas, not a binman.

Anonymous said...

Yes have just read that article about Baby P's stepdad - what a fucking piece of scum. Hope he gets dealt with 'properly' in prison.

Adrian P said...

If our Leaders get their way there might be more than Plastic bags to dispose of.
If Our leaders start calling for Incinerators all over the country, be afraid.
Two Vids well worth a look.

Endgame, Blueprint for Global EnslavementThe Obama Decepetion
The Obama Deception

Super said...

It was just fine..

Sarah said...

I have nothing to say

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