Sunday, 10 May 2009

MP's vote themselves £25K MORE Expenses each

MPs have voted themselves an extra £16million in expenses this year, despite mounting public anger over their money-grabbing claims.

The increase, worth an average £25,000 to each MP, takes the total expenses bill to £109million, up from last year’s £93m. (£168,730 each. IN FUCKING EXPENSES).
This is getting serious. The camels back is starting to break.


Shibby said...

What the fuck, seriously they were better off than most of us even before the extra shit and our paying for their crap.

GrumpyOldTwat said...

Mmmm, I wonder if the BBC will be giving any airtime to the fact that those money grabbing MP’s have quietly managed to vote themselves a 17.5% increase in their expenses allowance this year.

I doubt it. The BBC are too busy giving those same MP's shit loads of airtime to bleat out their pathetic excuses in defence of their wholesale cash syphoning frenzy.

So, as I said in my own post on this subject earlier - they're not that fucking sorry then are they.

Thieving cunts.

Anonymous said...

Hang the bastards high!

Anonymous said...

Sorry OH, the rush of blood to the head when I read about the additional expenses banished rational thought. I should have added, as these cunts voted themselves the increase, presumably the results of that vote must be logged somewhere? Recorded in Hansard? I want to check if my MP voted for the increase cos if so, I'll try & get it in the local paper.

acentess said...

That'll be tax free. So it's more like about £40k perhaps?

Hairy Arsed Bloke said...

Don't just hang 'em.

It should be the traditional British punishment for treason: hung, drawn and quarted.

Harman_Pride said...

1. In case you hadn't noticed, you moron, the MPs haven't broken any rules. But you neglect to mention this because it doesn't fit your hateful agenda.

2. Why aren't you having a go at the Tories as well? They're no better than Labour. I think I can guess!

3. By your hateful, cynical abuse of our elected representatives, you are creating an anti-politics atmosphere which is very damaging and could be exploited by the BNP.

4. Your post is incitement to violence and conspiracy, which is illegal.

Harman_Pride said...

I think the British people are getting bored with this tittle-tattle and gossip now.

Ordinary hard-working families are interested in the real issues. When it comes to policies, Gordon Brown is taking decisive action to give real help now, while Cameron would do nothing and is plainly out of his depth.

David Cameron has refused to commit to maintaining child benefit and winter fuel allowances at the same level as the Labour Government.

He has one rule for millionaires and another for parents and pensioners. He can promise a tax giveaway for 3,000 millionaires yet now he won't give a "running commentary" on his plans for millions of middle income parents who receive child benefit, nor millions of pensioners who rely on winter fuel allowance to heat their homes.

He talks of an “age of austerity” but he must answer the question “austerity for who?”

Our party has been in power now for eleven years - something Labour has never come close to achieving before.

And though it’s been tough at times and there are still big challenges to overcome, we can be hugely proud of the progress we have delivered together for the country.

It is easy to forget what Britain was like in 1997 - the NHS on its knees, schools crumbling, crime doubled and millions of families still scarred by unemployment over three million and interest rates still recovering from hitting 15 per cent on Black Wednesday.

And while we know that everything is not perfect now, Britain is, without doubt, a better, more prosperous and fairer place.

Stormforce said...


Whether rules were broken is yet to be established.
Morally speaking there should at the very least be immediate by elections for the worst MPs whatever their stripe.
But of course Labour would never agree to this as who's going to vote for a leftwing incompetent sanctimonious freeloading bullshitter now.

RayD said...

Obviously necessary to compensate for the inflation that won't be caused by printing money.

OK, you got me. It's to screw as much money out of the system as they can in the year they've got left.

Anonymous said...


Have you got a job? If so do you mind all the money you've paid in tax for the last few years going to pay for things like patio heaters, Plasma TV's and barbecues for these cunts? You'll be working for the next God knows how many years to pay off things like property rennovation costs so the bastards can make a profit on their property speculation. If you want to pay for all that, fair enough, but I don't.

Anonymous said...

Harman_Pride said...
1. In case you hadn't noticed, you moron, the MPs haven't broken any rules. But you neglect to mention this because it doesn't fit your hateful agenda

If we could all make our own rules then ammend them as we go along, non of us would never be in the wrong. Would we!?

trimp said...


The rules have been broken. Just because the MPs haven't been hauled over the coals for it doesn't make them any less in the shit. They should only claim expenses for things that are "expenses wholly, exclusively and necessarily incurred when staying overnight away from their main UK residence ... for the purposes of performing Parliamentary duties"

40-inch tellys are not neccessary.

£9,000 kitchens are not neccessary.

£3000 for a new boiler because you cannot work the cold tap is not neccessary.

Flipping your second home for profit is not neccessary.

£400 for food while Parliament isn't even sitting is not neccessary.

All the expenses claimed by Ministers in grace and favour homes are by default, unneccessary.

What we are exercised about is cynical personal enrichment. Even some of the relatively small claims point to a utter contempt for the taxpayer and a lack of decency.

Anonymous said...


Here's some of the stuff Jacqui Smith claimed for:

Habitat stone kitchen sink - £550
dining room table - £460
sofa bed - £704
reclaimed antique-style fireplace - £1,000
Hotpoint cooker - £399 plus £15 connection
Hotpoint tumble dryer - £189
two washing machines - £550
2 DVD players & 2 Samsung TVs - more than £1,100
Bath plug - 88p
Virgin Media bill which included two porn films - £67
Costs for running your second home - £150,304

There are another 600+ of the cunts doing the same thing and worse. Reckon that's value for money do you?

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

"Britain is, without doubt, a better, more prosperous and fairer place."

What planet are you on? Seriously deluded or what? You're obviously not one of those who have just joined the ranks of the unemployed!


Shibby said...

Harman_Pride links straight to labourlist.

You couldn't make it up.

denverthen said...

Oh, HarmanPride (derek draper) - you're back. Don't worry, now we know you're still alive and trolling away now you've got so much time on your hands, we'll get round to you too.

You'll keep. Fucker.

Charles Hardon, aka Harman-Pride said...

My arse crack is haunted, but I'm loving it.

Anonymous said...

Harman-Pride = Dolly Draper and I claim my £5.

'No rules have been broken' - so that's why Plod is investigating McNulty & HMRC also want to do some checking on MPs tax returns is it?

Letter just gone in the post to Dear Leader - always a little bit late I'm afraid:
Gordon Brown, PM
10 Downing Street

Dear Mr Brown

Please find enclosed a T-shirt referring to your predecessor and 5p. As your recent Budget is taking the shirts off our backs, I thought I’d send you mine, to save you the trouble of coming to collect it. I chose to send the T-shirt rather than a proper shirt as it’s now out of date so I don’t have any further use for it.

I understand that your correct title is The Right Honourable Gordon Brown, PM – however, as this would be a complete misnomer I have omitted it.

The 5p is included as a contribution towards the repair of your much vaunted Moral Compass. Bearing in mind the recent Budget, the way you have handled the Gurkhas and the way you have dealt with MPs leaked expenses (‘ it’s all the fault of the System’ – yeah, right the System has been out there claiming payment for cleaners), it obviously is very badly broken.

I have only included 5p as I’m sure you will be able to claim the rest of the cost on expenses – after all, you seem to have been able to claim everything else you want that way.

If you really want to find out how the country regards you, you may like to consider the two petitions currently open on your own No 10 Website, one asking you to resign, the other asking you to remain. Resign 55,985, remain 70 – not even your own MPs have voted for you (fast forward to 3 line Whip on signing the petition) & some of the names, even of such a low number as 70 are suspect – ‘A. Sandwich-Short’, ‘Spense S Fiddler’, ‘Phil Mitroff’, ‘W. Mittie’ – ‘Walter’ by any chance?

Wishing you the future you deserve,

Yetta Nother Ex-Labour Voter"
BTW, I didn't bother to include the T-Shirt - a 'B******* to Blair' one as I couldn't find it when I went looking for it.

Swiss Bob said...

Ms Pride,

I'm disappointed, you never visit :-(, come and say hello.

You might like this, it's about one of your mates: DWARF FRAUDSTER COMES CLEAN

Harman_Pride said...

You've all been reading too much Daily Mail.

Derek Draper is too talented to remain in the wilderness for ever. Labour will rise again and Draper, McBride et al. have long memories.

"In Defeat, Malice.

In Victory - Revenge!"

CryBaby said...

So I see that at least one person is able to look deeper than the expenses suggesting we concentrate on bigger issues.

Err, like what is bigger than MPs losing their credibility and trust and proven to be thieves and exploiters of the taxpayers?

Ah, the immoral comparse! Silly me!!

Dick the Prick said...

Derek Draper is too talented to remain in the wilderness for ever - is that with or without fake qualifications?

Harman_Pride said...

CryBaby, I'm sick of this nonsense about taxpayers' money.

You pay your taxes. It's the LAW. It's not your money, it's the Government's money.

If you think they're being wasteful you have the right to complain, but they're not "thieves" any more than a man who splashes out on a more expensive car than he needs.

The money is theirs to use. It's not yours.

If you don't want to pay taxes, you have a choice.

Go to jail or move somewhere else.

ranger1640 said...

They are all pig shite swine. Where is the mass demo we need to hang these fuckers then we can sell all their fucking houses and take back all the fucking money they have robbed form us and this will help pay the national debt they have shafted us with. Fuck that hanging is to good for them bury them alive the bastards!

Harman_Pride said...

ranger1640, that is incitement to violence and is illegal.

If you do not delete your post or retract your comments, you are liable to be arrested and detained under anti-terrorism legislation.

CryBaby said...

Harman, Taxpayer pounds is a no-nonsense issue and for you to just disregard it as such makes you sound like one of those troughing MPs.

Furthermore, I do pay my taxes which by the way the fucking government keep tinkering with making it impossible for people to LIVE IN PEACE.

Businesses dont know where they stand anymore. The whole tax system is in disrepute because of the government.

In basic management courses, if you care to look this up, it states that "Never ask your employee to do something you are not willing to do yourself" - they train managers to have this ethos to get the best out of people.

So, need I state the fucking obvious that these MPs ARE making us do one thing and doing the opposite themselves. They are deceitful in the extreme and you fucking know it!

JD said...



CryBaby said...

ranger1640 - You have a right to your opinion and should ignore any threats made towards you.

Terrorism Act! What complete toilet-paper nonsense that Act is.
I couldnt stop laughing when I read it.

fuck you harman sperm said...

Ha ha harman

so even your most optimistic view is that the cons are as bad as zanulaba

ha ha ha aha ha

I freely agree there will be cons screwed (rightly), but I really believe that it is zanulaba that is in the process of being rotten to the core - and you fucking know it you cunt.

Fuck off back to your meths bottle dripper / mcturd whichever you are

fuck you again harman sperm said...

"It is easy to forget what Britain was like in 1997 - the NHS on its knees, schools crumbling, crime doubled and millions of families still scarred by unemployment over three million and interest rates still recovering from hitting 15 per cent on Black Wednesday."

And you made it worse you fucking tit

Bernard D said...

Anyone else unable to get to Guido's site?

JD said...


Dripper, you are hilarious said...

"You've all been reading too much Daily Mail.

Derek Draper is too talented to remain in the wilderness for ever. Labour will rise again and Draper, McBride et al. have long memories."

Talented - I'm beyond words!

Long memories - you're going to fucking need them aren't you! I bet the meths will rot your brain before the alzheimers get there

Fuck off you utter shithead

Jonny A said...

Just for interest ms pride who is the money is theirs to use and who is this goverment as far as I remember we voted for an mp who is supposed to take our local voices to Parliament that's where our input ends,all we have is local mp's who takes their wallet/handbag to Pariament and fills it up and only seems to hear voices from a group we call a political party.

Thanks for you input by the way it's helped to make my mind up how I will use the only thing that's left from a Parliamentry democracy that we used to have and that's my vote as an ex Labour supporter now a B-N-P voter.

Anonymous said...

Harman_Pride is a troll- don't feed it - it has probably only come over here because Guido is down.

Anonymous said...

Harman_Pride - just fuck off you boring, intellectually challenged, little fart! Particularly fuck off if you think you've got any right to tell anyone else what to do or what to think - you haven't, so go & try playing the bully elsewhere. Somehow I have this picture of you as a weasely Billy-No-Mates who has proven to be singularly unattractive to the opposite sex - and to the gay members of your own sex - which naturally attracts you to Labour - the Party of Physical Unattractiveness - in the desperate hopes of getting a shag - from anyone or anything (may I suggest you invest in a large brown paper bag - I believe they work wonders). However much you're being paid to act as a Troll it's far too much. Your arguments have as many holes as a sieve - only a very thick NuLabour supporter would agree with them so why don't you troll on over to LabourLost & meet like minded 'intellectuals'?

Incidentally, I've added to your quote:

"In Defeat, Malice.

In Victory - Revenge!"

In NuLabour - Bullshit.

Oh, and I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for victory if I were you - on the other hand......

Anonymous said...

O/H on a serious note regarding the pigs. If that would cause you problems why not travel to Westminister by tractor. Use 664 one for each MP. That would bring the are to a standstill?. Worth a thought.

insert-coin-here said...

Harman pride

I notice that you are posting from the site.

Take this message to your masters.

Labour will never see power again.


Spin that.

Dazed and Confused said...



Come on then out with it, who's on a wind up?

Nobody could be that stupid, as to come up with such pathetic reasoning...

On second thoughts though.... - how about Drapers Smearing Sidekick? who's about as democratic as New Labour come, in not allowing adverse comments to pollute his own self righteousness,

Pretty much like Harman_Pride me thinks.

alikis said...

I would imagine they would think twice if as many Humber Pigs as possible rolled into Westminster.

ConstantlyFurious said...

This is fucking ridiculous. Some of these thieves are putting Our Money, Down Our Toilets. Bring on the court cases, bring on a General Election.

court of public opinion said...

congratulations harman have won the cunt of the year award! and it is only May!

1/what i earn is mine
2/not 1 single twat in the hoc has ever done anything positive for me.
3/ derek diaper has less talent than a bucket of shit-but smells worse!
4/ you are in the minority so why don't you fuck off to n.korea instead of us?

Give us you name and address and we can organise a whip round.

Kate Garroway's Fishy Cunt said...

So they get £170k on expenses - tax free, subsidised grub & booze, minimum £63k which is taxed a bit, can flout capital gains tax - these cunts are gonna be on £250k net per annum with 15 weeks holiday and 3.5 day weeks if the mother fucking failed abortions turn up. And that's before all the bribes they take. Utter, utter cunts.

Anonymous said...

Kate Garroway's Fishy Cunt said...LOL :-)

Anonymous said...

Anyone know what's happening at Guido's?

Anonymous said...

Guido's site is still down for me.

Anonymous said...

Still down for me to??

Old Holborn said...

He's not answering his phone either...

Anonymous said...

Harman Wotsit is possibly the most deluded cunt on the planet.

It's not the Gorgon himself by any chance??

steveshark said...

So, Harman_Pride, this expenses stuff is all 'tittle tattle'?

Well, fuck me, there was me thinking it showed up 95% of the people who claim to be representing us as greedy troughers when all along it's just a slight blip in the 'trust' between the people we voted for and the people who voted them in.

One can only assume that you like being arse-raped by your politicians...
I wonder if you are down as an 'expense'?

Old Holborn said...

Guido is back. He'd fallen asleep after a liquid lunch and a Guidette pulled the plug on the server.

Drapers Mum said...

"Derek Draper is too talented to remain in the wilderness for ever."

Oh fuck off. You're about as popular as swine flu.

Old Holborn said...

Guido would like to point out he was at a BBQ

Whatever that means.

Probably spit roast pork

the doctor said...

Harmon_ Pride , Yes they are within the rules , however the rules were drawn up and voted on by themselves .
These rules apply only to MPs and no-one else , were is the equality in that ,they are unethical and corrupt . You try to defend the illogical !!

Anonymous said...

Harman, cunt off you fucking cunt

Anonymous said...

"You pay your taxes. It's the LAW. It's not your money, it's the Government's money."

Please,please keep up that attitude. The one good thing that will come out of this will be the total demise of the labour party. I can truly start to believe that my children and I may never see another labour government in our lifetime. You really dont know how good that feels.

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