Thursday, 14 May 2009

Morley suspended by Labour PLP

Well thats him thrown to the Dogs by Brown trying to put distance between him and this mess that he has presided over



Earthlet Nigel said...

Good and no doubt a few more will follow.

wy undalibl


But this I would love to read one day

Gorgon McBroon passed away today in the company of family and friends after his campaign bus left the road and fell into a ravine

The Beast said...

I wish it was from a rope (wire is too good for him)
Fucking obvious but it needed to be said

Anonymous said...

This is just the beginning - far worse revelations are in the pipeline.

The economy is in its worst state since the end of WW2.

The Prime Minister has lost all authority and is possibly even mentally ill.

The Speaker of the House of Commons has become a laughing stock and has brought both his office and parliament into disrepute.

Unemployment is at record levels.

The level of public disaffection with politics and politicians has never been so high.

MPs on all sides of the house are clearly guilty of breathtaking fraud and greed.

Just how must worse does it have to get before the Queen steps in and dissolves Parliament? Do there have to be riots in the streets?

The Penguin said...

Meanwhile Badger Face has decided to keep trying to pretend that PFI should be kept off the books.

The Penguin

black hole sunset said...

"... and is possibly even mentally ill."

Possibly???? The guy's an unhinged loonbag of the most senior order!!

As to just how bad things'll have to get before something snaps, it's going to take a little while for the consequences of McBrooon's cretinous hubris to filter down normal people.

When the margin calls start to roll in on McBrooon's Asset Protection Scheme, the shit'll hit the fan so hard the blades will be torn clean off.

It's only been telephone numbers so far but McBrooon's unique tallent for turning limited private-sector liabilities into unlimited public-sector liabilities has found its ultimate expression in the APS.

The grandest vanity project of the New Labour era and McBrooon's true legacy to the nation - brace yourself.

Chalcedon said...

Not too surprising. If I had paid off my mortgage I would certainly know about it! Mind you the fees office must be staffed either by idiots not requiring to see relevant paperwork or else they are too scared about getting the bullet to enforce the rules regarding evidence. I suspect the latter.

Anonymous said...

Morley had to go - not a possibility of him resigning of course! Resigning is not the NuLiebore way.

microdave said...

Just watched Sky News - they've been speaking to Morley's constituents in Scunthorpe. To say they were all disgusted with him is an understatement. Only his next door neighbour gave him the benefit of the doubt, but then said he wouldn't vote for him as he's not a Labour supporter!

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