Friday, 22 May 2009

Lunch anyone?

Palace of Westminster

Dining Rooms

Members' Dining Room : daily "Bill of Fare" offering traditional lunches and dinners for Members and Officers only.
Strangers' Dining Room as for the Members' Dining Room, but where guests may be entertained.
Churchill Room and Bar : à la carte lunch and dinner menu for Members, Officers and their guests.
Terrace Pavilion from Easter to July only, open to Members, Officers and their guests for a
self-help hot and cold buffet.
Press Dining Room daily "Bill of Fare" as in the Members' Dining Room but used by members of
the Press Gallery, some Officers, and their guests.


Terrace Cafeteria self service restaurant, offering all day meals and light refreshments for
Members, their guests and staff and their guests.
Members' Tea Room offering light snacks and refreshments for Members and Officers only.
Press Cafeteria as for the Members' and Strangers' Cafeterias, but open to members of the
Press Gallery, staff of the Official Report and their guests.
The Staff Hall Refreshment Department staff meals only.
Jubilee Cafe open to both staff and visitors to the House of Commons. Opened in May


The Pugin Room bar lounge, also serving morning coffees and afternoon teas to Members,
Officers and their guests.
Members' Smoking Room for Members only.
Strangers' Bar for Members, Officers, senior staff, and their guests.
Terrace Bar as for Strangers' Bar (Easter to July only).
Annie's Bar for Members, Officers and Lobby journalists. Opened in 1968; relocated
Press Bar for Lobby journalists, Official report staff and Doorkeepers


Terrace Dining Rooms four rooms on Centre Curtain Corridor, available to Members, Officers and all-Party Parliamentary groups for private functions.
The State Apartments the State Dining Room and the State Bedroom, used for the Speakers'
Members' Dining Room
Strangers' Dining Room available for private functions at weekends,
Churchill Room during recesses and on certain other occasions.
Terrace Pavilion

1 Parliament Street

Bellamy's Cafeteria opened October 1991. Single status self service restaurant open to
Members, Officers, staff and their guests.
Bellamy's Clubroom light snacks and refreshments.
Bellamy's Bar for Members, Officers, staff and their guests.
The Astor Suite available for private functions through the banqueting service.

7 Millbank

The Millbank Room Opened April 1994. Modern "brasserie" style restaurant and bar terrace,
open to Members, Officers and their guests (plus staff and their guests on Monday and Friday).
Portcullis Cafeteria Opened October 1992. Single status self service restaurant open to Members, Officers, staff and their guests.

Portcullis House

The Debate Opened October 2000. Food court style restaurant offering meals and light
refreshments. Open to Members, Officers, staff and their guests.
The Adjournment Opened October 2000. Brasserie style restaurant serving light meals & bar
service for Members and Officers and their guests (plus staff and their guests
on Thursday evenings and Fridays).
Despatch Box Opened 2001. Speciality coffee bar with light snacks and refreshments
open to Members, Officers and staff.
We subsidised 646 "Honourable" members of Parliament to the tune of £5 MILLION for Lunch. (£7739 each)


TheBigYin said...

You bugger OH, I'm starving now! Right, off to make a cheese toastie for my lunch. :)

subrosa said...

MPs and their cohorts ought to pay the going rate. We must stop this subsidy. Then of course they have the cheek to claim up to £400 a month for more food.

Harri wish i was chef at Westmonster i would poison all the fuckers said...

There does not seem to be any mention of humble pie on the menu!

Complete bastards.

And the shameless twats even get the " option " to have a smoke out of the wind and the rain!

The piss taking corrupt festering untalented shits.

The Penguin said...

Hardly surprising so many of the cunts are fat wobble-arsed jowly bags of lard. Hope they all get diabetes. And gout.

The Penguin

K. MacEgan said...

I like Cullen skink. Can I be an MP please?

Anonymous said...

Penguin, I was going to say the same, however, not quite so eloquently. I as a mere mortal am grateful that I don't receive subsidised meals...I don't want a fat arse like blears or smith.

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

I already have a fat arse. So there's no hope for me then.

Shibby said...

I'd take fish n chips over that lot any day

Poor Bloody Taxpayer said...

Gives the word 'troughing' another meaning. They are at it literally and metaphorically. Also hope it catches up with them. Then they can find out how good the NHS is. I recommend Stafford, I hear their hospitals are very good.

Sandy Jamieson said...

On the starter, I see there was Colston Basset Stilton. Fantastic Stilton especially as it was made with raw not pasturised milk. If not stored correctly it can cause food poisoning. Oh I do hope the catering staff have been somewhat careless this week.

Old Bag said...

how nice that the fucktards get a smoking room, whilist the rest of us plebs have to smoke our fags outdoors. but thats ok, because they are MP's and can have whatever they want...they can have a piano wire through they're fat fucking necks..they are welcome to that.

Oleuanna said...

Utter cuntage but not surprised

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