Thursday, 7 May 2009

Lets be nice to Mr Brown

What is Exhaustion?

Mental and physical exhaustion is becoming a modern day phenomenon that is rapidly on the rise. When exhaustion sets in, it can be incredibly frightening. (Especially if you have a Nokia to hand)

As worries, pressures, set-backs, and responsibilities build up, we begin to feel less able to cope with them. (Have a 'good news sandwich')

Symptoms of exhaustion include feeling constantly tired and worn out. Mental exhaustion can take its toll at all levels of life. We become less adept at our jobs, our relationships suffer, and energy levels drop to all-time lows. (And we make an idiot of ourselves at PMQs)

If ignored, exhaustion can lead to serious consequences such as burnout, excessive stress, depression, as well as lowered immune system functioning (And accidentally pressing the nuclear trigger). All of these make us more vulnerable to illness and infection, creating a vicious cycle.

What Causes Exhaustion?

What people often don’t realize is that symptoms of exhaustion are usually a warning that something is wrong physically or emotionally, or that our lifestyle is in serious need of examination and change. (Promoted beyond your ability ?)
Often referred to as fatigue, exhaustion can have multiple causes (including some serious medical conditions) and should not be ignored if it is persistent or interferes with your daily functioning.

Help for Exhaustion

The first step in conquering exhaustion is to address the underlying cause. Consider lifestyle changes that include better nutrition, regular exercise, and stress management,( Call an Election). While taking these active steps towards battling your fatigue may be difficult at first (for example, when attempting to increase fitness levels while suffering from physical exhaustion) they will definitely pay off in the end.

If lifestyle changes don’t seem to help or if you are showing additional symptoms, it is recommended that you seek professional evaluation. In many cases, symptoms of exhaustion can be signs of an underlying psychological or medical condition such as depression or chronic fatigue syndrome. Often these other conditions have high levels of mental exhaustion associated with them, and may require professional diagnosis to distinguish between them. (Book an appointment with Derek Draper, his diary is free at present)


Captain Swing said...

I agree.lets be kind in the same way that you are kind to a horse that breaks its leg or a mad dog.

One between the eyes is the the only kind thing to do for GB.

Barnsley Bill said...

NO. Are you fucking mad.. Or soft? He is on the ropes, finish him off.

CryBaby said...

Send him to Guantanamo Bay for a good old-fashioned torture. Nothing short of this will be good enough.

subrosa said...

Do hope Mr Brown reads your post OH. The symptoms apply to just about the whole of the UK now I've heard.

Chalcedon said...

Let's not. He is a fucking disaster and has taken this country to the abyss.

Anonymous said...

But he is still a one eyed fucking cunt.

Eric Cantona said...

Personally, I wouldn't piss on him if he was on fire after what he has done to my country (England) and the way he has fleeced me over the years with stealth taxes and lies. My kids will be paying back his debts for 25 years. Bastard.

I want to watch this odious piece of shite suffer a long, slow descent into ignominy. He is a lying, scheming, cowardly, bullying twat and always has been right from his days at university in Scotland.

He deserves no sympathy from any of us and the sooner he skulks back to Scotland, a broken man, after Labour finally kick him out, then the better off we all shall be.

Enjoy watching Brown suffer. I certainly shall!

Anonymous said...

I would love it, just LOVE it if he topped himself (please God, make it happen)....

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