Friday, 8 May 2009

Labourlist and the Huffington Post

I spotted on Labourlist yesterday that one of my favourite comics, Ammando Iannucci had contributed an article. What really interested me was the announcement that Labourlist and the HuffPo were now "partners" and would cross post "punchy and witty" articles.

The Huffington Post is probably the most widely read blog on the Planet, yet I could see no references to Labourlist anywhere.

In the meantime, Amando seems a little fucked off that Labourlist even published an article by him. To quote his twitter:

It seems Alex Smith is going to use the same methods the previous editor used. Total 100% freshly shat bullshit.

Way to go Alex.....


K. MacEgan said...

Huffington Post. Intelligent. They put Ron Broxteds article on "Men who have sex with men" (repressed gays) on. You know, chaps who live in Eaton Socon, drive a BMW. LabourList. Oneoffthe wrist. Unintelligent. Want me to carry an ID card. Land fit for heroes. Still waiting.

Anonymous said...

OH, I think it's Alex Smith, not Hilton. Alex Hilton is the sensible one on LabourHome. Incidentally, it says Alex Smith is Deputy Ed - so who's Ed?Excellent article on ID cards by that Kit Leary. Saw your contribution - really good - congrats.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Alex Smith won't turn a hair at this. After all, it is a blog for Labour supporters who see nothing wrong with their party lying 100% of the time. It's only fitting that the blog mirrors that.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

They've called in plod to investigate the leak! Fuck me, they are a bunch of twats. See Guido for details.

Mick said...

Fucking cunts,pity the police are not so quick to investigate the slag of a home sec and the rest of the defrauding crowd that are called members of parliament,im so angry my fucking piss is boiling.

Plato said...

I saw this and thought I was losing my mind.

Good on him for outing this shameless bullshit puffery.

Great spot OH

Guthrum said...

Plus ca change

blind leading the blind said...

OH other than Guido the fake `Libertarian`, no one gives a shit about this pathetic person or his pathetic blog!

Plenty of real issues to deal with and investigate - none of which Guido will touch - Guido only does political mincing and censorship!

Time to call time on these pathetic side shows, put on by clowns for the amusement of clowns.

Anonymous said...

Some of the better anarchists out there started as libertarians until they got bold enough to think it the *rest* of the way through.

Anonymous said...

I remember the days when the police were a force and acted on behalf of the community. Not anymore though. The police are now the official bodyguards/investigators for the government.

A sad day indeed.

Dick the Prick said...

It's difficult to say this without sounding like a twat but fuck you all. I can't smoke pot unless I drink and I love soking pot. I also love opera and Iannucci did an opera for Opera North which followed the last performance of the season; needless to say - it was absolute shite. Unless you are a genuis you need mezzo sopranos.

Bring them on. As if the Huffington Post won anything from anyone. Drivel.

Anonymous said...

Let's embarrass that wanker Brown,help put a few thousand on this

Live Traffic Feed said...

Eaton Socon, Cambridgeshire arrived on "Old Holborn"

K MacEgan, I don't have to come here to be insulted you know....

Anonymous said...

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Kinderling said...

What is a "twat-thumper" is this a term for lesbian or a heterosexual male?
Wanting "his or her cock for salad"
Is this a bi-sexual reference?
Sorry, I'm lost on the New Man vernacular. I don't understand the Twitter. Seriously.

Can you help Mr Holborn - in-between preparing to blow up the Houses of Parliament?

Old Holborn said...

THIS is a twat thumper

K. MacEgan said...

Apologies to Live Feed. I roll in excrement, forgive me. You aren't a hotel manager called Barry by any chance?

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